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    posted a message on My Builder's Portfolio

    Ok, i will think about that

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    posted a message on My Builder's Portfolio

    This is my portfolio, here you will find information about me and my creation's [Some are still WIP], some of my creations aren't here because those worlds where lost and there where no screenshots of these, hope you will find this fun and interesting.

    My name is Yorben, i live in the Netherlands and i'm 15 years old, 16 in januari 2018.

    As a builder i am a bit experienced, I'm mostly used to the medieval style, but i love to to other styles as wel, so i can learn more

    and progress as a builder.

    These are my creations and they are all built block by block:

    -[1] Castle1

    -[2] Castle 2

    -[3] Olympic Stadium

    -[4] Underground Lost City [WIP]

    -[5] Mountain Village

    These where some of my creations, good bye and good luck with building!

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