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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I built this house in my quite recently made survival world

    mage house

    I wanted it themed for a mage/wizard so

    • Cellar is for brewing
    • Ground floor is for enchanting and also kitchen
    • Middle floor for dyes
    • Top floor is a bedroom.
    • Magical crystal on the roof is just for looks ;) It would be cool to get a beacon going through the house and the crystal eventually!

    There is also a well in the cellar (to have an infinite water source for the brewing) and a small nether wart farm.

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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Did number 6 on your list, build to the build limit, something I had never done before (if you don't count just building a 1x1 pillar)
    I did it in the form of a space ship.
    The exterior is more or less done, but the interior could use a lot of work.

    For fun, I connected the entrance to my apartment on the hillside to the entrance of the spaceship with a walkway.
    Two other builds from before are also visible in the screenshot, the shipwreck and the tree/factory
    I hope you like it! Any ideas for improvements are also much welcome, this is the first time I build something on this scale.

    Space ship

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    posted a message on Tree House improvement suggestions?

    Hey, I wish I could just move in there right now!!! =D I love it, it looks so cozy.
    Can you jump from the higher levels into the water? If not, maybe make add a little trampoline!

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    posted a message on In need of idea for a build in sky

    If you built a balloon, a zeppelin is not so far away. I think they are really cool, and I wish they come back more into use today, perhaps solar-powered!

    If not that, how about something more organic?

    • A dragon
    • A large bird (for example an eagle, a vulture/condor or an albatross)
    • A griffin (an eagle with a lion's body)

    You could also build a small spaceship from any of your favorite movies or TV series.

    Here are some favorites of mine:

    • Spike's fighter craft in the anime Cowboy Bebop
    • An X-wing or a TIE-fighter from Star Wars
    • The shuttle craft from Star Trek TNG
    • A no-ships from the Dune novels by Frank Herbert (they are almost spherical, which is pretty unusual for space crafts I think)

    That's all I got for now. I hope you get your inspiration back!

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    posted a message on My mindspace in minecraft

    Hey Marcia and all your alternate personalities!

    I have somewhat related personal experiences, but nothing as extensive nor anything diagnosed, only as a part of my journey to be self-actualized or self-realized for the last years. Perhaps I would be around 5 persons if I would try to identify and name them.

    Basically, I when I started to discover how much of my original personality was useless and crippling I started to try and change myself. In the process I became quite split depending on who I were around and what I did. It was also because I learnt so much in such a short time, and in so many different areas of my life, that I somehow 'ran ahead of myself'. But I am still associative in my identity.. at least for the time being =D

    I look forward to see what you will post here, creating your mindspace in minecraft sounds awesome!

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    posted a message on Wow. Minecraft is kinda boring in creative mode.

    A simple way to get into creative mode is to play around just for fun . For example, have a build competition with friends offline or on a server. Choose a topic or a certain thing to build, and then see everyone's interpretation of it.
    But for me, the real power of Minecraft creative mode is that it changes the game into a tool for 3D-art.
    [/p] Why is it so strong? Because it is both [/p]
    extremely simple (in its basic vanilla form)[/p]
    • with blocks, you leave ample room for the imagination
    • you don't need to fidget with scalar values, textures, materials and lighting as in traditional 3D-rendering programs
    • It has a broad enough base in the "real world" to which most people can relate, with a basic variety of natural materials. That would be in contrast to a scenario where all the game was in the nether, or on a moon with just white and grey mineral blocks. Still it adds enough variety to suit other tastes, like fantasy and science fiction.
    [p]and extensively complex, since by adding[/p]
    • building tools (for example World Edit, VoxelSniper)
    • textures
    • shaders
    • build teams
    • and lots of planning and patience
    [p]you get creations with mind-blowing size and detail[/p] [p]
    o be successful in creative mode and with being a creative person in general it can help to

    let go of[/p]
    • the need for instant gratification
    • having to be the best
    • preconceived notions of how things 'should' be or look like
    • comparing or competing for status/likes or other material rewards
    • trying just to please (both others and yourself)
    • being to proud or afraid to expose your creations to others
    • identifying yourself with your creations
    [p]and instead, learn to[/p]
    • search for relevant inspiration from within yourself, from others and from anything else
    • enjoy setting your own goals and working hard towards them
    • enjoy figuring out new ways of doing things; better methods, techniques, ways of thinking etc.
    • openly share new ideas, creations and opinions
    • connect with your inner 'muse' and powerful creative energies
    • walk the road towards mastery, which has no end. If you think you have arrived, you have stopped learning
    [p]Once you start realize what being creative actually is about, you will not want to go back to how you were before. In fact, it might not even be possible!
    In my opinion, being creative is what living life and being human is really about.[/p]
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    posted a message on Advice on Build Needed

    I have opinions the third and fourth questions. from practical points of view

    3) Where should I put the dining room?

    I think the dining room should be on the same side of the building as the kitchen, and also on the ground floor. In this way, cooked food doesn't have to be carried through any other rooms. It would also connect the dining room to the back side of the house, which might be convenient for any imagined garden parties or similar gatherings.

    4) Where should I put the stairs to the 2nd floor?

    The most common way of placing stairs in mansions are in the middle of the entrance hall as you enter the house.

