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    posted a message on Walley Hills - A Minecraft Theme Park (Storyline)

    A pirate and jungle themed area with parrots, ozelots and boat rides!

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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Dormitories added to the Sanctuary Lake build ! The project is growing little by little! I also started adding some small secret builds, which I intend to sprinkle around the whole creative map. Some of these will be included in the next update of the map download, which will be available when the Sanctuary Lake is finished.

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    posted a message on Things to have in a main base?

    These are the things I would love to do myself:

    • Block farms : Cobblestone, snow, ice...
    • A trophy room - display records, the dragon egg and any other really rare items you get in the most extravagant way you can think of
    • A room for clothes and armor, using armor stands - Since leather can be dyed more than once, the color combinations are endless! You can also make different sets of enchanted for different purposes: diving, fighting, jumping etc.

    • A Collector's/Souvenir room or similar for different biomes - It could be made as a museum, exposition or garden. I could be done in tandem with the exploration achievement.
    • A storage room for TNT and fireworks. Build it super-safe in obsidian or some other equally blast resistant material.
    • Build a TNT-cannon on a roof or a tower if you have one. Then blow up a mountain next to your base X)
    • Redstone automation - Automated smelters and sorters are a good brain challenge!
    • Some interesting redstone door to get in and out of the base.
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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Build 3: A ship-wrecked schooner

    I'm really happy with this build, and I think I learnt a lot while making it.

    I will briefly describe the process for you:
    I started with two large lines, one straight going up the shore, and one diagonal in the water. I then fleshed out the lines into shapes to create the hull.

    After that I added masts and sails. For the sails I used different colors; white for the dry parts and grey to show the soaked and submerged parts.

    This was followed by adding details to indicate the remains of the ship's furniture, cargo, and equipment

    Finally I had the tremendously rewarding pleasure of spreading out bits and pieces of wood everywhere, as well as setting some parts on fire. Just to show how powerful of an event the wrecking of the ship was.

    Shipwrecked Schooner by day

    Shipwrecked Schooner by night

    Schipwrecked Schooner by night

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    posted a message on What are your current goals?

    I want to complete the two stages I have left in this [Challenge] The Mercenary and perhaps do some extra fun side missions as well.

    Then I want to start a new more long term survival world and try to make it as complete as I possibly can in terms of materials/farms/builds/exploration

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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Updated the lake sanctuary post with the finished library! I am quite happy with the style. Any critique or ideas are warmly welcomed!

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    posted a message on little area, another biotop?

    Well, the problem with super-flat is that everything becomes plains biome.
    You could do a customized world, tweak the parameters enough to get it flat.
    Here is a thread discussing how to do this: how-can-i-generate-a-nearly-superflat-overworld
    Then you could go to a biome where it rains at normal height (60-70) and starts to snows above a certain level.

    If you want, here is a seed with that biome: 1364287100241175484
    just do
    /tp 575 100 200

    in creative and you are in a village in extreme hills+, it snows above 105.

    I tried to tweak some parameters, but my computer/minecraft didn't like it, stuck at loading screen =/
    I hope you can do better!

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    posted a message on minecraft modern house tutorial

    Hey, that's a really sweet little house, great for survival too (with some stairs for upper floor)! <3 Great inspiration!

    If you want to improve your video, I am sure you know what to work on first (eliminate miss-clicks! ;D easier said than done!)

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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Build 2 : A factory doubled as a tree-house
    Ok, here is my first build! I misread the challenge a bit, so this is just a big tree doubled as a factory =D

    So I built a pumpkin and cookie factory as a big tree. It's assembly line is very primitive! The ingredients are produced in the factory branches (pun intended!) and just thrown down to the bottom of the trunk where the crafting tables are. =D Then the products are stored in minecarts with chests and shipped directly into the next build which also has a trunk of sorts... *SUSPENSE!*


    Tree with factory

    Top: Chickens on carpet-covered hoppers. Branches: bottom left wheat, top left pumpkins, top right sugar canes, right cocoa beans

    Tree with factory - inside

    Nothing fancy in this trunk

    Build 10 : A torture chamber
    In the form of my family's car in the 1990's, a Peugeot 505 GTI... imagine being stuck in endless sun and traffic on the highways through central Europe with sweaty and unhappy siblings at your sides:D

    Peugeot 505 GTI

    A monster!
    Loading the cookies and pies

    I drew the first Minecraft skin of myself for this picture! Have a cookie or a pie!

    Build 8 : A reincarnation of your house
    Well, my apartment at least!
    It consists of a corridor connecting three rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. It also has an outdoor terrace. Check out the images in the spoiler for a more detailed explanation and walk-through.

    Entrance corridor

    Corridor. The apartment entrance is to the right. To the left, music studio followed by bathroom and workshop/kitchen at the end. Behind is office, workout area, bedroom/library and terrace. The following pictures are posted in the order listed here.

