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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    I've tried to research, and I've found that there doesn't seem to be other sources of this statement, which is rather strange, as it should have been pretty easy.

    In particular, I haven't managed to find the official statement.

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    posted a message on Mojang is making some questionable decisions lately

    1.9 wasn't all that poorly received. The main reason why PvP servers don't move to 1.9+ is an unwillingness to innovate.

    Also, you're putting the inability of Java Edition to be in Bedrock as deliberate, when it's obvious that it's because of Java. They simply WERE UNABLE to integrate it.

    If anything, the REAL questionable decisions ar ethe things such as offering the community to choose ONE out of FOUR mobs that are sorely needed to make the unmodded game more fun, adding questionable items and additions, such as:

    Beetroots: Almost no point in farming them, except as a way to free up potatoes and carrots for trading. Oh, and dye, even through bone meal and a Rose Bush can be a better source of red dye.

    Iron Nuggets: They only exist in order to be able to break iron gear down into iron, but each item gives too little iron to be of any use most of the time, and crafting Iron Nuggets is utterly pointless.

    Woodland Mansions: Underwhelming, as none of the mobs can really counter bows, and the Totems of Undying are too rare to be really used at least somewhat regularly.

    New Horse Model: A lot less detailed than the old model.

    End Cities: Not bad by themselves, but Elytra are only really useful for exploration in spite of being found after most exploration has been done. Shulker Boxes are easily a better reward.

    An incomplete Combat Update: They could have added MORE to the combat than what they did. For starters, more weapons were sorely needed because of the monotony of MC combat.

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    posted a message on Will there ever be Minecraft 2.0?

    Minecraft 2.0 wouldn't be a new version. It would be a different game that would be some sort of sequel.

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    posted a message on [Q] What makes a good (vanilla) villager trader

    It depends on the villager career. Namely:

    Farmers should buy items cheaply. The price for the items they sell is largely irrelevant because buying food from them is inefficient anyways, so it would only really matter when re-unlocking closed trades.

    Fishers are generally awful, as fishing can also provide pretty good fishing rods.

    Fletchers should mostly sell as many arrows per emerald as possible, both so as to not have to use non-renewable flint, and to avoid needing to use feathers on them. Bow price doesn't matter because string is rather easy to obtain, and even skeletons drop them often enough to be a decent (If non-optimal) source of bows. In the case of their "Gravel to Flint" recipe, it MUST have 10 Flint per emerald, as otherwise it's more flint-efficient to break the gravel until it's completely turned into flint.

    Shepherds are largely irrelevant, except as a way to sell wool. Apart from that, using environmental damage to kill Iron Golems to obtain iron to make shears is more efficient.

    Librarians should have:

    Good enchantments. Either high-level enchantments, or enchantments such as either the treasure enchantments or Silk Touch, which are useful enough to be worthwhile. Bane of Arthropods is generally bad by itself, as it only increases damage agaisnt mobs with otherwise below-average health.

    Should sell as much glass per emerald as possible. The reason is that glass can otherwise be difficult to replace.

    Sell price for books and paper is secondary, as they always buy the same amount of Written Books per emerald, and it's always a lot more efficient that way.

    Cartographers should buy paper cheaply if possible. Apart from that, most of their offers aren't done often enough to be noticeable.

    Butchers should buy meat cheaply, same for leatherworkers and leather. Their other offers are largely irrelevant, as, again, buying food from butchers is inefficient, and leatherworkers sell low-tier armor, althrough saddles can be useful.

    Finally, blacksmiths in general largely depend on their enchntments:

    Armorers are mostly useful if their general price for chainmail is low, and their diamond chestplates are either cheap or powerful.

    Tool smiths should have Fortune in one of their picks. If either has Silk Touch, it's also pretty useful. Otherwise, Unbreaking doesn't matter much, but is likely to be decent. Efficiency is more worthwhile in Diamond picks, as it greatly speeds up the mining speed of obsidian.

    Weapon Smiths should have Looting. If possible, there should be Sharpness in their diamond sword. Diamond axes should rather have high Efficiency levels, but thir Sharpness level hardly matters, as the sword is a better weapon anyways.

    Finally, Clerics have good trades depending mostly on their Redstone, Glowstone and Lapis Lazuli offers, as they're otherwise difficult to obtain renewably (And Lapis Lazuli isn't otherwise renewable at all).

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    posted a message on more chickens

    Simply find 2, lure them into a farm, breed them, put them in a water stream so you can collect their eggs. Once you have enough eggs (At least a full chest), kill them and throw the eggs into the farm.

