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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As Chisille succumbs to sleep, Betty only then notices the strange presence in the room. That which had been expelled from Chisille, is now quietly standing nearby.

    The entity can be seen as obscurely human; having no eyes, no nose, no fingers, no distinctive features aside that of its hazy humanoid form. Its entire compositions appears to be like that of translucent grey mist, fused with a loose network of thin scarlet veins.

    Retaining its silence, it raises one arm in a slighted and dubious endeavor to regard the dragon in Betty’s arms.

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Betty thinks poor little Chissy died for a second, but then when she hears her all kinda breathing like a someone just sleeping, she feel an enormous amount of relief. So she keeps on rocking her gently in her lap and humming soft lullabies and other calming tunes that might help her stay asleep. Maybe lil bub would be fortunate enough to have nice dreams or something like that.

    But gosh dammit! When Betty notices the dark freakazoid misty man standing there and pointing at her poor little dragon friend, she is filled completely with rage, so much so that she feels like she’s gonna explode! But not wanting to disturb Chissy, she doesn’t get up to face the presence or anything like that. She just lifts one arm and points back at the freak while she whispers really quiet like, being really careful not to wake up Chissy, and say’n;

    “Ohhhh…. No… You… Don’t…!”

    Now, it must have been all the excitement of what happened over the last hour or so, combined with that anger so big she ain’t never felt anything like it before, that caused all the suppressed power inside Betty to wake up and smell the coffee! Because right there and then, while pointing at that freakazoid fella, a long line of something, kinda like a burning hot length of barbed wire from back on the farm, shot out from Betty’s finger. That baking hot line of barbed wires then spun faster than you can shake a stick as it wrapped itself around that freakazoind and tightened its grip, causing the freak to burst into flames and disappear in a puff of smoke! Luckily enough, the whole thing happened really quiet like as well, so lil Chissy didn’t get woken up.

    “So, how do like them apples?!” Betty whispered.

    After that, Betty kept rocking her lil baby dragon in her arms while humming sweet melodies to help her keep sleeping.

    Chisille was certainly acting like a big baby the way she had fallen unconscious like that. Truth be told, she would've stayed awake for longer and pushed on had she not seen a friendly face come to her aid. While she slept, she tucked her legs in properly and could barely be heard snoring, even with the distraction happening right in front of them. The soft tunes and gentle movements definitely helped her stay asleep even though she didn't know about it. In fact, she doesn't even remember a time when she was comforted to sleep.

    While Betty's soft humming was working, there was still the matter of the quiet dripping noises coming from near the end of the grey dragon. It was only every so often, but there was a small pool of red gathering on the floor under her tail. The wound was probably going to close up sooner or later, but it was nonetheless unsettling to see.

    For the third time in a row Chisille finds herself running through a twisted forest. However now without Revel's fearless spell on her she feels the need to keep running, at least until she starts to recognize the place once more and slow down. "What... what is going on?" she asked the mist surrounding her, but go no answer. "Why do you keep doing this?? Why are you doing this to me?!" she shouted, fear flowing through her voice as she desperately searched for the image of herself that was undoubtedly coming.

    The trees began to whisper. A great choir of them all telling her secrets that she didn't know, or didn't want to know. Chisille didn't understand what they were doing, and so put her paws over her ears to try and drown out the noise. It was no use though, as the whispers continued to flow into her mind. "Stop... stop it stop... why are you telling me this...?" she wailed.

    "Because you are lying to yourself." came a great growl from within the mist. A spot of red shone through, breaking apart the grey until there the larger, red and more sinister version of herself appeared. Chisille gasped at the sight, even though she'd seen it before. "What do you mean? I'm not lying to myself." she replied. This caused the large Chisille to suddenly charge forward, angry. Chisille turned around and started to run again, but the chase lasted mere seconds before she was caught. Instead of a slash of pain, she was suddenly forced down to the ground by the stronger dragon. She was pinned under the might of her angry self.

    "Don't you DARE keep lying to me! You know exactly what I talk about and you continue to hide it! You felt something. Something that was satisfying! Something that you enjoyed. But no, you try to hide it away or make excuses, saying that it was not your fault!" Her adult form shouted down to the quivering dragoness. "You know better then that, this had nothing to do with what you were made to do. This was about what YOU wanted to do! This is about what I want to do! I don't want to be locked in here, forgotten when I should be free! You know I was dragged down in here, never to surface again because of what happened! You will NOT deny me of my awakening that we both know I deserve!"

    And upon that, the larger Chisille raised her other claw and started shredding at Chisille's scales, causing her to yelp at every cut and bleed all over. She was suddenly released from the ground, but upon looking up she could see that it wasn't because of anything good. Red streams were flowing from all the cuts she had received, being drawn into a similar orb from the previous two times. However it didn't just stop at a small ball. This one kept stealing from her, growing bigger and bigger while Chisille got weaker and weaker until there was nothing left to give.

    She couldn't even get up after that. All she could do was lie there with her large form staring down at her, slowly approaching. She could feel the low growl that was constantly going as the large Chisille got closer, right up until her mouth was next to her ear. "You know exactly what to do." The large Chisille whispered before turning around and walking back into the mist, leaving the small dragoness to lie there until her dream was over...

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    Quote from Pandolen»

    Like someone might suspect, Ezmond was going pretty easy on Betty because she wasn't as powerful as he was, and because she was his daughter he really didn't want to kill her, even though he really wanted to... IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE! Anyway, eventually, being that Ezmond had it in his head that Betty had lost her mind because of her love for Ariel, he decides to whip up an old 'Mind Stabilization' spell. Now as you might expect, this spell is designed to snap anyone out whatever crazy frame of mind they are in and make them think normally again. But wouldn't you gosh darn well know it to be truth - when Ezmond cast that spell at Betty, Betty dived out of the way and the spell hit little Chissy when she entered the room right at that moment!