    Music studio

    Music recording studio. The potato is an Avantone mono-speaker =D and the ironbars a microphone hanging from the ceiling! The black nether brick represent instrument cases and the wooden trap doors carton-boxes are simple sound insulation.



    Workshop with materials

    Workshop with materials for carpentry, upcycling and electronics

    Kitchen with seeds for planting

    Kitchen with seeds for planting and populating the terrace.

    Office/Art studio and workout area with tatami mats

    Office and art studio. Tatami mats for workout/meditation (near). The apartment entrance is visible in the background

    Bedroom and small libraryBedroom with small library and wardrobes. The iron railings is supposed to represent the foldable hanger I use to dry clothes on, and the iron pressure plate the vacuum robot =)

    Terrace with garden

    Terrace with plants, rainwater collection and 3-stage composting. You can see into the bedroom (left) and the workout/meditation area (right). Solar panels represented by light sensors are not yet in place.

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    posted a message on Custom Trees?

    Here is a nice video tutorial on YouTube
    (only the first tree in the video uses a lot of extra editor commands, the rest are very doable in normal creative!)

    and here is a thread from this forum with some really beautiful ones:
    Custom tree repository

    If you do a search on the forum you can find more threads:

    And a google search gives a lot of pictures and pages:

    I wish you the best of luck with your trees!

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    posted a message on Project ideas?
    Quote from frost_snowden»

    I do like these ideas, and your kept to my preferred theme of nature. So, what your saying is, I could change the entire workd to look like it's been taken over by humans? With custom trees and all?

    I am glad you like the ideas! I suggest you do what makes you feel most happy and inspired to work on! And I hope you want to share the results as you go along!

    Creating custom trees can make a build very beautiful, but placing all 'by hand' requires a lot of patience. I think many people use an editor, such as WorldEdit for custom trees. They make a set of different trees to use as templates, and then copy and paste these out onto larger areas. There are also brush tools and others similar to image editing tools, but for 3D, to help create for example the first large 'ball' of the tree, so you don't need to place each leafblock one at a time. I don't know any more details, since I have never done it myself, but I am going to try it out in the coming week.
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    posted a message on Book and Quill Novels

    Feel free to take the one I wrote in these two posts: Part I and Part II

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    posted a message on Project ideas?

    How about one or several of these:

    1) A tree village/city! It is very popular among fantasy artists, so there is plenty of reference material to look at online, in many styles.
    2) Palace/temple gardens. With canals. waterfalls and structures they have the potential to look extraordinary. I think especially jungle/desert using any inspiration from many ancient Earth cultures (Aztecs, Incas, Babylonians. Greeks, Egyptians) lends itself very well to Minecraft, since they had quite square architecture. It makes it easier to replicate with blocks.
    3) A small village centered around a certain activity. Can be cutting lumber and making things out of it. Mining. Fishing. Farming. Start with buildings needed to gather the raw material, and only add as much of the refinement process as you want! For example: Lumberjack huts, sawmill and shipdock to export the planks. Or wheat fields, farmer's huts, wind or water mill, then a donkey stall for export. And it is easy to expand if you come back to it later.

    4) A group of animals which is not already in Minecraft, and adapting the environment for them. As an example, elephants or dinosaurs! But even building a special location for the ones in the game could be enough, for example caves where a pack of wolves live. Or a rabbit hill with a lot of tunnels.

    My creative world has some builds which might fit as a starting point too:

    - An amusement park/theme park. Could be made into more of a natural park?
    - A self-sustainable/ecological village (modern, but produces its basic needs itself (energy/food/clothes/buildings)
    - A hideout (for example for pirates/bandits/explorers/a primitive tribe/a dragon)

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    posted a message on Creative Challenge!

    Hey, I love this idea of jumping into the unknown!
    I especially feel inclined to build 2) (can't get enough of tree houses!) 3) (nor ships!), 6) and 8) (whole building or just apartment...) !
    I recently did 5) and 7) (except the non-serene part!)
    Don't know if I have the stomach for 10)... or, actually, I could rebuild my cramped family's scorching hot car going on a too long road trip in summer in the 90's...I think it is close enough =D

    some optional additions:

    • a gigantic previously unknown creature! (it can be something known, but the size-change will make it unexpected and unknown enough)
    • yourself as a superhero using a super power of your choice (here is a link to a chart if you want A LOT of choices..) (here are fewer but more obscure ones)
    • something you really really wished existed in the real world, but doesn't yet. preferably your own invention (it is the most satisfying!)
    • I might come back and update this post with a picture if I build something =D
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    posted a message on [Creative world] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Where are the images of the newer builds, none of your posts actually show pictures of the builds

    Thanks for letting me know, I am sorry about that!
    I fixed the missing links, and now they show up for me.
    I also added another build, the first part of the library.

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