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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Mojang should add nuclear mechanics to Minecraft.

    Uranium: Uranium ores will be found underground. You need an iron pickaxe or weaker to mine it. If you use anything stronger, it produces a nuclear explosion. Nuclear explosions also occur if the ore is shot by an arrow or blown up by a creeper/TNT.

    Why should uranium ore explode upon being HIT. WITH. AN. ARROW? Uranium is a LOT more stable IRL, and this is generally too inaccurate, consideirng how complex nuclear bombs are (In perspective, they can be disabled by shooting at them), and, even if we take unrealistic physics, why would this be fun?

    Nuclear Reactor: These are crafted with 8 iron blocks around the edges and uranium in the middle. They work 20x faster and more efficient than iron furnaces. Instead of running on coal, they run on uranium. They will also make regular furnaces run this efficiently if they are within 20 blocks from them. The down side is that occasionally, they sound an alarm that they are experiencing a nuclear meltdown. If that happens, you have 15 seconds to take out the uranium in the reactor or else it creates a nuclear explosion. There is a 25% chance that reactors will create nuclear waste instead of the desired item. Nuclear reactors can also serve as redstone.

    And now you've made something awfully impractical because of the "random chance to kill the player on use". And, again, this is neither realistic nor fun.

    Nuclear Waste: They are completely useless, and just takes up space. If they are near plants, grassblocks, or mobs, it will slowly damage them with .5 hearts per second. They are best against facing a bunch of hostile mobs and storing them in chests or thrown in lava.

    Nuclear Explosion: They are huge explosions that are 100 blocks radius and form a huge crater. Anything in that explosion will get killed. After the explosion, the area will have radiation floating around where anyone in or near it will lose 1 heart per second. This effect lasts 30 Minecraft days. If you look at the explosion, your character goes blind for a minecraft day.

    Alright, you tried to be a bit more realistic, but STILL. AN. AWFUL. MECHANIC.

    Hydrogen Creeper: A special type of creeper that creates a nuclear explosion rather then a regular one. Their trade off would be they are really slow due to being really heavy. They look like regular creepers that have a radiation icon on their chests and are really fat.

    Normal creepers are already obnoxious enough. Why would a version that is stronger than Charged Creepers be a good idea?

    Radiation potion: Made by using uranium and water. If consumed, there is a 50% chance you die and 50% chance you get stronger.

    And a 100% chance to not be made at all because of the chance to kill the player.

    Responses in bold.
    In general, this suggestion contains a lot of awful mechanics, and too many random explosions.
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    posted a message on Chorans- a new danger to the End

    Void Powder should have other uses, such as fuel for some sort of teleporter.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Fabian42»

    So you mean using a hoe on a grass block? Does the grass block change from that or does it just spit out grass seeds? If it just spits them out, you're basically converting hoes into lots of seeds and encouraging click spamming.
    You're right, bread is as useful as a baked potato. Maybe grass seeds could be more common than the other seeds, like it already is in village farms? But that's still not great. Does someone else have a better way to "fix" my suggestion?

    In pre-Beta 1.6, wheat seeds were found by turning grass into farmland. Grass seeds should be found in the same way.
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    posted a message on Emblems

    The Withered Emblem is easily a worse item than the Beacon, as the latter can provide useful buffs, while the former only provides an effect that is exactly like Poison, but weaker in everything except for being able to kill the affected mob.

    If the Wither effect were to be able to be caused by the Player, it should be with more acessible means, specially as, by the time you can kill the Wither, you may even have a sword with enough enchantments to kill mobs in 2 hits, so the Wither effect itself won't even speed up the time to kill a single mob.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from jdc997»

    How about, since this is a steampunk dimension, a train?

    Once you've obtained dragon breath you can use it on a minecart with furnace. The furnace will burn brightly, and then it will shoot forward pushing any minecarts ahead of it with it, including any players or mobs within. After about maybe 50 blocks, the train will be teleported to a safe location in the new dimension. This can be repeated to go between dimensions, and you can find dragon breath in some chests in the new dimension (so you don't become stuck). However, as you explore the dimension, you can find materials to build a Hyperspeed Engine that can be used to build a minecart that can swap between dimensions at will and doesn't require fuel or track (however it cannot be used for travel within the dimensions).