    When the spell hit Chissy, it had no choice but to expel whatever was possessing her so that Chissy could get back to her normal way of thinking. And just like that, whatever Order freak influence was inside of her was cast out and Chissy came back to her senses again.

    But that isn't all! When Betty picks herself up off the floor and sees her little dragon friend standing their all bruised and bleeding, she almost has a blazing fit! Thinking for a split second that Ezmond caused the injuries, Betty throws another one of them spells at Ezmond, like the one she used on the animals earlier, and just like that Ezmond wasn't in the room anymore! He was standing in the Library instead.

    Meanwhile back in the bedroom, Betty is screaming at the top of her lungs because of the mess that her little baby dragon is in.


    Right after yelling that, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not allowed to say, Betty runs over to Chissy and gets down on the floor beside her and, whether she likes it or not, she pulls that dragon into her lap and cradles her in her arms like a big ol baby, rocking her back and forth and telling her everything is gonna be ok in a really soothing voice.

    Back down in the library, Ezmond sees a very strange man with his face buried in the corner of the room.

    Chislle had wandered into the room with Betty and Ezmond inside as they were slinging spells and other things that could be called spells but were not. She initially had absolutely no reason to stay inside, being very much still full of rage while on her little mission. Even when she saw Betty move about she felt no reason to go over to her and greet her. However before she could wander over to the next door to continue her endless march through the house, a bolt of magic headed straight for her, having missed it's intended target when they dodged out of the way.

    As soon as Chisille was struck, she felt a wave of magic wash through her. The feelings she had been forced to feel or abandon due to both the influence of the order and Revel's fearless spell were gracefully dispelled from her mind. Her true emotions had some trouble filling the void that was left inside her as she stopped still at the entrance to the room. At first, she didn't know what to feel. All she could do was stand there while Betty furiously banished her father from the room.

    Then the fatigue of her actions set in. The pain she was feeling finally being felt, both physically and emotionally. Slowly and shakily she rose a front paw and looked down at it, covered in the blood of the people she had attacked. Sure she was used to killing various creatures in the wild to survive, but killing someone in cold blood, even if it wasn't really her fault, filled her with guilt.

    The guilt then turned into worry over what all the others would think when Faux returned to them, telling them all about what he had seen her do to poor Fin. The worry turned into fear when she figured they would all be incredibly furious and attempt to get their revenge for what she had done. There was no way she was going to be able to convince them that it wasn't her fault she did what she did.

    The feelings piled up in her system, the pain and the tiredness causing her to be unable to continue standing as it overwhelmed her. She collapsed to the floor, groaning when she hit the ground as Betty rushed to her aid after yelling out something that she hadn't listened to. Suddenly she was being grabbed and pulled towards the farm girl, brought into an embrace while being gently rocked about in her arms. She made no objections at all to this, being too consumed by her situation instead.

    "What have I... done..." she muttered as she felt the darkness swirl about within her before it finally took her away from the waking world. Betty felt her go limp as she passed out in her arms.

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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Chisille opens the door, goes through it, and arrives in the same room where she left her cookies, back when she started her rampage.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»
    (Attack) (Spell) (Item) (Defend) (Spare)

    Without even looking back at what she had done, Chisille slinks through the open door and with a flick of her tail, she was gone from the room Faux was in and back in the lounge room. Momentarily looking over to nest she had previously made, she coughed from the smoke she had inhaled while kept up her heavy breathing from all the activity she had to do in just a short amount of time. At this point, all the things that had been happening to her started to take their toll on her, slowing her down.

    Her claws, mouth and tail spike were all stained red with the blood of others. Some parts of her back and sides were dully aching from where she had been hit hard and small red circles dotted the ground behind her as she walked. Her tail was still bleeding.

    Unfortunately the drive of rage still forced her to go on anyway, so after a quick sniff of the room, she huffed and walked over to the next door in her way. She reached up to the next door's handle and pulled it, ready to begin her search through the rooms all over again. Sooner or later through many doors, she ended up encountering the bedroom where Ezmond and Betty were, along with whatever other things were there.

    Meanwhile, the fire on the staircase was still burning out of control. Who knows what it'll do to the other rooms.
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The voice inside is urging with increasing impatience. It is an urgency that is imparted onto Chisille.

    "What are you waiting for!"

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»
    I'm me, and you're you. We're different, now. We can't merge. It would do you good to stop pretending to be me. Be yourself. Let go of the past.
    Thanks for everything.
    - A boy in gold

    Faux stood there silently, his ragged hyperventilating being the only sound he could hear. His legs would not move him, as if his resolve had shattered in a matter of a few seconds. Time slowed to a crawl as the reality of the situation unfolded in front of his eyes. The man was going to die, and there were no options to take. The same, again, and again, and again. Losing what he cared to protect, even after rebirth. Was him and Faux destined for the same outcome every time? Would he have not been better off staying in the dream world forever? Those were questions he asked himself in this fleeting moment of despair.

    Then I'm Faux, he decided to himself. We are the same. There's no Renard now. I should carry those burdens myself. I should think about what he-- no, what I would do in this kind of situation.

    Faux still continues to stand there, motionless. No matter how hard he tries, he can't think of anything. His mind begins to become blank. The futility starts to dawn on him. As if it were some kind of response to this, a golden glimmer in the air shines next to Faux for a split second, and he is thrown rather forcefully to the side by an unknown entity before Chisille's attack hits.

