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    posted a message on Wow. Minecraft is kinda boring in creative mode.

    A simple way to get into creative mode is to play around just for fun . For example, have a build competition with friends offline or on a server. Choose a topic or a certain thing to build, and then see everyone's interpretation of it.
    But for me, the real power of Minecraft creative mode is that it changes the game into a tool for 3D-art.
    [/p] Why is it so strong? Because it is both [/p]
    extremely simple (in its basic vanilla form)[/p]
    • with blocks, you leave ample room for the imagination
    • you don't need to fidget with scalar values, textures, materials and lighting as in traditional 3D-rendering programs
    • It has a broad enough base in the "real world" to which most people can relate, with a basic variety of natural materials. That would be in contrast to a scenario where all the game was in the nether, or on a moon with just white and grey mineral blocks. Still it adds enough variety to suit other tastes, like fantasy and science fiction.
    [p]and extensively complex, since by adding[/p]
    • building tools (for example World Edit, VoxelSniper)
    • textures
    • shaders
    • build teams
    • and lots of planning and patience
    [p]you get creations with mind-blowing size and detail[/p] [p]
    o be successful in creative mode and with being a creative person in general it can help to

    let go of[/p]
    • the need for instant gratification
    • having to be the best
    • preconceived notions of how things 'should' be or look like
    • comparing or competing for status/likes or other material rewards
    • trying just to please (both others and yourself)
    • being to proud or afraid to expose your creations to others
    • identifying yourself with your creations
    [p]and instead, learn to[/p]
    • search for relevant inspiration from within yourself, from others and from anything else
    • enjoy setting your own goals and working hard towards them
    • enjoy figuring out new ways of doing things; better methods, techniques, ways of thinking etc.
    • openly share new ideas, creations and opinions
    • connect with your inner 'muse' and powerful creative energies
    • walk the road towards mastery, which has no end. If you think you have arrived, you have stopped learning
    [p]Once you start realize what being creative actually is about, you will not want to go back to how you were before. In fact, it might not even be possible!
    In my opinion, being creative is what living life and being human is really about.[/p]
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    posted a message on I miss Minecraft

    Hey, if you miss Minecraft you should play it more and think about the reason why it is so awesome! For me it is the endless beauty in being able to create from new ideas.
    I used to be a more passive player and now I have discovered that I actually enjoy sharing my creations from the game, it gives playing another depth!
    In the end, that is what makes the community too, people playing not only for themselves, but for what they can make and give from it.

    Minecraft is like a tool for creating 3D-art for me, apart from the survival game which also has its charm.

    Trends may come and go, but YOU are always in charge of doing what YOU enjoy the most. Don't get too attached to where 'everyone' is going is my best advice. I have also had my time playing counterstrike and such games, and got into them because other people played them, but in the end I had to listen to my innermost voice which said that this is not who you want to be, you don't want to spend your life chasing numbers in a killing simulator. If a thing doesn't resonate fully with your values, why continue doing it?

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    posted a message on Thoughts on this build? (and more)

    Wow, flawless organic build in my opinion.
    Instead of a white square under, how about something more organic there as well?

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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Avion's Creative Map with Teleportation Minigames

    In this creative world I am building small to medium builds, depending on inspiration I feel in different sites and biomes.

    This world also features an interactive 3D map which teleports to the different builds. The idea is that any player visiting the world will be able to choose where they want to go by walking onto the corresponding pressure plate at the locations represented on the map. Each location is also named by a sign.

    Picture of map

    Interactive map

    How to play

    At each location a small mini-game can be played. The game is finding a way to teleport back again. These games vary in difficulty (the easiest might be finding and stepping on a pressure plate). The player is not supposed to use any items from the creative mode, only the ones found in the locations. Neither are any blocks required to be broken, but instead interacted with as in survival. You can do

    /gamemode 0

    if you want a more RPG-feeling. But then you won't be able to fly around the builds, unless you revert to creative with

    /gamemode 1

    If you are lost or don't spawn in the correct place, use

    /tp -42 80 -30

    Give this map a try, and please let me know if you have any problems or questions! I have not tested everything yet in survival mode! Also, if you want to replay the map, it is best to keep the original download and just overwrite the map once played.