    What about making it so acessing the new dimension involves breaching the top Nether bedrock? Then, the Player would have to build a "portal" of sorts with an Detector Rail on top of Bedrock that has to be made above y:64 in the Nether and Iron Blocks.
    Breaching the top Bedrock layer of the Nether could involve a new block that is made from Shulker Boxes (Or at least Blaze Rods) and TNT. If the former, there would also be Ender Pearls in the recipe. If the latter, there would be 1 Nether Star. The new block (Placeholder name: Shulker TNT) would destroy all blocks above y=2 in a 3*3*3 radius, causing all of them but Bedrock to drop.

    Quote from C1ff»

    A lot of people don't like modernized cars and planes, but if we had some Kerbal Space Program style construction, rather than building the same 3 models of planes, cars or trains, I think this would fit better with the Minecraft theme. (They also shouldn't be called cars, planes or trains. How about "apparatuses" or "flying machines"? Although trains might actually fit.)

    Alternatively, the player could build armored walking mechs, which might fit better with the steampunk style.

    Would we have to introduce new ores into this dimension? I'm thinking copper or zinc could be used to make brass, which would then be used for steampunk things like the mech suits or vehicles.

    I was thinking of precisely the KSP-style construction... I should have mentioned it explicitly. However, I wouldn't recommend calling them "apparatuses" or "flying machines" because that would only be insistent terminology. Of course, the more technical names such as "Aerodyne" (Both for planes, helicopters, whatever people would invent due to the DIY mechanics) for heavier-than-air aircraft. Of course, giving the players ONLY the parts' names and letting them make up the names they like would be the most likely result.
    New ores would allow more more building potential, and could be used for some of the parts and several new items.

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Something else to consider with a new dimension is the color scheme. This may sound silly, but here me out.

    The Nether has a color scheme of crimson red, and orange/yellow. The End has a color scheme of black, purple, and bright yellow (endstone).

    So, what would the color scheme of the new dimension be? Personally, I would really like it if one of the main colors was green, though if it were steampunk it would probably have to include gray/grey or brown too.

    Fishg, you are 10000000000000% right on that. Adding more end-game content at the moment would already be pushing it, as you can get fully-enchanted diamond armor so early on compared to how far away the elytra is. I think we should preserve the Diamond Armor, and the enchanting too, but we need to space it out more and maybe make different "tiers" of diamond armor.

    What do I mean by that? Well, first we should start by making it so that the player doesn't get full iron armor the first or second night. It's kind of silly how easy it is to get; it gets to the point where the default player is with the armor points of full iron armor, since it is so easy and to obtain. My proposal is that we make either iron ore smelt into 3-4 iron nuggets, or we make iron gear require more iron to make. Maybe iron ore that smelts into ingots could be found deeper, too, so that if you're already at the point of iron armor you can easily get more of it in case you want to make hoppers, cauldrons, anvils, etc.

    Now for how we could add "tiers" of diamond armor. The concept as already been partially implemented with having different levels of enchantments (Protection I, II, III, & IV), but just like getting leather and getting iron, they aren't really spaced out. We could potentially make it so that the player has to start out using just Protection I, and then has to get new items to use in place of lapis in order to get higher versions of enchantments.

    Another Idea for a Dimension!

    This idea is something I've thought about for a while but haven't shared. What if there was an "Eternal Sea" dimension, maybe like Davy Jone's Locker or something? I don't know how you'd access it; maybe if you die at the bottom of a really deep ocean, or maybe if you fail to defeat some sort of new boss. (Though, if you went to an "Eternal Sea" after being eaten by a Kraken sort of thing, it'd be completely ripping off Pirates of the Caribbean.)

    Anyway, I am really excited for the thread. I can't wait to see the amazing ideas we come up with, and maybe even get put in the game! :snowgolem: by Tulaash

    The general colour scheme could be a mix of brass-like, metallic gray, rusty red, and green. Generally, rather than making it fully steampunk, it could be made into a mix of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, raygun gothic (With some zeerust elements) and even traces of Nanopunk and biopunk (Mostly so the enemies aren't all robots).
    As for retiering, Diamonds could be more common and have a smaller gap in relation to iron tools. Rather than outright reducing Iron Ore smelting output (Which would be awful for people who are harvesting it for other uses), there could be more iron sources, but less iron overall. For instance, iron would tend to spawn in a few large clusters, rather than spread out, meaning that there's a few spots with a lot of it (Iron clusters could tend to spawn in Extreme Hills, there could be some surface iron ore in swamps...), and apart from that, there would be less iron in the average chunk, which would be compensated by making some mobs drop Iron Nuggets on death (For instance, a mob that spawns with equipment could drop 1-3 nuggets for each ingot that would be needed to craft the gear they're carrying, so, for instance, a Skeleton that spawns with a gold chestplate would drop 8-24 Gold Nuggets; with chain pieces only dropping up to 1 nugget per ingot that would be needed if Chain Armor was crafted from Iron Ingots, meaning that a mob in full chain armor would only drop up to 24 Iron Nuggets. Other sources could be making Zombies drop iron nuggets 33% of the time, being able to harvest iron nuggets from the water is swamps...).