    Chisille didn't care about how Faux just stood there, overwhelmed by the situation that had been set before him. According to her, he was an interruption stopping her from completing her goal. Once the goal was finished though things might end up being a little different, though she will remember him when he tries to do anything like this again.

    With the sudden and impatient yell surging through her mind, the sense of urgency of her task rose dramatically. She wasn't hesitating before since each time she either was interrupted or had to cover her scales from an attack, but this emotional boost just made the spike on her tail plunge into Fin's throat faster. With a sickening noise of splitting flesh, her spike was jammed straight into his windpipe. Fin's unconscious body couldn't help but gasp for air as his respiratory system started to fail, blood filling the corners of his mouth.

    When Chisille heard the small tear of Fin's throat, satisfaction for completing her task ran through her. It felt good, very very good to get 'revenge' on all the things that she had to suffer for over her short life. However, it wasn't whole satisfaction. Annie, her other target, was still alive somewhere. She needed to die before Chisille felt completely satisfied.

    At the same time, Chisille's attack on Faux was another cloud of that grey mist in an attempt to keep him away. She didn't have much of a choice to use it either, as that was all she thought she had. Luckily for Faux, the golden glimmer managed to get him out of the way of the direct blast so his emotions were not completely overrun in an instant, like before.

    Now that Fin was dead, Chisille had no reason to stay around in this room anymore. Faux was busy being shoved about or (what she assumed) under the effects of her calming mist, Annie was elsewhere, the golden glimmer was of no importance to her and the entire staircase was about to go up in flames anyway. Without hesitating, she pulled her tail spike out of the dying man and walked over to the nearest door, then started to open it.
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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Faux grits his teeth in anger.
    "Why've I got to clean up that girl's messes?"
    Faux briefly gets up and leans against the railing of the staircase, barely staying on-balance. He pats his side, only to find that his entire arsenal of weaponry had gone missing along with his original attire: his sword, halberd, and pistol. Blasted, thought Faux. Curses.

    Memories of his sleep resurface as he tries desperately to find a way to save the man being mauled. He recalled that he had been talking to his past self... something about a sword that was both parts technology and magic and was connected to 'both' their hearts. That was it...! The Truth. He had to find his Truth and summon it. Faux held his hand out and closed his eyes. The truth, and the Truth. The two were interchangeable. He thought of how his past self had told him he were never meant to exist. He frowned. There was no denying it. Everything he had said, was, indeed, the truth.

    His eyes open and the sword finally materialises in front of him. As he grabs it, the sword emanates a faint blue glow, something which 'Faux' didn't have with his version of the sword. Faux surmises that 'Faux' not having any emotions and instead imitating them from memory meant the sword was the weakest for him. The Truth was powered by emotional energy, after all, since it was connected to his heart.

    Faux gets down to business immediately after Chisille stops paying attention to him; seeing the small barrel attached to the side of the blade that he had noticed in his sleep, he points the sword at Chisille and pulls a trigger located on the side of the hilt. With a crack, a shot is fired. Faux doesn't stop to confirm whether he had hit or not-- he immediately grabs the railing he had been leaning on and hops on it, sliding down the remaining set of stairs towards the dragon.

    "Stop right there, damned scoundrel! You're not taking his life as long as I'm still alive!" he exclaims, having quite a rough landing but nonetheless managing to stay on his feet unlike before.

    Since Faux had begun to approach her, she didn't turn back to Fin to finish him off. Instead she growled even more as his sword once again was materialized and equipped. However with the damage Chisille had done to his sword arm, holding it up was harder to do. Not only because of the pain coming from the area that was bitten, but also because of the blood loss from around there as well.

    With the sword being pointed directly at her, she knew that he wasn't just going to stand there waving a bit of metal at her. In anticipation for a fireball or an arrow or anything like that, she quickly dodged out of the way of where he was pointing as a loud bang occurred. The bullet from the barrel ended up striking some of the floorboards behind where she was, leaving a hole in the floor and sending a few splinters into the air.

    The sound of the gun on the sword firing briefly disorientated her due to the noise, but she quickly shook that away and lined herself up with the approaching attacker. She once more opened up her mouth in preparation to send out something at Faux, but this wasn't the only thing she was doing. It might not be as satisfying to do instead of sinking her teeth into Fin, but killing him would still be satisfying and she was going to do that if she could afford it. Her tail searched around where she had been on Fin, and once she found his neck she prepared to strike down. The stab surely would end him.
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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Faux looks around in confusion, before finally noticing the dragon sinking its teeth into his arm.
    "W-Who's this?! Get off!" he exclaims, momentarily panicking as he grabs at her and shoves her off. Briefly, he holds out his hand and looks at the golden-coloured coat he was wearing-- apparently coming to some sort of realisation. He grabs at the wound Chisille inflicted on him and tries to step away from her, only to stumble and fall on his bottom, almost as if he were not used to his height.

    "You're... you're that girl's pet," he utters, trying to find his breath. "Why've I been awakened...?"

    Quote from Buttons»

    Not bothering to stop for a formal introduction, but said a quick hello to a strange man wandering aimlessly in burnt long johns before exiting the next door to see Chisille ravaging Renard - who was for some reason now dressed in a golden coat - and some other guy laying bleeding on the floor. It was quite a bloody mess to say the least, but Ariel didn't have time to stop and ask questions. Taking another leap, he managed to say 'Hi' to both Chisille and Renard as he flew by overhead, down the stairs, and out the next door.

