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    posted a message on Idle Kicking

    Not going AFK for an hour would be the way to fix this.

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    posted a message on Monkeys- a new mob with a new use!

    There are a lot of cool concepts but it has too many issues for me to support. The fact that it is yet another jungle specific mob, when we already have two and both are tame-able is a big one, but it isn't your fault so many interesting animals live in jungles. The banana peel thing is just silly and unnecessary imo. And the stealing mechanic is just unbalanced. Monkeys being able to find and steal nearby valuables or lead you to bases by abusing that mechanic is not all that fair.

    An alternative could be just that they have an inventory of 2 to 3 slots and if you give them one of an item they will collect more of that until the slot is full, but without stealing from players or chests. Then you could have them automatically gather mob drops while you fight or pick up saplings from a tree farm without you sitting there or things like that.

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    posted a message on Tips for a 24 hour gaming session?

    I know this isn't what you want to hear but I would advise against it. Remaining sedentary for a long time (even if only for a few hours like a normal work day) is not good for you. You sound young so it probably wouldn't affect you much but there is a risk. But excessive caffeine is also dangerous. So if you must, have some general tips:

    Change positions or move around often. I would take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Use this time to walk around and get your heart rate up. Do some jumping jacks or lunges or something.

    Drink water for every caffeine beverage. I would drink at least 2x as much water as caffeine. Also don't just get junk food, go for fruits and vegetables. Not only is it better for you, they give real energy for longer so you won't crash like you will with junk food. That said, go ahead and have some treats too.

    Finally, know when to throw in the towel. If you start to get tired and can't keep your eyes open, don't try and push through it. If you start to get a headache or migraine, call it quits. There isn't any glory in a 24 hour gaming session, or a 24 hour "anything" session. I've done gaming sessions or other sessions for longer and it only seems neat that you did it for like a week. After that it doesn't matter.

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    posted a message on endercraft
    Quote from VirtualCrafter»

    Well,it's just my offense.

    Opinion doesn't come into this. Wishlists are multiple unrelated ideas in a single thread. This is one idea, so it cannot be "multiple". This also means it cannot be "unrelated" (you need more than one thing to say they are related or not) and it is not multiple ideas, again because there is only one.

    You could say it is vague, that would be true.
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    posted a message on Shulkers are too OP

    I have to disagree on basically all counts.

    Physics - True, but I've never felt disadvantaged by that

    Projectile - I've never really had a problem with dodging them or hitting them out of the air. Then again I typically kill Ghasts by deflecting fireballs back at them so I do have a decent amount of practice

    Levitation - This I kind of agree with, but it is an end game mob

    Protection - They aren't really that hard to snipe with a bow. Practice makes perfect

    Camouflage - Never had this issue, myself

    Teleportation - As you said, it is rare. And more often than not I've experienced them teleporting to places that make them easier to kill.

    I'd reckon that the end game mob that drops a material for one of the best items in the game should be hard to kill.

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    posted a message on What would you consider to be the Classic version of Minecraft: Java Edition?

    For me, unless I am playing on a specific server or with a specific mod pack (both incredibly rare for me, I'm mostly used to single player vanilla) I am always on the latest version. I don't consider any one version to be classic, to me it keeps improving.

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    posted a message on Spawning rules question: how do half slabs work?

    They can't spawn on bottom half slabs, they still spawn on top half slabs or double slabs as far as I know.

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    posted a message on New Maps and Map Features

    I don't often use maps, although I have on occasion. However, I think there could be some improvements to maps by both implementing new map types and new features for maps.

    New Maps

    These new maps are created by crafting an empty map by itself. It will cycle between the normal map, a biome map, a topographic map, and then back to the normal map. As soon as you use one of the maps, it gets locked to that setting. This does not work with Explorer Maps.

    Biome Map

    This is very simple. Instead of giving specific colors based on the majority of sky-facing blocks within an area, this map gives you a map that is color coded to specific biomes. Similarly to the normal map, it shows a region based on the zoom level of the map, where each pixel is 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, or 16x16 blocks. However, it behaves in the opposite way of a map block where instead of showing the color for the most common biome within the area being mapped to a pixel, it shows the color of the least common biome. This is so biomes that take up a relatively small amount of space in any given area (Rivers and Beaches) are sure to show up on maps that are zoomed out.

