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    posted a message on Lightning in Minecraft
    Quote from Petethepug1»

    That's an actual thing in Minecraft :o

    It is for single player, multiplayer servers will have a server render distance that's separate from the client side render distance.
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    posted a message on i havent gotten any mending books from my afk fish farm. whats going on?
    Quote from Danb13»

    my current is mending, lure and luck of the sea

    Just FYI, you do not want to use lure if you're just going for mending books, that's probably why you have a double chest of green fish.

    Lure will only increase your chance of pulling up fish, while luck of the sea is what reduces "junk" and increases treasure catches (like books). If you're using both lure and luck of the sea, you lose potential treasure catches because of the lure pushing fish catches.
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    posted a message on Good Survival/Story Album?

    I thought Zeno's Explorations and Mod Development was pretty interesting from the random parts I'd read of it. It's completed so there won't be additional content added, but I'm not sure anyone has ever read the entire thing anyway LOL.

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    posted a message on Tarocatta poll
    Quote from AaronBlader12»

    This is just 1 source. First go to this video on YouTube:
    Scroll down to the comment section. There you go. All the nostalgic people who rants about this block.

    I already posted regarding that video but apparently my comment was deleted for some reason.

    The only thing I see in that video is a guy who doesn't even know what the update is about, he literally called the "World of Color" update the "Builder's Update", which it is not.

    If you were under the impression that it is the "Builder's Update", then sure, I'd be disappointed too. But it isn't the "builder's update" and you'll find people really aren't that disappointed. The guy who made the video even says at one point "I will admit some of the terracotta blocks look nice, cause I still feel like they belong in the game", without clarifying why it is he feels that way. Just because you like/dislike a certain color scheme doesn't make it "belong in the game" or not. I despise pink wool, doesn't mean that wool should be removed from the game... I just don't use the specific colors that irk me.

    As far as the comments though, what a surprise that a video which is critical of the blocks would have comments supporting the posters video, probably from his subscribers. Then again, even people in the comments seem to think that the majority like the blocks...

    Quote from torogadude »
    This has always been my fear with the eventual supposed "builder's update"... I fear these blocks won't get enough backlash. I've only seen positive thoughts about them around the Internet so far.

    I would say this is a more accurate representation of people's reaction to the blocks.

    There are pros and cons.
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    posted a message on Taking food from villagers at starting point?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»
    Believe it or not, my mod actually makes the game harder overall - compared to vanilla 1.6.4, not 1.11 or whatever version you are playing on. A few conveniences do not offset that, just as Mojang has added difficulty to the game since then while also adding things that can help.

    If you'd actually read my post, you may have seen this...

    Quote from Adversity »
    Even turning naturalRegeneration off is technically cheating, despite the fact that it actually disadvantages the player.

    The fact that you think the game is "harder overall" is irrelevant to the fact that you're still cheating.

    Here's a list of cheat codes for GTA 5.

    Now does "drunk mode" sound advantageous to your character? How about raising your wanted level 1? So are these codes that disadvantage your character "Well, they edit game mechanics... But since there's a negative effect it's not cheating" codes, or are they actually just "cheat" codes? Yup, sorry to break it to ya, just cheat codes.

    If someone brand new to the game (who didn't know what mods were) saw a screenshot of your "amethyst" tools, they'd probably ask, "How'd you get a purple sword? Cheater!". You'd then have to explain to them how the game is modded. The fact that you need to explain separate rulesets for your game should be proof enough that you're cheating. Just because you give everyone an extra $1000 from the bank in Monopoly, that doesn't make it not cheating. There are specific rules, which you have modified. Where do you even think the term "Modded Minecraft" came from? I don't really ever see people running 147 mods say they're playing "Survival Minecraft".

    I also fail to even see how the things you mentioned make the game "harder". Literally the only things that have made the game harder since like Beta have been the AI improvements to mobs (specifically skeletons), additions of hostile mobs (skeleton horse traps/guardians/etc.), and the attack cooldown change in 1.9. So it's safe to assume your mod has all of those changes?

    If you're going to compare versions as well, you probably want to use the most current version... Elytras are totally cheating in 1.6.4, and 100% legit in 1.11.2... Comparing older versions of the game is simply asinine.
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    posted a message on Taking food from villagers at starting point?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The general consensus, based on various past threads on this subject, is that it is only cheating if you think it is, and you can play the game however you want in singleplayer because the only person it can possibly hurt is yourself (if you feel the need to post a thread asking whether something you are doing is cheating then it certainly is because guilt drove you to ask):

    Well going back to solitaire, you might not think it's cheating if you're playing with all the cards face up, but it is. Maybe someone never taught you the rules correctly, maybe you just don't care. You're having fun so who does it hurt if all the cards are face up? It still doesn't change the fact that you're cheating.