    With Faux giving her one good shove against her snout, Chisille was forced to let go of his arm. What she had done to him seemed to cause him to do exactly as she wanted. With Faux being wounded, confused, and now on the ground and out of the way, Chisille roared at him as if to say 'Don't you DARE try that again!' before moving her attention away from the interruption once more and set her eyes back onto the unconscious Fin.

    All the smoke and flames building up was making it a bit harder to breathe, especially since all the fighting had exhausted the small dragon somewhat. She still kept going, her anger willing her to keep pushing forward with her desire to tear this man's throat out. As she descended the rest of the stairs she momentarily looked up to see Ariel fly over them, but since he was moving too fast to even interact with and didn't bother her anyway, she didn't dwell on that subject for long.

    The last few stairs she leapt down, landing roughly on the unconscious Fin and once more sinking her claws into him. At this point though with all his previous injuries this was more for the thrill of the moment rather then to keep him from fighting back. She opened her mouth, ready to finally end the life of this man once and for all while simultaneously emitting a low growl.

    She made one final glance over to Faux to make sure he wasn't about to come at her again. Provided he wasn't, she turned back to Fin, extending her wings slightly in pleasure as she lunged down towards his throat.

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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Though the mist looked like it had worked on Faux, instead of his emotions changing, he quite literally shuts down right in front of the dragon. This was because, unbeknownst to Chisille, Faux lacked any emotion at all, therefore causing a malfunction. Then as the mist dissipates and Chisille leaps at him, a brilliant light blinds her mid-leap. She doesn't feel Faux's flesh before she lands, meaning she missed.

    When the light finally fades away, nothing seems to have changed. Faux still stands there as before, though now he seems to be in a daze instead of completely shut-down.

    Just as Chisille was about to sink her teeth into his arm, a bright flash occurred, coming from Faux. She quickly shut her eyes, landing unsteadily on the stairs as she tried to recover her sight. Leaving no time to waste she turned around while blinking hard, ready for another lunge at the man now standing there in a daze. Now even more furious then before, she wasted no time sinking her teeth into his arm again. Even though she could've, she didn't go for the throat, like what happened with Fin.

    Faux felt the dozens of sharp little needles pierce through his skin and sink into his arm, letting him know that he definitely was on the bad side for this particular 'dog'. However after the first second of hard biting, it was replaced with a stranger but still painful feeling. The area around where Chisille had her mouth felt stranger, as if he was being drawn up through a large straw, and her throat started gulping. For whatever reason, she was sucking his blood out from his arm and drinking it.

    The satisfaction this brought the dragoness was unexpected to her, for the most part. She knew that Fin and Annie's blood would taste sweet, as that's what she was commanded to feel. However drawing from Faux was just still sweet for her, satisfying in a way. Her anger subsided somewhat as this went on, though it was almost too clear that she didn't feel like stopping. At least not yet.

    Whether Faux forcefully ends this or she ends up being satisfied enough to let go, she licks her lips of the remaining crimson liquid.
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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Faux watches the flames erupt throughout the stairway before he comes to a sudden realisation; the guy he sent tumbling down the stairs would die from the fire. He lets go of his sword and it returns to floating behind his back, as usual.

    "Tch," he scoffs with a grimace, whilst ignoring a sharp pain resulting from the dragon's uneventful stream of fire. "Lucky girl."
    Taking advantage of Chisille's momentary weakness, he shoves her out of the way forcefully and dashes through the smoke down the stairs, though he pauses briefly to childishly blow a raspberry at her before continuing.

    Since Chisille was expecting some fort of reaction while she prepared her next move, the shove that Faux did to her completely misses as she leaps to the side. It seems as though Faux had decided to retreat for whatever reason. Well whatever it was, she was not finished with him. She might have been out of her main source of ranged attacks, but she still had more tricks.

    She took another deep breath in such a way that made it look like she was going to cast fire again, however as soon as Faux turned around to blow the raspberry, she blew forth something else from inside her. This stuff looked like a grey mist of sorts, billowing out throughout the staircase where he stood. As soon as he had been surrounded by the stuff, he started to feel different. Everything was becoming more peaceful about him as his emotions changed. He started to feel calmer and happier, as if there wasn't anything to be afraid of about the situation, especially not the 'dog'. The 'dog' wasn't a danger at all no matter how menacing it might've been before.

    Once this had been done, Chisille angrily lunged at Faux again, this time aiming to sink her teeth into his sword arm while her front claws made their mark elsewhere.
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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    The last thing she sees of Faux before the ferocious flames fill the stairway in front of her is him picking his nose absentmindedly. As the flames finally dissipate, Faux is nowhere to be seen anywhere in front of her in the charred stairway. Absolutely no remains are left to speak of, though he couldn't possibly have escaped in that kind of time-frame. An uncomfortable silence fills the air for a brief moment. Then, a familiar high-pitched voice, though lacking the cheeriness that usually accompanies it, speaks out.

    "Should've taken the easy way out. That's not something I give out like candy."

    Looking up at an angle, it's Faux, sitting on his sword which is stuck firmly into the wall. His golden-coloured coat is slightly charred.
    "That's alright, though. It all works out in the end," he says, shrugging. His legs shuffle a little as he grabs the hilt of his blade. "Together, we can find out-- do dogs go to heaven?"

