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    posted a message on Introduction + a few suggestions
    Hello FutureHero,

    welcome to the forums.
    Thy ship is very impressive, kudos to the functional room design.
    As the resource gathering goes (meaning lava etc. ) don't worry,
    it comes with time and experience - treasure the moments when you
    discover the world and find your first <anything>.
    If you want to know something , dont be afraid to ask, but
    be aware of poor signal to noise ratio on topics like "flaming cages"
    and "random skyscraper world". So don't get it wrong, but -
    Try search and wiki before you try the patience of fellow forumites.

    I find most of your suggestions sensible, alas it would be better to post
    them in the Suggestion sub-forums. Read the stickies there, and..
    yes, search around, to see if the ideas didn't already get postet.
    The fire arrows i would mostly use for illumination, there 'are' big and 'dark' caves.
    ( i would change the idea that the arrows would be destroyed on impact, and didnt
    destroy any blocks, but set them on fire.)
    On the last one.. - dont like it for two reasons, rare has different meanings
    to someone who can play 1 hour a day and totaly another to someone who can invest 16.
    And.. Set 3 such blocks around someones spawn linked to a trigger.

    I would suggest a treasure room for the ship, a plank and an anchor.
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    posted a message on What would you do.
    Quote from soydaniel96 »
    Kill them

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    posted a message on Beginner's Guide to MineCraft [FAQ]
    Couple of problems here.
    I don't know how the others see it, but i barely can read the text.
    The colours are to much for my eyes. I automaticaly skip the green and cyan parts of it.
    Secondly, the topic is misleading. It's neither Beginner's Guide to MineCraft, nor a FAQ.
    It is more like guidelines for posting on forums.

    applaud the sentiment though, kudos.
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    posted a message on Show/tell us about your MEGA project.
    I hate snow, so i though i build my own snow free biome.
    It is about 25% completed.

    The plan is, to fill the lower, floating part with dirt,
    and then close it with a dome of stone, glass and whatever is good looking.

    look from beneath it:
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    posted a message on Fort Zero (Save Released)
    Thanks DarkZeroZero !
    It was a pleasure reading this topic and being surprised every time you updated with new, more impressive architecture. I hope you will share your next project with us, and inspire us a little more.
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    posted a message on Self imposed challenges
    Iron man
    - delete the world should you die.
    Honour your ancestors
    - should you die, find the place and build a gravestone.
    Elven Mode
    - Trees are alive, you know ? Never, ever kill one. Grow a forest.
    Itsss burning us
    - Light is bad, Sun kills, never go out when its shines. Dont use torches. Lava is ok.
    Dwarf fortress (tm)
    - Sun is bad, kill trees at night. Kill all trees. Make a tree killing farm. underground.
    - snow is your only construction material.
    frozen one
    - snow is for pussies, real men use ice.
    water world
    - Land is cursed, you can only visit it at nights (when the evil is asleep) to find wood ( and plant it) for your
    floating home.
    - build a mountain around your spawn.
    god -
    - build "Fort Zero"
    - use red stuff to build a computer which plays minecraft in game. (bonus points if you can programm it to build a red stuff computer, which .. you know)
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    posted a message on Word of the Post.
    To non native such verbs are baffling.
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    posted a message on Compasses usless to certain people.
    I think the idea of craftable magnetic block has a couple of merits.
    It should be that only one magnetic mark stone exist, if you craft another , the first dissapears.

    - You could set you own target to navigate : Your mine, summer house, dungeon or simply your spawn.
    - you could set a kind of remote controll, put a lava source in the wall, plug it with stone, and you can
    flood the place remotely. just craft another stone.
    - and the best : without crafted stone, the compass points on the direction, where the clouds fly.
    - profit .!
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    posted a message on Peaceful cheating?
    the title of topic looks like troll dung,
    and this poll stinks like troll dung.
    On the positive side the op knows what cheating is.
    Quote from RjMint »
    i carry a diamond sword around and if i die i power down like chuck Norris getting my items back :tongue.gif:

    Really, people above already said, the game thus far is a big sandbox, where one can build
    "sand castles" and play with lava. Everyone makes his own rules and seeks his own fun.
    Telling someone that his way of having fun is bad and wrong is at best non constructive
    (read: trolish e-wang posturing).

    Cheating ? ***** mode ? creative mode ?
    I dont know where to start on those, and smurfsahoy adressed it above better i could.

