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    posted a message on Please revive Psychdelicraft

    Psychedelicraft is an extremelly realistic mod about drugs.

    It adds classical drugs (marijuana, cocaine, coffe, peyote, tobaco) as well as fantasy drugs (harmonium, magic mushrooms) and an extremely big variety of molotov cocktails, alcoholic drinks and drug teas.

    The effects of all these are very realistic (in movility, mouse sensibility and player vision (shaders)).

    It is sad that this mod was currently death (later update is for 1.7.10, and now it hasn't development for new versions).

    Pages of the mod:

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies
    Quote from Mastermined»

    It is not supposed to be as humanoid as it appears in this picture. I just reskinned a Zombie since I suck at modelling new mobs. The real Twitcher would still be vaguely Humanoid, but a lot less player-like. BecaAuse it's supppused to be a poor imitation, a mockery of what a real Minecraft player looks like.

    A kind of minigolem or amorphous dwarf? That would be interesting.
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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    I still thinking that we have too human-model mobs, and the twitcher should have another less-humanoid model.

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    I think the twitcher would fit better if it was a kind of bug or worm appearance.

    I see a mob with these abilities unfitting with this humanoid appearance.

    Ignore me, I had not fallen.

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    posted a message on Platypus, new tamable mob
    Quote from ElvishKing»

    Answer this for me please

    Why do we need it if we have cats and dogs

    Why do we need llamas if we have donkeys and mules? Why do we need beethroots if we have poppy flowers and lots of vegetables?
    Why do we need pigs if we have cows and chickens? Why do we need magma if we have cacti and fire?
    Why do we need concrete if we have dry clay and wool?

    Why do we need variety in the game?
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    posted a message on Platypus, new tamable mob

    Platypus would be another new tamable mob, generated uncommonly in rivers near to roofed forests.

    For minecraft ideas wiki M.G.E.M.L. 7

    General properties:


    HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 7 (14 hp)


    Rivers (near to swamps, taigas or roofed forests)


    Kill adult: 1-3

    Breeding: 1-7

    Mob type:

    - Mainly evassive, in a similar way to ocelots and rabbits.
    - When attacked, this will poison the player as well as become much more evassive


    Platypus could have a simple, cute appearance.

    Resultado de imagen de platypus minecraft

    Or more complex realistic.

    Imagen relacionada

    Actually I am not very decided about the possible appearance of the platypus, simply it could seem like this or like this.

    Taming and breeding:

    Platypus should be tamed using worms, but due to the absence of these in the game, should be made use of spider eyes or, by default, fish.

    Then, you can give spider eyes to a wild platypus, but this must go close you (platypus taming is similar to cat taming and rabbit attraction, but slightly faster and easier).

    For heal platypus, you can give to this fish, and for breed it, spider eyes.


    Natural behaving:

    Platypus will go over ground and through water, although these have affinity for water. These are slightly slow in ground, doing her taming easier, however are extremely fast on water.

    Player presence:

    Platypus will behave evassively near to a player, in a similar way to ocelots and rabbits, but more grupally, without disperse the group.

    If a platypus is (melee) attacked by the player or a dog, this will cause instant damage and poison to the attacker and then will run an behave much more evassively (together the entire group of platypus) during a determined time.


    Platypus will have a friendly and playful behavior, similar to that of dogs and cats.

    Platypus can be used parcially for battle. Unlike dogs, these will not attack directly to the enemy, but will put between the attacker (if melee) and the player, for poison intentionally to the attacker, and next flee and hide.

    If the attacker is an skeleton or another distance attacker, platypus will go together the distance attacker for poison this, if the owner is being attacked by this.

    Platypus will flee from creepers and high-damage attackers, instead of defend the player.

    The hiding cooldown of the platypus is conditioned by her remaining live. When platypus has little life, this will not defend the player.

    In these cases, platypus poisoning (unlike it happens with potions) will also poison undead mobs, and not give regeneration to these.


    A platypus named "Perry" will become cyan-greenish.

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    posted a message on Creepy cobblestone totems

    Anger, perdition and evil, these three main negative emotions are represented by 5x3x5 sized villager cobblestone heads.

    Anger, rage and wrath are represented with the fire totem, with a normal villager head shape, but fire in her mouth and eyes.

    Perdition, depression and hopelessness are represented with the water totem, with a deformed, almost melted face that spit water in a kind of waterfall.

    Finally, the evil and cinism are represented with the darkness totem, with a machiavellian smile, pointy nose and dark inside.

    These structures are supposed to be decoration related with a temple that I am building in a village. The roofed forest landscape behind these three cursed structures gives a much more creepy image (in the night it is awesome, with the absolute darkness and monster spawning).

    Yes I am too bored in my house. :P

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    posted a message on [Idea] Sand Spider (New Mob)
    Quote from Luligabi»

    The idea is interesting,but why the desert? I know we need more life on the game,but desert already have one exclusive mob,the Husk.Would more interesting adding a exclusive mob to taigas,savannas or even mushroom islands (i know that mobs dont spwan there btw).

    The idea becomes useless if applied to others biomes, since the sand spider (or sand mob in specific) needs sand for do it special, since this appears from under sand.

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    posted a message on About shulker armor
    Quote from Mastermined»

    why do we need god tier shulker armor when diamond armor already makes you practically invincible when you enchant it? This'd be a waste of good shulker shells to craft.

    Currently shulker box is coloreable.
    I would support this suggestion if shulker armor has the same protection as diamond (or slightly minor) as well as it is coloreable like leather armor.

    For now, not support.
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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 1/3: World Generation

    1 minute is too long.