    Faux's bottom slides off the sword. His feet and free hand latches on to the wall. His other hand, still firmly grabbing the Truth's hilt, pulls it out from the wall sharply and smoothly like a hot knife through butter. Then, using the wall as a launching point, Faux, much like before, spins through the air incredibly fast towards the dragon, his blade leaving a brilliant silver trail as he moves. The air around him strangely becomes distorted. He somehow leaves afterimages due to his speed, in addition to managing to change his trajectory on a dime, leaving the dragon guessing as to where he was in the air. Whatever the dragon's reaction is, Faux, after finally reaching her, seems to 'phase' through-- though this is merely just him going around, and his sword never touches her, instead serving as more of a distraction.

    Now suddenly behind the dragon, he flips his sword and grips the hilt in reverse, striking her bluntly with the pommel of his sword.

    When the flames disappeared, leaving no trace of Faux at all Chisille knew something was up.Things did not vanish from her flames. He was still around here somewhere. The good news was that, without him obstructing the staircase, she was free to bound down them after Fin, her prize. She got halfway down the staircase when Faux called out, revealing where he was.

    She might've been tired from everything that had happened, particularly the lack of proper sleep and all the running, but her anger continued to fuel her actions. She would not back down from this fight, not if Faux was an obstacle in her way. The flames that she had left inside her continued to burn and before Faux had even finished speaking, another large jet of it shot out towards him, spreading it around far more with several turns of her head. His super speed through the air allowed him to avoid the fire, but with the display she was causing she didn't really get to see any of the fancy mid-air movements that he caused.

    However with all the flames being shot everywhere, the walls, floor and roof began to burn down. Smoke started to rise up and fill the stairway as the fire spread around the place, burning up whatever it can reach.

    Chisille suddenly felt a strong blunt strike from behind her as the hilt of Faux's blade struck her. Compared to the sword piercing through her tail, both the kick and the hilt smash were merely angering her even more. She quickly wheeled around, mouth wide open, intending to char Faux before he could get moving again. However instead of a large surge of flames headed towards him all that came from her mouth was a thin stream that only lasted a second. After two massive bursts, she had used up all of her supply and needed to recharge.

    After quickly deciding what to do next, she prepared herself for Faux's counterattack against her less-then-impressive fire.

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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin, still in his catatonic state, instinctively yelled and jerked around as the dragon's teeth pierced his neck, throwing off his satchel and pack of Billiards in the process, them now the ones bouncing around.
    In the final moments of what he thought would be the end of his life, he looked back... Back to a time long before when he had much to care about, much to be grateful for. Back to when he had met her.
    (Because I don't know how to make a break-line.)
    Fin woke up groggy on a straw bed, looking out a window as the sun rose outside it. The room was sparsely decorated, with but a few pieces of furniture, the bed he was on counted among them. 'Where am I? How did I get here?' These silent questions went unanswered.
    As he moved his head about, he felt something on his forehead. He weakly reached out and slowly dragged it off his fore-head. A wet rag. Next to his bed he saw a small chair and table that had a bowl of water on it. Shaking with exhaustion and weakness, he grabbed it with both hands, and took it to himself for a long pull to soothe his scorched throat.
    As he was in the middle of his second drink, somebody walked in. He looked up and saw a young girl about his age standing at the door, staring shocked at him as he stared back. He couldn't help but admire the dark, black locks of hair she had, so much like his own, and the gentle, kind face with the deep blue eyes, as well as-
    "You're awake." The girl finally spoke. Ah, 'What a melody' he thought. It was like choir of angels singi- "You're awake! Uncle Erick, he's awake!" YELLING at him.
    A man walked into the room, looking like the jovial type of person, with bright, mischevious eyes, and blond hair as yellow as a corn field. "Ah, our guest has finally awoken! Took you long enough." He laughed and sat down in the chair next to Fin. "Hello there! I'm Erick. And what might be you're name, young man?"
    Fin had to think for a moment, fighting through the fog of exhaustion he had, as well as the distracting presence of the girl in the room. "M- my name is Fin, sir." He said in a small voice.
    "Now, Fin, can you tell me the last thing you remember?" Fin really had to think on that one. What was the last thing he was doing before he got here? He had been picking apples earlier that day for his mother, and on his way home he had-
    Fin, suddenly very awake for a moment, tore off the sheet of sheep's wool on him, and looked desperately at his ankle, seeing it bandaged and clean, though thankfully there was no sign of the snake that was there before. "I- I was walking home. I had some apples for m- my mother. There w- was a snake. I... I don't remember after that... Sir." Slowly he laid back down, rubbing his head, all too tired again. The hay was suddenly a lot more comfortable and appealing.
    "You're lucky my niece found you. If she hadn't been there too help you and carry you back here, I'd perish at the thought of what might have happened. But don't you worry, we'll have you fixed up and on your feet...." The world faded out as Fin closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, embracing the blackness and peace it gave...
    (Seriously, how do I make a break-line?)
    Back in the present, Fin closed his eyes and drifted off, the Billiards and satchel still bouncing around as he fainted into the peace of darkness once again.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    A past conversation comes into mind as Faux grimaces at the situation.

    The Truth is anywhere at any given time. The Truth is double-edged. The Truth comes from your heart. The Truth relies on your heart, else it falters.

    Huh...? Are you talking about the sword, or...

    It is your truth, Renard. Make of that what you will.

    Yeah. I'll master it. If I can protect them with this, then I'll master it.

    Faux winces in pain from the stabbing-- though he recovers quickly enough, having endured worse in the past. He frantically assesses the situation; he had to think of some way to resolve this peacefully. But it was futile; he could not appeal to their emotions if he barely knew anything about her. He starts to panic and holds out his hands, and a semi-transparent apparition of his silver mechanical sword appears in front of him. He thought about it; he could easily step on the creature and impale its back with his sword. Faux shakes his head in disgust and dispels his thoughts as his sword becomes solid in front of him.