    Survival ? challenge ?
    What? You seem to play some other game than me.
    After 2 minutes in the game you can have place which is secure from any mob.
    I play on hard and still most of my respawns are caused by splattering from an miscalculation at edging.
    The last time a mob killed me, was after i fell from an structure and landed on its head.

    me: Damn ! Missed the edge - gonna die. again.
    dozen feet later:
    me: Oh, cool, still one heart :smile.gif:!
    SSSSsssssssssssa-BOOOM !!
    me: ...... Oo
    game: < ya="" wanna="" respawn="" and="" look="" for="" your="" scattered="" parts?="">.

    I never ever met mobs in my mine thanks the overkill of light given by torches and
    those in caves fall everytime for the allmighty "wait at the edge and hit them with stick"-tactic.
    The most challenging moment in the game thus far was after i found a vein of diamonds
    half submerged in lava. <>

    The Mobs and their AI are such primitive and non-dangerous that there are more topics about building chairs,
    than killing monsters. I think many people feel the same, as a glance at suggestion subforum would say.

    We can start talking about survival, when
    - The Zombies start infect neutral mobs and tunnel through blocks to you.
    - The Spiders make web bridges that allow mobs to climb to floating structures.
    - The Skeletons start shooting your torches away.
    - The Creepers will find not only you but also your buildings a target worth exploding for.
    - Explosions will set things on fire.

    So, kudos to you if you have fun playing an vegetarian, heliophobic nudist with gigantic
    pyrophobia on a snow map, who wants to build disney castle out of frozen water as
    the tribute to thomas the sheep. And you delete the world everytime you die.
    Make a thread of it with screenshots and share the fun. We will love you.
    But, please, dont come here and say things like "Real men kill skelletons with bucket full of milk,
    enything else is *****", or " Torches are for little girls, really real men use red stuff", or
    "Peaceful mode is cheating".

    and please add a poll option: " I use peaceful, otherwise i would never have enough time to build my castle, because if i see a mob i have to kill it with my bare hands."
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    posted a message on Can't figure out how to use the Bucket!
    Try to find the still standing (non-animated) blocks of fluid.
    Test it at ocean blocks, right click with the bucket on the surface and you should fill the bucket.
    Pour the water on ground and it will cause a small spill, and construct a kind of fountain.
    Try to pick it up one of the water blocks. You will see that there is only one block of water that
    can be taken. That the source block.
    It works the same way with lava.

    I belive fluid block behaviour like all othe blocks if you "construct/ set" them. You have to attach them to already build block.
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    posted a message on Help on backing up please?
    I would point you to the
    [Compendium] guides/tutorials/tools (thanks toadih )
    Topic, which is sticki'ed on the top of the page. There you will find the location of you saves folder on your machine.
    there you will find also a link to a little backup skript
    by Jackal.

    tl;dr :
    If you like to make a "save" before you start playing with TNT.
    Find ".minecraft\saves\World1" folder and copy it to another location.

    This obviously backups only the World number 1 !

    If you would like to play a World you downloaded from internets, just copy the downloaded folder in the
    ".minecraft\saves\" location.

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    posted a message on Name your biggest facepalm moments
    Gosh, that so many.
    Crafting for example, the first thing i ever crafted was an axe. So far, so good. The thing is, tools doesn't stack, so i belived that you have to pick anything produced, and can stack it first in the inventory. Consequence = for couple of days to make torches, i manually put every 4 torches in the inventory. D'oh.

    Fluids and snow. Snow takes a whole block, so pouring lava in your shallow trench may hurt.

    lastly, I thought that water removes tracks from ground. Colour me surprised, when after cleaning my unsuccesfull booster experiment (another facepalm moment) with water i lost about two dozen minecart tracks.
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    posted a message on Premium Account
    Quote from sproaticus »

    ..snip post (Signal To Noise Ratio: 1:0 )..

    Thank you. I will not say that you restored my trust in humanity, but this was the most "awesome" thing i saw on this forums till now.
    I'll try to be as cool as you.
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    posted a message on Castle in progress - Suggestions?
    Some light?
    unless you like exploding surprises.
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    posted a message on How many of you bought this after watching a Lets Play?
    I saw a couple of screenshots on a forum,
    went on youtube and saw the earth globe video.
    said "oh my... wow",
    Then i bought it.
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