    Quote from C1ff»

    If we're adding more end-game content, then we need to add more end-game threats. The thing about Minecraft is that the difficulty kinda stays the same. (I think there may be regional difficulty or something like that, but I don't know a lot about it.)

    In Terraria, for those who don't know, you slowly progress through the start of the game in a sort of "Easy Mode". Once you defeat a difficult boss (The Wall of Flesh) you can move on to a new mode, the unsurprisingly named "Hard Mode". In which, evil biomes spread across the landscape, requiring you to contain them, harder enemies spawn, and you can do more exciting stuff.

    I'm not sure Minecraft really needs a "Hard Mode", but maybe the difficulty could progressively increase in smaller ways as the player gets Advancements or as time goes on. Mobs should spawn with more armor and more powerful weapons, mobs can see players from further away, etc. The only problem with that is that on servers, if the difficulty is based on the player, an experienced player could go near spawn and a bunch of difficult mobs would start tearing apart newly spawned players. (And this problem gets worse if the difficulty is world-based, because then new players deal with incredibly hard mobs when joining an old server.)

    But the reason for me bringing up Hard Mode or Progressive Difficulty in the first place, is that if we want to add a new dimension with end-game stuff, we need something to give good reason for this new stuff. The one good reason many Gun threads get turned down is because the Bow is already capable of doing significant damage, and in order to make the gun powerful enough to make it worth using, it has to be incredibly overpowered. The same thing can be said about vehicles (or most modern objects), ridable dragons, and many more things.

    Apart from that, there could be Advancement-based mobs, such as, say, a flying Overworld mob that only spawns if you have found Elytra, or skeletons that spawn with new ranged weapons from the 4th dimension once said weapons have been found.
    As for implementing a "Hard Mode" in servers, it could be made so that the new mobs only spawn at least X chunks away from spawn.
    Quote from fishg»

    We should be able to bypass this problem with the new dimension. Since players have the choice of when to enter it, we don't have to worry about early game players getting destroyed by very dangerous mobs. We can assume that everyone coming to this dimension has enchanted diamond. An example of this is the Divine RPG mod, which has 5 dimensions that progressively get harder and require you going to the previous dimension first. I'm not saying we need 5 dimensions, but this sort of "new dimension = more difficulty" idea would work well here.

    I completely agree that the current system is a bit too simple. While I'm open to a such a game-changing overhaul to the Overworld, I believe there may be a far easier alternative. Going off the idea that this dimension will contain harder mobs, how about we simply add another armor set obtainable from this dimension. Say the "zombie" of this dimension is 4x as powerful. Enchanted diamond would be the equivalent of iron here.

    We could take advantage of a possible steampunk theme by changing this dimension's progression to be more about building "gadgets", rather than smelting materials found from caves. You'd have the scavenge through the dimension to gain parts, and then put them together to create new "gadgets", such as crossbows, booster boots, or x-ray goggles. It might sound moddy, but I think with some effort and the vanilla game intended it could work.

    The only foreseeable problem with this is that even more powerful weapons would make the Overworld a joke. However, if the player has already defeated the End they already are very powerful, and as long as Overworld materials (such as diamonds) aren't required in the new recipes, mining in the Overworld will become useless. I think it would be neat for the Overworld to transition through the game into a "peaceful" biome, with most of gathering and combat taking place in the other three dimensions.

    When I first read this I really liked this, but the more I think about this the more my doubt grows. If this only attained thorough failure, will it come across annoying rather than exciting? It seems just like another tedious step. Also, just how much would be in the dimension? If there's a lot of cool stuff going on in here, will players purposefully die just to enter the Eternal Seas? Still, I wouldn't be against this being our final product.

    Making the progression in the new dimension revolve around obtaining items that provide the Player with new abilities and gameplay mechanics would be more original than making them get even more outright powerful gear, so making it revolve around "gadgets" seems like a good idea.
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