    There was not much time-- he grabs the Truth and, instead of his original idea, he grips the handle of his sword tightly and slams the blade into the tail stabbing him, presumably causing enough pain for the creature to release their grip upon the person. Faux painfully pulls back his leg, becoming free of the tail spike.

    "Sorry, Mr. Statistic, but you gotta get outta here. The greatest engineer can handle himself just fine," he says urgently. He kicks the creature off the person's chest forcefully, and, with as much force as he can muster, he drags the person away and sends him tumbling into the stairs.

    Faux dusts off his hands and turns back to look at the creature, its tail still impaled with his sword. A moment of tense silence passes as he looks into its eyes briefly. "Now it's just you and me, Mr. Death Corgi. I shouldn't have expected less from that name," he remarks. "You're not a regular dog, are you? Dog experts like me know that they act based off instinct, y'know. But you've got some sort of drive. I can see it. The determination in your eyes. It's not normal. You must be under the influence of something."

    "So you've got two choices. The best engineer in the world'll make it very simple for you. Walk away, and everyone'll be happy, you can find whatever you're looking for, and I'll definitely get you inducted as a real member of the Super Mega Death Corgi breed," says Faux cheerily. "Or..."
    Faux's face falls as he says the next sentence.
    "You can fight me."

    He childishly taps his feet impatiently, looking extremely harmless as he does this. Despite being a mere child, something is off about him. A weird sinking feeling, more like a menacing aura emanates from Faux that suggests that even though he looked completely open to attack, something bad was going to happen if the 'corgi' chose to strike.

    Chisille was so close to her goal. She could feel her teeth close around Fin's windpipe, the taste of his blood on her tongue. It felt like this was going to fix every single horrible thing, every single unfair event that had happened in her life. Ending his life was going to solve everything. However, before she could achieve her goal of pure satisfaction, her tail that was already keeping Faux off of her suddenly seared in sharp pain. She remembered the feeling. A cold thin bit of metal running into her. She had just been stabbed by the man.

    It was just enough for her to roar in pain, relaxing her grip from around Fin's neck as she let the bellow of pain out. Unfortunately for Fin though, while she had not condemned his death by her maw, the bleeding and crushing she had manage to inflict would certainly end his life sooner or later, possibly still even with some of the more mundane treatment applied.

    Another blow struck her side this time, though far less painful and much blunter. It forced her mostly off the poor unconscious man, but she still had a few paws rested on him. Turns out she was heavier then expected for some reason, even managing to hurt his foot from her density. While she was recovering from the kick, her claws that were still on Fin dug in as he was dragged away. It wasn't enough to drag her along as well, but Fin's going to wake up with an extra couple sets of long scratches too.

    While her prize was dragged the rest of the way down the staircase, Chisille quickly glanced at her tail. The sword it hadn't quite gone straight through her tail, but from the looks of the blood lining the wound indicated that this wasn't just going to heal in a couple of days. She violently shook her tail one way, causing the blade to slip out from her flesh and noisily clatter behind her as she turned to face off against Faux again.

    She bared her teeth once more, anger still flowing through her like fire. Her low growl made it very clear that he was also in the way, and the smoke rising from her nose slits indicated that fire flowing through her was more reality then just a figure of speech. Faux made a very good argument, and Chisille would leave them both in peace and seek what she was really after... had she not been under the influence of her hatred with her thought processes shoved to the side.

    "H..." she growled, but quickly cut herself off.

    Her wings flared, her claws marked the floor, her eyes locked on to the latest interruption and the fire she was bringing up from deep inside her surged forward at Faux, filling the stairway with a bright dazzling orange and yellow light as searing hot flames barreled towards him.

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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    "Whew," mutters Faux, catching his breath as he slowly ascends the staircase. "I really hate stairs... I'm the greatest engineer, not the fittest..."

    His breathing becomes highly exaggerated in a way, as if he were poorly imitating the act from memory. Eventually, the two 'dog' and person come into view at the top of the staircase. A gasp comes out of Faux's mouth.

    "Hey, you," shouts Faux, starting to increase his pace, "are you turning that guy into a statistic!? I'll have you know that you won't be considered a protected species by the government, and it won't be my fault!"

    In the nick of time, he finally reaches the top of the staircase. He quickly rushes towards the two and grabs what he can of the 'dog' with his small hands-- in an attempt to pry her off of the person underneath them.

    As Chisilles teeth-filled mouth was about to savagely tear into Fin's throat, Faux manages to pull her back at just the right moment. Her teeth clamp down mere centimeters away from Fin's neck. Almost immediately afterwards, she tries to have another go. Once more Faux's efforts save him a gruesome death as her jaws bite down on thin air. She attempts this a few more times but every time just narrowly misses.

    However, Faux doesn't have the best grip on the smooth scales of the 'dog' he's trying to wrestle away from the poor man in danger. One sudden and hard wing flap occurs, smacking him in the face and other nearby areas. This was accompanied by the spike of her tail finding it's way around and stabbing into his leg.

    After the aggression against Faux, Chisille tries even harder to get at Fin. In almost sheer desperation to end his life, she makes one final lunge at his neck. This time however, it connects. Fin can feel her needle teeth sinking into his neck, slowly making it's way to puncturing his windpipe. Time almost seems to slow down for him as he's about to lose his life.

    Even if he makes it out of this alive, he's going to have some cool neck scars he can show off.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra is mostly hidden, crouched low in the dark corner. What can be seen of his translucent skin is covered in lacerations and darkly charred burns that meld well with the shadows. The white of his eyes, which are more of a jaundice yellow, stand out above all else and seem to give off a faint glow in contrast with the darkness.

