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    posted a message on MAtmos - Environmental sound atmosphere simulator
    Hello, first, I want to thank you for this amazing mod.
    Now, straight to the subject, I want to use this awesome mod for a modpack that I am creating and I need your permission. Of course, you will be credited. Thanks !
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    posted a message on Most Skilled Minecrafter you know?
    Clearly, disco, he is like the redstone god
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    posted a message on Am I alone?
    Minecraft just got boring for me, I know almost anything you can in the game. If I could I would anytime go back to the noob times, awesome days
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    posted a message on â– CREATION NATIONâ–  [Survival Economy]
    Minecraft IGN - Arikumo1337
    Age - 16
    Did you vote vote for us? - Of course
    How did you find us? - I was browsing random Minecraft stuff on the Internet till I found your forums
    What estate are you interested in ? - Miner Estate or Trader Estate
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    posted a message on Looking for a staff to build rpg map
    Hello, Emp_Captain123. I'll be glad to help you with building and plot making. I started playing Minecraft a very long time ago (I think I started in a1.0), I built a lot of stuff on a lot of servers including castles, houses, villages and much more. I did some adventure maps, but the most of them were abandoned due to lack of time, and a hardcore RPG player, so I am pretty familiar with fantasy plots, I can help you make an amazing unique plot and lore. I cannot hold a server, sadly, due to my lack of RAM (only 3 GB is not enough for a lag-free server), about the redstone part, I fail miserably, I can hardly connect a lever to a redstone lamp xD

    I own a high-quality microphone, so we can chat on Skype, TS etc.
    If you are interested in a collaboration leave me a private message or contact me on Skype (my name is "dasimie3lei").

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    posted a message on Looking for 2-3 people for a letsplay
    Age: 15
    In Game Name: Arikumo1337
    Timezone: EET (Romania)
    Why you want to join: I love to do videos (especially let's plays, I have some) and I want to do them with someone, it's pretty boring to do them on SSP, I am not from UK, US, or Canada etc. but I speak perfect english.
    Skype: dasimie3lei
    Premium: Sure
    Mic: Of course
    Fraps: Yep

    Also, my YT is:
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    posted a message on How to fix: Minecraft cannot connect to
    It worked, thanks man !
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    posted a message on Can't connect to
    Hi, this morning I got a really weird problem when trying to play Minecraft
    I started the launcher from, filled in my data, and clicked Login
    Suprisingly, I got an error saying "You can't connect to" followed by the buttons "Try again" and "Play offline", I was curious, so I tried to hit Play offline. I got to "Multiplayer" and I observed that all the premium-only servers I had were online and fully-working, so I thought there is no problem with the MC server
    I tried to delete my .minecraft folder with no result.
    Please answer soon, I really want to play.


    edit: I use Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2, 32 bits
    edit2: I fixed it !, thanks so much to chriswhiting1000
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    posted a message on Fully Functional Football Stadium
    Dude, this is the biggest wiring I ever saw in Minecraft
    Great job :smile.gif:
    Posted in: Redstone Discussion and Mechanisms
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