    World Download

    Planet Minecraft


    Current Builds (chronologically)

    Builds in the world download:

    • A castle/mage tower on a mountain wall side
    • A small pirate's cove (I love the site and atmosphere of this one!)
    • A Japanese fisherman's hut with a nearby Buddhist temple
    • Another larger Buddhist temple
    • A few fantasy caves and a open bathhouse
    • A lighthouse (Alexandria-style)
    • An exploded tower
    • A cliff-side apartment
    • Another Japanese fisherman's hut (next to the first one)
    • A Japanese house and garden
    • A dock with a one mast sailing boat
    • A garden, a shrine, a house and a dock, on a peninsula surrounded by a wall protecting from the ocean waves.
    • A minimalist tree house
    • A monastery of sorts
    • The interactive 3D map with minigames added in each previously built location

    Builds not in the world download:

    • Amusement park
    • Swamp laboratory
    • Lake sanctuary

    Enjoy these builds and games! Let me know if you got inspired or have any suggestions for changes or for what you would like me to build! I would love to do a request! You will get the build named in your honor too!

    You can also

    The world seed is -90271392218877277

    I have currently around 10-11 locations which I am working on! Feel free to take my ideas and do what you want with them! (for more information, see this post)

    Resource Pack

    The resource pack I use is (YouTube video with download).
    I really love it, since it is close to vanilla, but with many nice little modfications. They are really well thought out, and addresses some things which are not consistent in vanilla, such as the color of iron etc. The pack also vastly improves the looks of andesite, granite and diorite, while staying true to the original colors.

    Attached images

    The images attached to this post are of the

    • Pirate Cove
    • Mage Castle (with bedroom, library and smithy)
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    posted a message on Please Help Design a 22-Block Long, 5-Block Wide Bridge's 12-Block Tall Supports

    Just read your posts now. I am taking up this challenge, if not just for practice! And I love both building and bridges =D. I am trying to find a suitable spot in my creative world. Let's see what I can come up with!

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    posted a message on [Hardcore with 3 limiting rules] Survival Journal
    Day 1 : Avion's Journal - A Bright Beginning

    I start out in a plain plains biome surrounded by small hills with trees.

    Starting out
    My plan is to make some stone tools and then search for villages or other structures before the first nightfall

    But this plan gets scrapped immediately! I turn around to discover a village right behind me! Delighted I head over there. On the way I stop to punch down and replant a tree [gamerule #3 - half-elf!] I also get an apple for the effort.
    The village has a plantation from which I stock up on beats and carrots. I also get some potatoes to cook and 15 wheat to craft into 5 loafs of bread. It looks like I won't have to worry at all about food to begin with. It was my biggest concern, I couldn't have wished for a better start!

    But YIKES, this village held a dangerous secret, a big hole in its middle! After this near-death-experience, I head over to the blacksmith to check the chest...

    Perfect Treasure

    Double iron chest plate and triple iron leggings, an iron pick and an iron sword as well as gold!!! The armor will serve well while running away from mobs [gamerule #2 - Ahimsa, nonviolence] and an iron pick will speed up progress immensely!! Even the sword will be useful, despite with gamerule #2. Why? For ripping up spider webs like Bilbo with his short sword Sting! =D A mineshaft would be great to find, then I could make a bed, which will be crucial when I find a place to settle and build something.

    Cavern Calamity
    I dive into the village's treacherous hole with connected caverns to acquire my first 20 block of cobblestone. These I quickly craft into a shovel, an axe and two furnaces. In the meanwhile three potatoes roast in the furnaces at the smithy.

    Literally Literate
    I won't be killing any animals, nor trading with leather [gamerule #1 - Vegan], so I decide to loot the bookshelves in the village library. I really want to enchant my equipment as soon as possible, especially the armor!