    If I walked up to someone playing solitaire with all the cards face up, I'd ask, "what game is that?" to which they'd respond "solitaire". They wouldn't need to ask me whether or not they're cheating. I'd tell them they're not playing solitaire because they need to have all the cards in their lines face down except the bottom one and if they ARE playing solitaire, they're cheating.

    Indeed, you see people unashamedly saying that they used a mapping program to locate diamonds or such and they aren't concerned at all that they are "ruining" the integrity of their 10000 day old world:

    Well they may not be concerned about it, but it still ruins the integrity. I remember first seeing the statue he made and thought "wow, that's a lot of work", then I saw that he just used Minutor to find all the diamonds and instead thought "if you're going to do that, why not just go creative?".

    Likewise, I don't stay awake at night over the fact that I modded my first world to remove mineshafts from dense cave systems or added a couple blocks that help me collect rails and cobwebs (in the latest vanilla version you can just use Shulker boxes to carry orders of magnitude more stuff, more than I've mined altogether in my current world. I suppose that if I added them in my mod that would be cheating in your mind because it is a mod and not vanilla; and actually, I did add a special type of Ender chest with its own double chest of capacity so I can carry more back to my main base at once but all it changes is how often I have to go back).

    Thanks for reinforcing what I already said...

    X-ray resource packs are more of a gray area but I'd still definitely consider it cheating if you specifically modify the textures to avoid time sinks.

    It's the same as using clipping glitches in Fallout 3 on speedruns (you can beat the entire main questline in under an hour), all you're doing is walking through walls to save time but it's totally cheating.

    Yes you can get shulker boxes now, after you beat the dragon and go wandering around the end islands for some... It's a time sink for an expanded inventory. Instead of wandering around the end for the boxes and dealing with sorting stacks of rails/webs, you edited the code so you can skip all the time involved in that and are not even required to go to the end for the expanded inventory.

    You're bypassing progression/time sinks, it's cheating, plain and simple. By "chaging how often you go back" to your base, you're cheating. It allows you to collect more resources per trip. If you want to collect more resources per trip you should be required to invest the time alternatively. Like grinding shulkers in the end, not editing the code and adding "amethyst" tools.

    Like you said though, you're not gaining an advantage over anyone in single player so the only person you're accountable to is yourself. If you want to cheat, have a blast, you're not racing in the Tour de France. I ONLY played Contra on Nintendo if I was going up up down down left right left right B A start style, and it was amazing. I don't even have any idea how many times I used ABBACAB on Shadowrun... Saved me SOOOOOO much time doing stupid random jobs, I would've literally never played the game without it and it was one of my favorite games with it.

    Quote from Cryptopian »
    Cheating? How can you cheat in a sandbox game like Minecraft?

    Editing game rules/flying are the most common examples. Can you normally just fly around willy nilly in survival or is that something designed for creative mode and survival flight should be limited to elytra as an end game item? Changing keepInventory to true is cheating. Even turning naturalRegeneration off is technically cheating, despite the fact that it actually disadvantages the player.

    Stealing villager crops however is in no way, shape, or form cheating no matter how you slice it.

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    posted a message on Where do you build your base?
    Quote from Astrodude1789»

    Building with the terrain is fun.


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    posted a message on Taking food from villagers at starting point?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    It is only "cheating" if you used a seed that you knew would spawn you next to a village, but even then it is all up to you whether anything is cheating in singleplayer, even using mods like x-ray or mapping tools to locate diamonds.

    Modding or editing the game code is most definitely cheating. As is editing game rules and creative (As far as survival goes. Obviously using creative in creative mode wouldn't be cheating as it's the natural mode, using external programs like worldedit would be however). X-ray resource packs are more of a gray area but I'd still definitely consider it cheating if you specifically modify the textures to avoid time sinks.

    It's the same as using clipping glitches in Fallout 3 on speedruns (you can beat the entire main questline in under an hour), all you're doing is walking through walls to save time but it's totally cheating. Or playing solitaire with no cards face down. Sure you're not gaining an advantage over another player in solitaire, but if none of the cards are face down, you're cheating. It's just that no one is going to call you out on it since there isn't another player. If you were "racing" another player in solitaire and your cards were face up while your opponents cards were face down, this becomes much more apparent.

    Quote from brownsdragon »
    I don't, haha, I mean, a seed is like a world template. You're just choosing where you would like to start—even if you are fully knowing the spawn is next to a village

    This exactly. It's no different than customizing my world in Civilization 5 because I want a specific type of map. Or playing on a specific Simcity map. Choosing the map does not effect the actual gameplay at all. I don't even think using amidst to find a specific map you want to play on is cheating. It's just choosing a map, some maps are easier, others (amplified/lava oceans?) more difficult.

