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    posted a message on ๐ŸŒ FantasizeMC ๐ŸŒ Recruiting Skilled Builders, Developers, and Staff! ๐ŸŒ Apply now! ๐ŸŒ


    Name/Nickname: [/i]I would like to be called Ethan
    In-game name: [/i]Big_Bad_E. I do not have plans to change it any time soon.
    What position are you applying for:[b] [/b][/i]I am applying for developer
    Age: [/i]13+
    Past Experience: [/i]I have about a year of experience with Java, around 7 months with Spigot, and I am trying to learn Python. I plan to learn HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. I have a smaller GitHub because most of my plugins are not open source, and am not very active on GitHub but plan to be more active. I have experience with things like NPCs, custom enchants, etc... I do not know how to use MySQL or website development. Also I have no experience with Anti cheats.
    Previous Work: [/i]I have worked around. I started taking plugin requests on McMarket, then moved on to developing for smaller servers. This, if I get accepted, will be my 4th server to be staff on. I have mostly helped with small servers with 5-10 average player count.
    Some Stuff About Yourself: [/i]I am a student, but have a large interest in coding. I am mature and have played Minecraft for around 5 years (I remember when horses first came out :p) I left Minecraft for a couple months to play fps games, but came back missing the limitless sandbox universe of Minecraft. That is around when I realized I could code for Minecraft, starting with Forge then moving to Spigot. I usually play on 1.7 and if not 1.8. I will probably not be caught alive playing multiplayer on 1.12. I am a PvPer who like to play Soup and Pot. I am also pretty strong with finding hackers.
    How Active Can You Be: [/i]It really depends on school. I will usually be on 1-4 hours on weekdays, 2-6 hours on weekends. I may not be active at all some days because of various things. I will usually have discord open.
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    posted a message on Helpers, builders, developers and youtubers apps!!!!!!!!!

    I applied for developer. If you are one of those owners who think its fun to "troll" their user I am not interested with working with you. If I notice you doing this kind of thing like popular Youtubers, I will jump ship immediately. I am not interested in working with a seven year old's Christian Minecraft server.

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    posted a message on New Server Need Developers and Builders

    I am a strong developer who will make custom plugins for you.

    Accept me on discord or PM me here.

    I can do almost everything you need may need (I can't make Hypixel xD)

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    posted a message on Need a Develeoper willing to make me a server!


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    posted a message on Arcade Server Name Ideas? .-.

    lol 100 views... Any1 out there got a good idea?

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    posted a message on How do you get numbers next to your name in Blitz?

    He is talking about Hypixel Survival Games, it is based off of kills, but it takes time to update. You do NOT pay for it. I have a 52 atm

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    posted a message on Minecraft server suggestions

    Hey, I could help make plugins for you'r server if you want, but here are my ideas:

    1. Custom Faction server, requires more work to not be super steriotypical

    2. Maybe a network with a bunch of game modes.

    3. Maybe an OP Prison, I haven't seen a good one in a while.

    4. Maybe like a Hero Stronghold server, you buy and place buildings, then upgrade them, etc...

    Those are my ideas. Also contact me if you would like my help with like custom plugins.

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    posted a message on newbe please help

    Since they are so far away I give you 2 options:

    1. Buy a realms server ,this is basically a server without plugins but it has prebuilt mini games.

    2. Host a server on your computer or a computer you own. This would be free at the expense of your computer's RAM and memory.

    Also you can go to a free server hosting website and do it on there, but make sure to back up your server files, they reset them.

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    posted a message on MC-OP is Open and looking for players and Staff

    Hey, I would like to develope for you guys!

    If you would like completely custom enchantments I can make a ton for you guys. I know you use CustomEnchants plugin.

    I know a lot about plugins and java, I can do a lot of things for you guys!

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    posted a message on Arcade Server Name Ideas? .-.

    Bump, any1 creative out there?

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    posted a message on Looking for something on the psychology of why ppl like minecraft

    The low quality textures just gives it the nice kinda indie feeling. This isn't CS:GO or COD, this is a fun sandbox game

    Also if you don't know what to do, make up something to do, like redstone, commands, plugins, mods, youtube, servers, etc...

    I work on making plugins personally

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    posted a message on YouTube help :)
    Quote from uslow2017ยป

    see im just looking more for advice more then anything and the reason i have no videos is because im bad at making thumbnails. i have already finished and completely edited my first video all i need to do now is get a thumbnail.

    This whole thread is asking for someone with "artistic talent"
    You NEVER asked for advice, just someone to do thumbnails for you
    This forum is for MINECRAFT
    ask for help for things in MINECRAFT
    go find somewhere else to hire people.
    and @ZoeyPlaysMC it's not payed probably
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    posted a message on I miss Minecraft

    Do people not even listen anymore?

    The Minecraft Forum may be dying, with the community moving on. But Minecraft isn't!
    You can say 1.12 ruined the game, and not its dying.
    Just like 1.11
    and 1.10, and 1.9, and 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4 ,1.3, and almost every version.
    The thing is, the game is not getting worse. You are just getting bored.
    Most people think it's dying because it got so popular and so many new players that now it must be dying because they are bored.
    The game is 90% improving
    I took the 10% cause the 1.9 combat update seriously ruined survival and PvP.
    But look at everything new! The new blocks are amazing! They have such nice textures and fit in perfectly!
    The new commands! Custom recipes! Custom world generation! Command blocks! Redstone!
    It's all getting better, except since it's not that big of an update, you just aren't satisfied.
    Plus microsoft spend so much money on Minecraft, they wouldn't just let it flop.
    In conclusion:
    Get over it you big babies!
    The new games are amazing!
    Minecraft is not dead or dying!
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    posted a message on Looking for something on the psychology of why ppl like minecraft

    I think there are many reasons people like minecraft, here are a couple I think are true:

    1. The feeling of playing the game. You can easily play for hours, relaxing while building mining, or just listening to the ambient music. The low quality textures also add to this.

    2. The nice online features. Playing on servers makes the game so much more interesting!

    3. The control the user has. The user can do whatever from redstone to building to command blocks to mods to servers.

    4. Mojang/Microsoft allow players to play with modifications, and with thousands of them out there, it keeps the game fresh.

    5. People can retexture and just customise the whole game to their liking.

    That's all I could think of. Anyone else feel free to add on or agree/disagree.

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    posted a message on Error!!


    An unexpected problem has occurred and the game has been crashed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Go into your .minecraft folder, open crash-reports, open the top one, and copy paste it into a spoiler.

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