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    posted a message on Is It Possible to Do Custom Advancements?
    Quote from XxDarkMiragexX»

    So after taking half a year off my texture pack, I've decided to take a look around and see what I missed.

    I've noticed an "advancements" folder in the .jar folder and I looked through the code. I was wondering if it's possible to do custom icons or even custom advancements within a resource pack before I waste time tinkering around with it.

    Yes and no.

    No it's not possible to do custom advancements with a resource pack. Those files aren't actually read from a resource pack by Minecraft even if they're present.

    On the other hand, yes you can do custom advancements from a Data Pack. This is something new. Remember how it used to be possible to name a resource pack "" and put it int a world save so it loads automatically? Same idea here. Data Packs are linked to the world and put into a particular save. They're basically structured the same way as resource packs, though they can only be folders (not .zip files) and must be placed in /world_name_here/datapacks/ in order to work.

    I hope that helps you. :)
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    posted a message on "block grids" (help)
    Quote from kit01»

    A few newbie questions:

    is there's a way that I can resize the "block grid" to the actual block dimensions on vanilla? And therefore resizing the point where you "collide" with this block?

    I know that maybe I'm not using the correct name descriptions but I hope with the picture you'll understand.

    If not possible with vanilla, which steps should I follow to achieve it?


    You can't change the bounding box. It's hard-coded into the game files. This is probably for the best as you could theoretically change it to be invisible, which would really mess with gameplay.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - Christmas Add-on Pack is Now Available!
    The GUI Overhaul Update is now Available!
    This is the last 1.12.2 Update for the core pack. Check it out!

    This one took Waaaaaay longer than expected, mainly due to real-life stuff getting in the way. That and the fact that I bit off way more than I could chew, metaphorically speaking, by redoing half of the GUI elements in the pack.

    It put a TON of work into this update so I really hope that you enjoy it. You can download the latest version of this pack from the link below:

    Feedback and encouragement are always greatly appreciated. Also, would anyone give me money if I opened a Patreon? Not for nothing, but I'm kind of a starving artist here and would like money. Since this pack doesn't actually pay anything anymore due to how Curse is doing their rewards program, I'd be interested in knowing if there are any fans of this pack who'd just be willing to pay me for monthly updates.

    Let me know, and in the meantime please enjoy! ^_^

    (Oh, and if all goes well I'll have an update for the Christmas Add-on Pack next week. Look forward to that! :D )

    Quote from blugreended»

    [Note: I am replying to the above comment]

    holy crap that looks amazing

    Thank you! :D

    And sorry it took me so long to reply. The bad part about being a moderator is that I get so caught up in beating down spammers that I occasionally forget to actually reply to people who I need to get back to.

    Hopefully this update will soothe any hurt feelings from be being tardy in thanking you for your feedback. ;)

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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - Christmas Add-on Pack is Now Available!

    Hello, and thanks for taking interest in my texture pack. :D

    I created this pack, as I'd assume many texture pack authors do, because I grew tired of the default textures. Particularly, I don't like how inconsistent they are from one texture to the next. This is particularly evident in the items. Some, like the food, are very detailed while others are very flat and have a restricted pallet.

    To put it mildly, it was driving me crazy so I thought I'd make this pack to return to Sanity.

    I wanted to get as close to a realistic look as I could while still keeping the pixilated charm of the default 16x resolution. I've also gone to great lengths to make sure that there's no need to use any mods, like MCPatcher, if you don't want to. I'm not going to make anyone mod their game if they don't want to just to use my work. Of course I've added some optional extras for those who do use a texture-enhancing mod, but the changes are few and mostly subtle. ;)

    I've been working on this pack for years to get it to the state it's in, so I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

    Artist's Update Commentary Videos:

    (No recent commentary videos. I really need to get back to making these. :( )

    Review Videos:
    (No recent review videos. If you make one, feel free to post it here so I can feature it! )

    This texture pack, and images contained therein, are licensed to all downloaders under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.

    Attribution: When attributing the files, you must include the URL of This Thread as part of the attribution. When using this pack as part of a video series, please provide Attribution in the description of every video in which the pack is used.