    Quote from Cryptopian »
    Villager farms are a resource like any other resource; there for you to use.
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    posted a message on ULTIMATE FISHING! - AFK Fishing - Minecraft Survival
    Quote from ThatJackMiller»

    Can I use glass block to cover source?

    Yes, as long as there's nothing above it. It's basically the same as how a beacon works.
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    posted a message on Where do you build your base?
    Quote from 0ct0ber»

    If you build on a mountain though you will probably be limited to a small house.

    Never limit yourself! This is Minecraft!

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    posted a message on Adversity's Hardcore Adventures in Aesthetics

    just a little tip, horses drop leather. Don't be afraid to kill a few.

    Why I'd never! I refuse to intentionally kill horses, donkeys, llamas, ocelots and wolves(plus parrots, coming soon). Basically anything tamable. As a side note, I also refuse to breed any of them and will only use naturally spawning animals, I've actually had a collection of ~150 natural horses on a recently played map. I have thought of breeding some mules before but never really found the need and now that llamas are in the game, I see even less use for them. But I digress...

    For this update I just did some pretty basic stuff, mostly material gathering and farming/breeding. I did get started on my first primary housing though. I consider primary housing anything with the essentials(enchanting/storage/smelting/bed) and usually build a few "primary houses" of varying shapes and sizes in a world.

    So after getting my animals penned up, I decided to go catch the nearby horses real quick. I made some basic stables but hadn't seen a slime yet and had no leads. Since I was basically surrounded by deserts though, I figured there had to be more desert temples around and what do desert temples have?

    Saddles. There was a desert temple right on the other side of my spawn and sure enough, it had a saddle.

    With my new saddle, I went and rounded up the horses. I gave the fastest the gold armor, he's much faster than the others but I don't think he's anywhere near max speed.

    I never really gave a full tour of the village either, so here's that.

    There's not much to see with the houses on the hill, a few of them are actually buried. I still have a librarian that I have no idea what he trades... I should probably check that out lol.

    After that I started a small cane farm and enlarged the great sandstone quarry a little...

    Then I did some afking for about 5 days or so while I fed the cows and grew the canes.

    I did a little mining for building resources too, I'm going to replace all the roads in the village so they pop a little more. I hadn't seen any gravel really yet either, so I didn't have any flint to get to the nether and was hoping to find a gravel pocket while I was down there. Which I did eventually, in addition to some other things.

    I just left the 8 diamonds for cleanup after I have fortune 3. After that I had enough bookcases to get started.

    Of course I needed somewhere to put my enchanting setup, and so begins my first primary housing.

    It ended up using all my sandstone and I had to convert about 1/3 of my doublechest of sand into sandstone to get where I am with it.

    I'm not exactly sure where everything is going to go, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to put the enchanting setup on the top floor balcony.

    So ends day 33...

    You can also see that I've replanted every crop in the village to wheat, and this final screenshot is of the sandstone quarry, where cursor is pointed.

    Next update will probably be finishing the primary housing(I'm thinking green windows...) and who knows what else, I'm always open to suggestions!

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    posted a message on ULTIMATE FISHING! - AFK Fishing - Minecraft Survival

    Both of these should be solid afk farms. Just FYI though, you want to have the source block of water in your fish farm exposed to sunlight for the best rates. Since the room you built is underground, this would require you to make a 1x1 tunnel to the surface above the farm.

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    posted a message on Noob needs help
    Quote from rodabon»

    Gotta be the mods.


    "Natural Magic" sounds like a mod where you're supposed to be one with nature. The negative effects are probably a penalty for going against the "natural order" and killing things.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is Cringgy? (Gamer's stereotype)
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    thinks it is some basic digital Lego game or something.

    Sorry to break it to you, but Minecraft is digital LEGOs.

    Or are LEGOs analog Minecraft?

    As far as Minecraft being for "cringy 12 year olds"... I fail to see how things like King's Landing are "cringy", isn't Game of Thrones crazily popular with a mature demographic?

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    posted a message on Anyone Else Play Survival Mode in Peaceful?
    Quote from Optimus1138»

    I also d not like the asthetic look of torches being spammed EVERYWHERE in front of your house. It makes everything look ugly. I put my torches down in a way that lights an area up, yet looks nice.

    ROFL, hey! I did that in like the beta ok! It was a long time ago! That screenshot is not representative of my current building style (yeah, it's mine).

    I will admit that I still spam a huge number of torches, but they're on the ground where they belong and not the walls of my buildings! Generally speaking...

    Not long before the screenshot that Optimus posted was taken, I was switching back and forth between peaceful and normal. That screenshot was actually from my first entirely hard difficulty world. I didn't quite understand spawning mechanics 6 years ago and actually thought the torches on the walls were helping to prevent mob spawns somehow... Lol, the good ole days...

    Now I play on hard/hardcore only, as xadan_MC said.

    Quote from xadan_MC »
    i use to play peaceful but is boring :P
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