    Escaping Explorer
    As the sun is setting and a zombie already burns up exiting a nearby cave I decide to make a speedy exit in a boat on the nearby ocean. In this way I will preserve my stamina. I wouldn't want the villagers to be harmed by me staying around in any cave nearby.

    Now to celebrate surviving the first day, I exit the world of Minecraft and head out to pick figs and apples from the trees growing in the town neighborhood for a delicious dinner!

    Figs and apples

    I actually try my best to follow all the three gamerules the best I can IRL!

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    posted a message on [Hardcore with 3 limiting rules] Survival Journal

    Night 05 - Avion's Journal - Just Diggin' It


    I start by making a two block wide staircase down from the end of the quarry,
    as rain and thunder rolls in through the night. I also start smelting cobblestone to have a larger variety in building materials.

    Creeper Showering?

    Creeper in the distance?

    I feel a bit like building in Khazad Dum, the mines of Moria when I have to bridge across a chasm deep down the tunnel. I realize I no longer need stone tools, and make an iron shovel and an iron axe as an arrow wiffs past my head. Have I dug too deep? What beasts will I uncover in these unexplored depths? My heart seeks treasures, diamonds, obsidian, redstone and gold!
    On a more practical note, I should probably start a wheat farm very soon!
    Even though the forest is thick with apple-giving oak trees, a small farm is much more efficient to maintain in the long run.

    Redstone Rapture

    Bedrock Bedding

    I dig down to bedrock and make my way back to level 10 to branch mine a bit. It doesn't take long before I find my first redstone!

    Lava Love Song

    Golden glow

    And lava bubbling all round it reveals a deep lava pool, with GOLD some blocks up! Great, now I can use lava as fuel instead of coal, and use the coal as building blocks if I want, or trade if I should find a nearby village. And make a clock to finally know when to exit the mountain to build on the exterior! I am jubilant! To top it I find some lapis and hit level 20!!

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    posted a message on [Hardcore with 3 limiting rules] Survival Journal

    No, no bones yet. If I find some, I will be sure to take your advice! It would be nice to have some friends woofing while building!

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    posted a message on [Hardcore with 3 limiting rules] Survival Journal
    Day 5 - Avion's Journal - Quarry without Quarrel

    I climb the snowy plateau when I hear sounds unknown to me! What is this?

    Llama Love

    It turns out to be a bunch of llamas! I pay my respect to these wise creatures and marvel at their furry strangeness. They politely decline my attempts to feed them apples, carrots, eggs and bread. With nothing more to talk about I take my leave.

    The mountain offers some stunning view of the landscape ahead, so I stop to take in the landscape. I have two main directions to proceed descending the mountain.

    Pretty Panorama 2

    Pretty Panorama 1

    Unable to choose, I go for their intersection! I am heading towards what in the distance appears like a canyon.

    Lit fam

    Pigs and wolves are chilling as I pass by. I get good vibes resonating with my pacific nature.

    Quarry without Quarrel

    Instead of a canyon I enter something of a natural quarry in the middle of the forest. Here I gather enough coal to get level 15, take a swim in the quarry's pond as it dawns upon me: On this fifth day, I have had enough of walking and hiding. This place is going to be my first home! I will build a stronghold here, something I have never before attempted. Full of inspiration, I start the labour! It is time to build something to last at last.

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    posted a message on [Hardcore with 3 limiting rules] Survival Journal
    Day and Night 4 - Avion's Journal


    After moshing my way through the woods, foraging mushrooms along the way I reach a highlands area, rich in coal and iron. I explore some surface caves without much result. As the sun set I feel a bit lost as what to do. I decide to stay close to the surface this night to have a fresh day ahead for exploration.

    Steamy Stew

    Down I go and make myself a comfortable little room to chill in and clean up my inventory. I stack my coal, discard a bit of cobble, gobble some mushroom stew, and smelt some iron with my old oak boat as fuel =D and get everything neat and tidy.

    Oar Smelting Ore

    After some more iron and coal gathering and the night is over.

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