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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 1/3: World Generation
    Quote from Dixxy69»

    It seems they just can't please everyone... the oceans were big once... but people didn't like it. now they are small... and people don't like it lol

    Size is not the true problem. The problem is that seas are boring, and remove these or do smaller is not a good solve.
    We want more adventure over sea as well as under sea, more action, and more exploration possibilities.

    It does not matter the size, but how you use it. We simply want "not boring seas".
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    posted a message on Weaponized rockets: A "thrown" AoE mid-range weapon.

    A very interesting weapon type that has my support.

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    posted a message on Please take Java Edition to compatible a cross-platform system between Java-Mobile-Console after 1.2 of Pocket Edition

    The compatibility problem goes beyond items of each edition. The compatibility problem is the engine of each edition, that is unsolvable (or at least unviable to solve).

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    posted a message on Does/will the new added "Recipe Book" show recipes from Mods?

    A question to know the quality of this new addition.

    Does the recipe book show recipes of items, tools, etc from mods?

    If not... Will the mod support of recipe book be added in future updates (is it a planned feature)?

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    posted a message on Silver

    Soft, softer than gold, although more enchantable due to be an special metal, a sacred metal like gold.
    It also is edible, non toxic. Let's go make silver apples?
    And has more utilities beyond tools, armors, weapons and tools. Silver burn with a very bright flame. It could be useful for some "magic tool" or weapon, as well as for some potion...

    I will to explain better the concept.

    Resultado de imagen de silver minecraft Resultado de imagen de white silver minecraft ???

    Silver basics: ore and generation.

    Silver would be a new metal, obtained by melt the silver ore in the furnace.

    Resultado de imagen de silver minecraft

    Silver ore main properties:
    - Must be broken using a iron pickaxe (with stone pickaxes and others or minor hardness, it will not drop nothing).
    - When broken, it will drop itself. This mean that must be molten at the furance, and such process will give silver ingots.
    - Hardness (breaking time) of value 3, like all the others ores.
    - Others values (blast resistance, etc) are equal to all the others ores.

    Silver ore abundance and generation:
    Silver would be at least 1.5 times commoner than gold. So, if there are 8.2 gold ores by chunk, it will be aproximatelly 12~13 silver ores by chunk.
    Silver also would be generated until the layer 48, in veins of 4~6 ores (more or less, it will generated like the gold, but more commonly)

    Special generation at specific biomes:
    At mesa plateau there are currently 20 extra veins of gold over the height 48 until 79.
    Something similar could be applied for deserts, such would fite and would do this biome more interesting by its resources.

    Silver weapons and tools:

    Silver weapons and tools would be less durable than gold, basically these would have a duration near to wood weapons and tools, very little.
    However silver tools would have a hardness of level 2 (like iron pickaxe), and a big enchantability near to diamond weapons and tools.
    Efficiency of silver tools would be slightly minor than gold tools.

    About silver weapons, these could be their specific values:
    - Silver sword: damage = 5, damage/second = 8 (like stone)
    - Silver axe: damage = 8, damage/second = 7.5 (between iron and stone)

    Note that, although being almost redundant values, silver weapons keeps having a very big enchantability. Anyway, gold weapons also are redundant.

    Silver armor:

    Resultado de imagen de silver armor minecraft

    Silver armors would have a protection between chain-mail and iron armors (full silver armor protection = 13~14).

    These also would have an enchantibility near, superior, to diamond, chain mail and leather armors; but minor than golden armors (silver armor enchantability average ~18).

    Finally, silver armor parts would have a duration between leather and golden armors.

    Silvered apples:

    Resultado de imagen de white apple minecraft
    Silvered apples would have a food and saturation values equal to common and golden apples.

    Main difference is its effect.
    Instead of give regeneration and absorption, silvered apples will give the Health Boost effect of level I during five minutes, adding two extra but also regenerable hearts temporally to the player.

    For now, all these applications can look redundant, but are anecessary evil for not break the conceptual balance of the game.
    If there is golden, iron and diamond armors, tools and weapons, and silver is added, it should exist silver armors, tools and weapons, since it is coherent that silver can be used for craft these.

    It would not be coherent that silver doesn't serves for craft armors, tools and weapons.

    However the applications that you will see coming, will be much more originals and/or useful.

    Silver torch (special tool):

    No. Although it is a torch, it can't be used like block. It is actually an special one use tool.
    Silver torch would be a new item crafted with the same recipe of torches, but with blaze rod instead of an stick, and silver ingot instead of coal.
    Air can be clicked with a silver torch, consuming such torch and producing a lightning sound. This will create a temporal special glowing collidable block (like the air and with the air texture) with a glowing value of 15 or even creating special entity blocks surround for emulate a glowing value of 31.

    All hostile mobs inside a 5 blocks radius (excepting bosses) to this special block (where, silver torch was used) will set on fire and try to escape from the zone.

    So, silver torch could be used like a revelation tool, or like a deffensive one-use weapon.

    Silver for potions:

    Silver could have utilities in the brewing stand.

    Silver could be used for degrade potions, ie, for example transform a level II potion into a level I potion, and a level I potion to an awkward potion.
    This also would have an effect similar or opposite to fermented spider eye on some specific potions, transforming negative effect potions into positive effect potions.

    Mirror panes:

    Finally, silver could be used for craft mirror panes, that can be placed at edges of blocks.

    The craft recipe would be the next:
    Where A is a glass pane, and B is a silver ingot.

    Mirror panes will reflex the image. This could be applied by do mirror panes to be special entity blocks. So the "entity" of such block will see things in front of itself, and then will create such "viewed image" in itself.

    Resultado de imagen de mirror minecraft

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