    This placement makes sense; apart from being impressive it also minimizes the longest possible path to walk between any room on the first floor to any room on the second floor. I would follow this standard unless I found very good reasons for doing something else!

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    posted a message on Thoughts on this build? (and more)
    Quote from MegRaeยป

    Maybe. I wanted to focus more on the sculpture than the surroundings. Thanks for the input! :)

    I think my gripe with the square platform is the parallel lines leading the eyes to the horizon, and also the sharp corners. Both these aspects take away focus from the sculpture! Think about spotlights, they are round for a reason! =D

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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    I added the park to the sanctuary build. Check the post for a picture of it. I got inspired by seeing a rainbow outside my window the other day, so I had to add one in the build. I wanted to make miniature biomes, and I thought it turned out pretty well. I also got to practice building a palm tree! I made the rest of the trees miniature sized to not cramp the space too much.
    Now it is just one more building, the entrances and the boat channel left. I hope to add some small ship too.
    This project took much longer than I thought it would, and I am sorry that I haven't written more on the story. I have been so busy with trying to manage real life.
    Hope to hear from you, any thoughts are welcome!

    Love, Avion

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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary

    Some more updates to my mercenary journey, started in comment #103

    I now start to extend the house with a small kitchen area.
    First I place four furnaces and a crafting bench. To get the brewing stand I
    need to go to the nether. I gather the necessary 10 obsidian while pondering where to place the
    portal... I decide that the area just in front of the mine entrance looks very suitable.

    Into the NETHER ablaze! Since I don't spot any fortress immediately I take the chance to gain some levels while gathering precious quartz and other materials to spice up the village life.

    I do not find a nether fortress on the first voyage, but at least return with quite some treasure: two and a half stack of magma blocks, one magma cream after a good battle with a jumping creature, one and a half stack of quartz, half a stack of soul sand and another stack of glowstone! These rarities will certainly make fine ornaments to subsequent improvements. I use some of them to build a little house to cover up the nether portal, the villagers seem uneasy about it!
    I enchant a pair of diamond boots with Depth Strider. I also finish a part of the wall around the smithy which lacked height.

    Having 32 levels I want to do another enchantment. This time I enchant a pair of diamond leggings, but I get only Unbreaking III! Hopefully I can remedy this with a book enchantment later.

    I now take a break from the search for the blazes and decorate the village and compound with lamps. I start with a simple design with smooth stone bricks underneath wooden trapdoors on top. I then proceed with another version replacing the stone brick with yellow glazed terracotta.

    At first I light them permanently with a lever underneath the bottom block, but then I realize they also look great with a daylight sensor on top!

    So I go to the river and mine more sand in order to make more sensors. In total, I place seven of these gorgeous lights around the village

    I also enchant a diamond helmet. I have better luck this time and get a solid triple: Fire Protection IV, Unbreaking III and Respiration III.
    After a lot more mining in the large cave system I get enough diamonds for a
    diamond chestplate, which I enchant with Protection III and Unbreaking III.
    I now have a complete diamond suit and I am definitely prepared for a nether

    Since I am having trouble finding a nether fortress I might just take on COOL1Nate's side missions!

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    posted a message on I miss Minecraft

    Hey, if you miss Minecraft you should play it more and think about the reason why it is so awesome! For me it is the endless beauty in being able to create from new ideas.
    I used to be a more passive player and now I have discovered that I actually enjoy sharing my creations from the game, it gives playing another depth!
    In the end, that is what makes the community too, people playing not only for themselves, but for what they can make and give from it.

    Minecraft is like a tool for creating 3D-art for me, apart from the survival game which also has its charm.

    Trends may come and go, but YOU are always in charge of doing what YOU enjoy the most. Don't get too attached to where 'everyone' is going is my best advice. I have also had my time playing counterstrike and such games, and got into them because other people played them, but in the end I had to listen to my innermost voice which said that this is not who you want to be, you don't want to spend your life chasing numbers in a killing simulator. If a thing doesn't resonate fully with your values, why continue doing it?

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    posted a message on Thoughts on this build? (and more)

    Wow, flawless organic build in my opinion.
    Instead of a white square under, how about something more organic there as well?

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    posted a message on Need ideas for things to put in my castle

    ome additional suggestions:


    • Well
    • Garden with plants and crops for healer/herbalist, kitchen, baker and brewer

    • Sewers

    Crafts/Specialists with associated workshops:

    • Blacksmith
    • Potter
    • Tailor
    • Healer/Herbalist


    • Brewer


    • Stables
    • Kennel
    • Falconer/pigeon-handler
    • Barracks/Soldier's quarters
    • Training ground
    • Ballista or Mangonel on tower
    • Gatehouse
    • Moat

    With this and the excellent thread from MegRae you should be busy for a while!!! Hope to see the results at some point! :D

    2017-10-24 EDIT: Added some new suggestions and divided in categories

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    posted a message on Walley Hills - A Minecraft Theme Park (Storyline)

    A pirate and jungle themed area with parrots, ozelots and boat rides!

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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Dormitories added to the Sanctuary Lake build ! The project is growing little by little! I also started adding some small secret builds, which I intend to sprinkle around the whole creative map. Some of these will be included in the next update of the map download, which will be available when the Sanctuary Lake is finished.

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