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    posted a message on Water combat improvement - combat ships

    How... How big are these? Any of the ships described are usually pretty big but these are made from less material than a normal boat, minus the extra bits. They also seem overly complex in how they work.

    I think a simple Boat with Dispenser would be better, or if they wanted longer range combat some kind of Boat with Cannon.

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    posted a message on Clothes and banners on armor

    I actually like the idea of wool clothing. I'm really not fussed about making Leather Armor redundant. Lots of things in Minecraft are redundant or made useless very quickly. Granite, Diorite, and Andesite are basically redundant copies of each other. Pigs are basically redundant. Multiple wood types are redundant.

    But all of those things (except Pigs) are not truly redundant for one reason: Aesthetics. You use the different variations because you like the look of them. The same thing for this. I would also consider it different enough because the wool could have no armor value and only be the 16 colors, so while it is easier to obtain you get less protection and limited colors.

    I'd also like it if the Leather version actually looked more like leather after being dyed (they look a little too vibrant imo) and there was a Quartz armor that was brighter colors when dyed, but equal in protection and durability to Leather.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    I don't know, personally I find the reason silly but I'd rather a unique water hostile than a shark. There are so many awesome water mobs that could be thought up and added instead of a boring shark.

    Something similar to a Stingray that can jump out of the water and glide for a short distance before diving, that attempts to land on players to hurt them.

    A mob that doesn't attack directly but generates whirlpools to drown players.

    A tamable mob that you can right click to grab onto and it allows for fast swimming underwater.

    A mob that hides among seaweed and grabs players and tries to hold them at the bottom of the sea (think Grindylow).

    There, it took me 3 minutes to come up with 4 potential mobs that are infinitely more interesting than a shark.

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    posted a message on New Weapon Type: Whip

    The idea of it doing more damage based on distance is a very cool concept that I would love to see used. The problems I have with this idea is that it is way too powerful.

    It takes less to craft than a sword (minus the leather, which is easy to renew), has more durability than almost all tiers of weapon no matter what, and the tiered item is returned when it breaks. That alone is unbalanced.

    Then it does equal damage to a Diamond Axe at the right range and is much faster than an Axe. It is much more powerful than a sword but not too much faster. So it has balance issues that need to be worked on.

    But the thing that really bugs me is that it uses a different tier system from normal tiers for no reason and specific tiers give special bonuses. Good game is consistent game design, so making this tiered like other weapons but making the tiers different and with weird additions doesn't seem good to me.

    Finally, being able to just outright take items out of a player's inventory is not fun, even if locked behind an enchantment with a low success rate. If it allowed you to pick up item stacks off the ground that would be better imo.

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    posted a message on /rank Command - Restrict Players to Specific Actions

    This idea came to me when discussing something with Wolftopia, and they mentioned that commands can be a risk when playing with some people, so you don't just want to give anyone Operator status. I'm sure this idea comes in lots of plugins but it seems like such a natural fit for managing servers I'm surprised it isn't in Vanilla. The command syntax is:

    /rank <add/remove/modify/set> [additional information depending on which part of the command is used]

    Creating Ranks

    /rank add <name of rank> [commands and other settings for rank]

    This is used to create a rank. You give it a name and you can list commands that can be used by that rank and other settings, like the gamemode for people in this rank. For example you can make a "Jail" rank that puts someone in Adventure mode, removes their ability to talk in chat or via private message, and things like that.

    Remove Rank

    /rank remove <name of rank>

    Self explanatory.

    Modify Rank

    /rank modify <name of rank> [revised commands and other settings for rank]

    For things like Gamemode, it updates to whatever you set it to. For commands, it cycles between adding and removing them. If /tp was disabled for a rank and you put it in the modify command, the rank will now be able to use it. If the rank can use /tp and you put it in the modify command, the rank loses the ability to use it.

    Set a Player's Rank

    /rank set <player> <name of rank>

    Puts the player in whichever rank you tell it to.

    All players would be put into a rank called "default" when joining a server. The /op command could be replaced with an "operator" rank with all commands. /ability, if implemented into Java Edition, could be rolled directly into this command.

    This allows some players to have some command access without full operator commands, like if you want a player to be able to teleport players but you don't want them to be able to kill them (sure they could just teleport them really high but still).

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    posted a message on New Tools- Wrenches and Hammers
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    While a command would be awesome, I still really want there to be a method of this for Survival Mode. Trust isn't always the best solution (that is hard even when everyone is your friend) and allowing people cheats would require trust. I would like there to be more purpose to building a fancy security lock on a door. Now that I think about it, the ability to remove a block's security kind of makes the whole thing redundant, as people other than the block placer could use that ability. Should I remove it? It's hard, because I want this to be balanced but I also want it to be non-annoying to use and useful.

    The problem is that admins are supposed to be trusted, that is why many commands are usually restricted to them in SMP. Giving the ability to make blocks unbreakable to any players is incredibly risky for griefing. With 1 decently sized tree I can permanently trap a different player. 1 Log for a Crafting Table, 2 for trapping your target (6 planks to encase them), and then 2 to make the Hammer. 5 Logs, gotten 30 seconds after spawning, and you can trap any player who stands still for more than a couple of seconds.

    If anything removing the ability to take the protection off a block is a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.
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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft

    Personally when it comes to minigames in MC I prefer them to be player-made with Redstone and commands. Minecraft is very much a game about creating your own fun after all.

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    posted a message on Scythe Tool

    True, but this isn't a matter of realism, it is a matter having 2 crappy tools that do one half of a task instead of having one tool that does the entire task. You may not harvest with a hoe but you could till ground with a scythe. The combat part helps but it still isn't enough imo.

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    posted a message on Scythe Tool
    Quote from Lonsdale1086»

    I would personally just like to see this functionality added to the hoe. Or at least the collect and auto replant, along with potentially breaking tall grass in a high radius.

    Agreed. No point in two farming tools with fairly niche uses.
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    posted a message on Hammer and Sickle Banner Symbol

    I don't support the idea of outright adding in political symbols, but would be okay if there was just the ability to make custom banner designs that would replace the current method of layers of different shapes and colors.

    Sure some people would use it for childish or offensive things but that should ba handled by moderators on servers or forums where images/videos are posted.

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