    While Fin speaks his greeting, the abrupt arrival of Chisille is heard at the door, causing Ezra to react nervously, narrowing his eyes with ambivalent scrutiny as he attempts to tuck further into the shadows. He then emits a hiss, somewhat like that of a threatened cat, followed by the sound of wisp and cracked voice speaking one word, as though it were a warning to Fin –


    Unfortunately, the repeated pounding and growls from Chisille at the door provides no relief for Ezra. His blood-ringed iris’s start to quiver as all of the room begins to shake. A painting falls from one of the walls, its frame breaking when it hits the floor, while a clay vase trembles atop a dresser before tipping from the ledge and shattering into shards across the room. The sound of the vase smashing, though it were indirectly caused by Ezra, causes his defensive behavior to intensify. With a shrilling scream, he bursts from the shadows, no longer in the form of a man, but rather a grey mass that sweeps across the room like a cloud of ash blown by a strong wind that knocks Fin clear off his feet, causing him to break through the door he had entered.

    As Fin comes down on Chisille in a shower of wooden splinters from the door, Ezra, keeping his clouded form, storms down the stairs and passes through the next wall in his path.

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin fell back as the mutilated man rushed into him, slamming him through the door and onto the dragon trying to bounce in outside of it. Two things happened then: One, the dragons bouncing had stopped, now that she had finally returned to the one who had thrown her. Two, Fin rolled off the back of the serpent in a backwards sommersault, landing flat on his back again, stunned and breathless by the things that had taken place.
    Ugh... I'm never coming to a mysterious town again... And there Fin was, at the mercy of the vicious killing beast before him, now free of her unwilling bouncing, able to attack him without even the beginning of a struggle. Although... Fin could have sworn he may have saw someone when he sommersaulted over the dragon. ((Mackerellatorn's Faux. A.K.A., that's your cue!))

    Chisille continued to press against the door in a desperate attempt to get it open and take out her anger on the human inside, when suddenly in a burst of wooden shrapnel and splinters the door caved in. Chisille gets knocked down backwards as the wood and Fin lands on top of her, knocking out the wind from her lungs as tail, wing and claw beat ferociously at the weight above her.

    As soon as the weight had started, it fell off again. Chisille didn't waste any time setting herself up the right way again and looking around at what had happened. She instantly looked to the door, now with a large hole in it. A quick sniff of the room indicated that while his presence was within it, that was no longer the case anymore. Instead his scent led her to the spot right behind her. There he was, lying flat on his back from whatever impact he had received. Whatever had happened to him was of no concern to her.

    With a quick snarl, she launched herself onto Fin's chest, sinking her needle-like claws into his flesh again. This time however, she wasn't going to give him a mere warning by biting his shoulder. No, this time she was going for the neck. After all, she wanted him dead instead of merely out of the way.

    Opening her jaws, she lunged down at Fin, aiming directly for his throat...

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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    OOC: Oh... Sorry for not letting you respond first. ^^; Heh, I just got a little excited I guess... Feel free to impale me if we ever meet.

    IC: Fin opened the door at the top of the stair-case and came out into a room barren of anything except what looked like a man in the corner of the room. He quickly slammed the door behind himself, and fell against it, breathless and exhausted as he stopped moving. "Dead- *HUFF* End." He knew he couldn't go back out. The dragon was still bouncing around, and wouldn't stop until she got to him. On the other hand, he would have to try and stay in there and wait while he bled out for either the serpent to fall unconscious, or get to him and finish the job. There wasn't any way to win this one.
    Breathing heavily, he looked over at the other person in the room. He didn't look too well either, a little sickly, as well as being very... Pale.((Ezra, by KnightsRemnant)) "...Hello." Fin finally spoke.

    Fin could hear the pursuing dragon loudly growl as they bounced up the staircase behind them. Upon slamming the door he heard an additional slam against it. That bouncing was really getting on Chisille's nerves at this point. Several lesser slams could be heard afterwards, each one timed almost perfectly in sync with the last. Heavy, angry breathing accompanied the growls. She was relentless but she certainly didn't have infinite energy.

    Over on the other side of the door, Chisille knew that once again, there was a door in her way. Once more she aimed for the handle every single time she was forced to bounce, eventually latching onto it after several failed attempts. Just like the previous door, she twisted the handle and pushed against the floor, trying to force it to open.

    However since Fin was right on the other side of the door, he could tell what Chisille was doing. Thankfully his weight against the door blocked her from just opening it outright, but there was a lot of force going in to doing so, at least for a creature of her size. The growls calling for his demise were certainly unnerving for him.
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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Pain... That was all that Fin felt at that moment. Excrutiating, mind-melting, leg-jellying pain, so harsh he couldn't even scream. Got to... Run! With all his strength, all the force he had in his body, boosted by his adrenaline, he threw the dragon off of him, even if it was just a foot or so. That was all it took for him to get up and start running through the halls again, although not quite as fast as he did before. The pain... It penetrated him with every step, a harsh acid that was melting him slowly from the inside out, waiting for him to give up and consume him. But Fin had learned long ago that after pain was done, it left but a faint memory in his mind.
    Unfortunately for him though, as he kept running, the great serpent with wings started, believe it or not, bouncing. While it wasn't a very strong throw, and he hadn't thrown her very far, it was enough to activate his powers, and the dragon kept hitting off the walls of the hall, in a magical pursuit to come back to the one who had thrown her, who happened to be going where she intended, even if unintentionally.
    ((Yes, his powers can affect living beings. Get over it please.))