    Below is an example of a map that contains Desert (center, orange), Savannah (bottom right, tan), Plains (top right, pale green), Forest (top left excluding the most top left corner, green), Roofed Forest (most top left corner, dark green), and several Rivers (blue). This is approximately what a Zoom Step 2 (512x512 blocks) map would look like. Made using a screenshot of AMDIST.

    Height Map

    A height map is similar to a topographic map, which is used to show hills and valleys. However because Minecraft maps are too pixelated to show all those little lines and numbers for different elevations, instead I decided a simple height map would be more useful. This would work by checking the height of whatever block is under direct sunlight and assigning it a grey-scale color based on that height (a block at height 0 = black, a block at height 255 = white). On maps that are more zoomed out it takes the average height of all the blocks in that area.

    Here is an (ugly, I didn't have a ton of time) approximation of a height map for the same area as the biome map:

    Realistically it would have some more variation in the heights because this should be 4x4 block areas, but you can clearly make out the rivers, hills, a ravine on the left side and a small pit in the top right.

    These would allow for some more interesting and in some cases more useful maps of different areas. A biome map would be useful because biomes do not change and a height map can be useful for exploration or knowing where pits and mountains are. Plus they both look pretty.

    General Improvements to Maps

    Now lets talk general improvements. These could be applied to all maps to make them more useful.

    Make Marks on Map

    Wouldn't it be nice to draw on a map or leave comments on them? Something to note points of interest or to show people where your secret base is, but only if you give them a copy of your map? Well all you need to do is craft your explored Map with a Feather and Ink Sac to get a "Drawing Map" (name is stupid and subject to change).

    Right clicking this map will give you a GUI (image coming soon if I feel like it) that allows you to do two things:

    1. Add up to 6 markers on a map. The markers can be different symbols (the current icon file in the game code has room for 16 icons but only 10 are used), such as the icons used for Woodland Mansions of Ocean Monuments on Explorer Maps. Ideas for additional icons are Villager Face, Creeper Face, Red X, Enderman Face, Black Square, etc. With each marker you can also add a 16 character comment to describe the point. 16 characters is not a lot, but the map would be messy looking with any more than that.

    How do you view the markers? I have two solutions. The first is that they just always appear when you are holding the map, which is simple but not very versatile. Plus it can look kind of cluttered. The other is that only the icons are displayed when you have a map held in both hands, but instead of Right Click still being able to activate things like Doors or Buttons (hard to do anyways since you can't see what you are doing with a map in your face) it is used to inspect the map. While inspecting the map, instead of using the mouse to look around you can move a cursor over the map, hovering over icons to display the text. You lose a little functionality but it looks nicer.

    You would also be able to view the markers on a map when it is placed on a wall, but only if you are looking directly at it and are within 3 blocks of the map. You cannot view map text when it is held in one hand (when it looks like a minimap).

    2. Color on the maps. People have wanted custom paintings for a long time, and this is how they could get them. When editing a Drawing Map, in addition to markers you can add colors to the map directly, that act as a top layer over the main map. You get to choose up to 16 colors (same ones as the dyes) and you can choose a pen size from a single pixel, to a 2x2 box, a 4x4 box, and an 8x8 box. Then just use your cursor and draw away. There is also an eraser tool. So you can make your own pixel art and place it on a wall in your house.


    • Yes, people will draw inappropriate things. This is unavoidable. But it isn't like that is impossible with the current maps, except with this you don't have a gigantic version of the drawing somewhere in the world as well. Besides, let single player people do their own thing, and let server admins police their own servers
    • Yes this will make the file sizes for maps bigger. But we're literally talking about going from 6 KB to like 12-15 KB. It isn't exactly game breaking
    • Yes, this does feel kind of "mod-like". I'll agree with you there. But so did Pistons, and Horses, and Llamas, and Villagers, and Enchanting, and etc. etc. etc. That feeling usually just means it is new and different from what is currently in the game, not necessarily that it doesn't fit.

    Let me know what you think and how you would change/improve it.

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    posted a message on 2 New Ores

    I went through and cleaned up the formatting for the OP, since it was stretching the page on more than needed and because if it wasn't fixed, everyone was likely going to focus on that rather than the actual idea. No data in the OP has changed other than removal of blank space and some formatting changes to make it easier to read.

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    posted a message on Put items in a chest efficiently

    When I was playing a modded server with some friends one of the mods had this feature. It was so fluid and natural feeling that when I tried it on a vanilla world only to have it not work I was confused for a second because I had thought it was a vanilla feature I had just missed.

    Absolutely support this.

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