    Fair Use Acknowledgement: I, Alvoria, the creator of this pack acknowledge that the creation of video based on gameplay constitutes a transformative use of in-game visuals, and will not attempt to assert copyright claims on, or block monetization of, any video where my textures are used in the process of creating or capturing gameplay footage.

    Download for Minecraft 1.12.2:
    Not using the latest version of Minecraft? Check out the Archive on Curse!

    Download for Minecraft 1.12.2:
    Stack ABOVE the regular version of "Sanity"! Older versions can be found in the Archive on Curse!

    ● Download the pack from one of the links above. It will be a .zip file.
    ● After downloading the file, open Minecraft
    ● Click "Options..."
    ● From the Options menu, click "Resource Packs" or "Texture Packs" depending on the version.
    ● Click "Open resource pack folder" or "Open texture pack folder" at the bottom of the screen. This will open a folder on your computer.
    ● Move or copy the .zip file you downloaded from one of the links above into this folder.
    ● Do NOT unzip the file.
    ● Close this folder, and return to Minecraft.
    ● You should now see "" as one of the options in the Resource Packs menu. Click on it.
    ● After a moment's wait, the textures should change.
    ● Click "Done" at the bottom of the Resource Packs menu.
    ● Enjoy playing Minecraft!
    ● Download the pack from one of the links above. It will be a .zip file.
    ● After downloading the file, open Minecraft
    ● Click "Options..."
    ● From the Options menu, click "Resource Packs"
    ● Click "Open resource pack folder" at the bottom of the screen. This will open a folder on your computer.
    ● Move or copy the .zip file you downloaded from one of the links above into this folder.
    ● Do NOT unzip the file.
    ● Close this folder, and return to Minecraft.
    ● Exit and re-enter the Resource Packs menu.
    ● You should now see "" as one of the options in the Resource Packs menu on the left-hand side.
    ● Hover over the icon and you should see a > arrow. Click it. should now be moved to the right-hand
    ● If you're installing any add-on packs, do the same for them. The order should roughly mirror the colored balls in the icons.
    ● Click "Done" at the bottom of the Resource Packs menu.
    ● After a moment's wait, the textures should change.
    ● Enjoy playing Minecraft!

    Right now, these are questions that I want to answer before anyone asks them. I might add more and make this an FAQ once more people start asking me about the pack. :)

    Q: I want to do something with your pack. May I?
    A: Read the License. You can basically do whatever you want as long as you: 1) give me credit and link back to this thread, 2) make no money from it (including from ads) unless it's a video (such as those found on, and 3) release your work under the same license that this pack is released under.

    If you do something cool with it, let me know and I'll link to you.

    Q: I can't read/don't understand/don't want to follow the license. May I just ask your permission?
    A: If this is the case, the answer is "no you may not."

    Q: Will you add support for [ insert mod name here ]?
    A: I only add support for mods I actually use, which is basically none at the moment. Most of the mods I've enjoyed have long since stopped updating, so there's currently no mod support in the pack. Even when I did mod support, I tended towards small mods that add something cool and unique to the vanilla game. This style has fallen out of vogue in favor of the Mega Mods that we see today, so it's unlikely I'll ever re-add mod support.

    You're free to recommend mods to me if you think they'll fit my taste, but be warned: mods that add a ton of stuff, or that basically force the game to be just about their tech trees really turn me off and will never be supported by this pack.

    Q: If I master your style and make textures for [ insert mod name here], will you include them in the pack?
    A: If I feel that they're genuinely in my style, feel natural with the rest of the pack, and you give me full permission to use them I'll create a version of the pack that contains them.

    Q: Will you please add support for Technic Pack / Tekkit / Feed the Beast / Some other gigantic mod pack?
    Unless you're willing to hire me on commission to do it. I warn you though, I'm expensive.
    Q: Are you going to update to the next Minecraft version, and how long will it take?
    A: Unless I say otherwise (there will probably be a big sign at the top of this thread) I'll always update to the next Minecraft version. There is never a set schedule for this pack, though, so an update might be on release date or possibly weeks or months afterwards. This might be coming to an end, though, so don't be disappointed if this pack suddenly vanishes.