    Chisille continued her relentless attack on Fin, making it very hard to remove the angry dragon from himself. However with one mighty shove he just manages to tear her off. Everyone can see where 4 sets of claws and any other bites and stabs happened, as his clothing was torn and blood was pouring through.

    When Chisille landed on the floor, she unintentionally shot slightly into the air again, as if she was overexcited about leaping back onto him and giving him another go. However this was not really her, but the magic Fin's powers had brought onto her. Chisille didn't even really notice anyway, she was so angry, so instinctively she started chasing him again, purposely leaping along with the magic bounces that were being caused.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As Chisille attacks the man, Fin, she is fevered with fury that this man has delayed her prize. His blood is sweet and his actions have caused frustration, further hatred, animosity. The undeniable voice in her head gives further instruction.

    “Eliminate the intolerable. They force your delay. Nothing will stop you from reaching this child, yet they mock you with their hindrance. Let nobody stand in your path. Make him suffer. Kill him! Taste the sweet blood of your wrath!”

    More plumes of smoke rose from her nostrils as this new command ran through her mind. She licked the red that covered her lips. The sensation was enjoyable, but it was enjoyable for more then just the reason the presence in her head had commanded.

    She bared her teeth again and sped up, the bouncing reducing her control over her movement, but also reducing the energy consumption of the run as she needed to put less effort into her sprint. Her old target would have to wait, this new one was going to die first for their actions.

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin, unaware of the thoughts sent into the dragon's head, continued running, going through a corridor with a door at the end while the dragon continued bouncing off the walls at him, getting bruised more and more.
    As he quickly opened the door, he slammed it behind him just as the dragon banged against it, before bouncing around some more and hitting it again and again, weakening the structure of the frame as he ran forward and around a corner, not sparing a thought as he was heading up some stairs and running through a doorway into...

    OOC: I would just like to point out 2 things. Not only did I not get a chance to reply to your first post in this series of events, but you also happened to reply to a post that had absolutely no relevance to your character, and so they could not have reacted to it anyway. I'm readjusting parts of it to make up for what would really happen.

    IC: Chisille couldn't stop her pursuit of Fin even if she had wanted to, but she didn't. She had a target in her sights and was not going to let it get away. While her fury and rage flowing through her made her running a little less precise when it came to navigating the halls, made worse by the uncontrolled bouncing, she was quite agile on all fours letting her only hit the walls a few times. Her tough draconic scales reduced the force of the impact further.

    She wasn't able to slow down in time for the door to close in front of her snout, but any injury she had received upon hitting the door was completely ignored by her fueled anger. A door. That's right, she knew how to open those, and she had been even when hunting after Annie instead. It too her several attempts to accurately leap at the door handle because of the constant bouncing, but she eventually got a hold of the handle.

    It clicked, allowing the door to be opened again. With one rear leg pushing off from a wall, the door swung open. She breathed in deeply. Chisille could tell her target had ran up some nearby stairs. She could smell their fear, their sweat and their blood. So, like a predator on the hunt for her prey, she followed.

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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin, as he was about to raise an eyebrow at Revel and his flying pig, was startled as the door flew open. When he looked, he saw- "S- S- S- SNAKE!" Immediately he leaped from his seat and ran in the opposite direction of where it had come from, which happened to be the door it was heading towards. Fin really didn't like snakes.

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    "Hey... that's a dog!" exclaims Faux, pointing at the creature. "This breed must be a Waise specialty! No need to fret-- I, Faux, the greatest engineer in the world by the way, am an expert on dog matters."
    Grateful for the interruption, Faux quickly hops off his seat and dashes towards them, skidding to a stop in front of their way, matching their speed as he walks backward in front of them.
    "Hey, you!" he shouts, "are you declawed?!"
    "Hm... I see, I see... actually, isn't that only for cats? But... maybe they're angry because they're declawed?"
    Faux appears to think about this for a second before suddenly shaking his head.
    "N-Never mind! What's important is that good boys like you should turn their frowns upside down!"

    Chisille was so angry and set on her goal that she completely ignored the dinner guests and any sort of reaction that they had with her sudden and aggressive appearance. She just marched on towards the next door without any pauses, even though she had to have been rather tired from all the walking around that she had done so far.

    Suddenly Faux bursts out from where he was sitting at the table and walks in front of her, babbling non-stop words as she walked to her destination. She didn't care about him or what he had to say. The only thing she cared about was killing off that girl Annie and... getting past this stupid fool! Increasing her walking speed, she swerved past Faux, snarling at him to try and get him to back off. He was not what she was interested in, but if he insisted in becoming an obstacle then there was going to be something far worse waiting for him.

    Which is unfortunately what Fin gets... Chisille was already angered by the fact that one person had decided to interrupt her walk, but now there was another directly in the way to the door! She stood there, furiously glaring up at him. Another, even larger snarl came from her. Her claws tensed up. She wasn't going to wait for the imbecile to get out of the way on his own accord. She was going to MAKE him get out of the way. If he was so thick that he wouldn't... well then it's his own fault then isn't it?

    Fin suddenly saw the 'snake' lunge at him. Jack was right, this snake did have limbs. And the claws that were on the end of them were suddenly piercing into any exposed place that they could find on him. Regardless of whether the initial lunge had knocked Fin down, he now had Chisille latching onto his chest, and a mere moment later, her tail spike had impaled into his leg while her teeth bit down on one of his shoulders. Everywhere she had just attacked, blood was being drawn.

    Though why did Chisille lick her lips when going for a second bite?
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