    Q: Will you update this pack to the latest snapshot?
    A: Doubtful. Because I'm not currently playing Minecraft much it's hard for me to get enthusiastic enough to update this pack at all much less to do work for the Snapshots. I might do them if it suits me, but don't count on it and don't pester me.

    Q: I'm not using the current version of Minecraft. Where can I download older versions?
    A: You can find older versions and the changelog on this pack's page on Curse.

    Q: Why don't you use
    A: is probably the most reliable per-click revenue stream available at the moment, but I refuse to do business with them because of the practices of the advertisers they do business with. In particular, I've seen several ads that try to download, or trick you into downloading, software that contains spyware/malware. No amount of money they can pay me is worth the guilt I'd feel knowing that I contributed to even a single person's computer getting infected by that garbage.

    Q: Why do you answer questions in green text?
    A: Because it's easier to tell the question from the answer, and because green is my favorite color. This is also why there are a lot of things that I've colored green in this pack that are not often that color in others.

    Like the pack? Interested in helping me promote it? Here's a banner:

    And here's the code you can easily copy into your signature to display that banner:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt=""></a>

    Whether you decide to help me out or not... Thank you! ^_^

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C7 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from Jwguy»

    Just posting this in case someone else has figured it out. Basically, I'm trying to use the feature from to apply textures based on name to mobs, and have successfully done so to many mobs, but I can't seem to do so with horses. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Here's a link to the issue on github which has the textures and .properties file I'm using.

    Custom Mob Textures: Horses not changing textures #1057

    To my knowledge, this has never worked properly. It didn't when MCPatcher introduced the feature and doesn't now that Optifine has copied it. Back in the day, the reason Kahr cited was that horses are unique what with having their own random textures, as well as overlays. Both of these complicate the process of making Random Mobs work. Thus for economy of time to implement the feature, and because horses already have randomization, it just got skipped over.

    I have no clue if that's still the case or if that's also sp614x's reasoning, but that's why it didn't work originally.

    Best wishes on getting the feature added.
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    posted a message on Sarinilli's DreamCraft [64x Semi-Realistic Fantasy Pack] • pre1.13 compatible • Updated Dec. 24 2017! Horse Mob done! :D
    Quote from Sarinilli»

    As always, update notes are in post 1; I shall however leave you with this horrific image:

    Silent Hill called. They would like their nightmare fuel back.

    Not even joking. I saw that image and immediately went "Someone played Silent Hill while working on her pack." The aesthetic is uncanny similar, save for perhaps featuring a bit more blood than is common for SH monsters which are usually just dirty-looking.

    Regardless, it looks amazing! Keep it up!
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    posted a message on Checking Clock Texture Pack???
    Quote from SonicJDF»
    It's fine. It would have just made seasonal things happen in the pack it's cool. :) Thanks for at least saying the news it's much better to know then to not know at all.

    Yea, holiday add-ons are still separate packs for a reason. I kinda figured that's what you were after since it comes up every single year at about this time. ;)

    Anyway, happy to be of service.
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    posted a message on Get Rid of Redstone Overlay

    Unfortunately this is hard-coded by Minecraft. It's one of those little "quirks" that you're just going to have to live with.

    I'm not sure how Optifine's method of changing redstone dust color affects redstone dust without a tint, or how it works with the particles. However it's still something worth checking out, even if only in the hope that you won't have to see this while Optifine is installed.

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    posted a message on 3D Armor models
    Quote from Deltazura»

    Hello, good evening,
    I am here for an information, is it possible to apply a 3d model to the armor, boat or elytra in a ressourcepack ? If yes, in witch folder do we must put the 3d model ?
    Thank you for your time

    Nope. Not in vanilla anyway. You can change the boat via Optifine (Information Here), but the elytra and armor are hard-coded.

    Also, the inventory icons can be changed like any other item. Though I'm pretty sure you're talking about the version worn on the player for which the above statement stands.

    Hope that helps you.
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