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    posted a message on ***1.6.5 VANILLA SURVIVAL*** DEDICATED|BUKKIT|LWC|WHITE LIST|24/7
    Tacho! Someone stole my refridgerator! 18 bars of iron gone! :sad.gif: I spent alot of time stocking it too! Now all my milk is going bad :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Small Server looking for players
    That sounds like fun! I like smaller servers. I always feel lost spawning into a world that's been inhabited already with people and awesome buildings. I'm mostly a builder myself and cower at the very thought of a creeper, lol. I'm sure to end up being a good laugh since I don't play beyond peaceful much.

    IGN: 404_name
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft *1.10 FROSTBURN UPDATE! (& 1.9 combat update too!) *
    Quote from andrejolicoeur »

    Quote from 404_Name »
    So excited! Here's my entries for the contest

    LOVE THESE! And that skin pic... you clever monkey you.

    :happy.gif: Thanks! Not as great as some of the other stuff on here. I gave it my best though and never really thought I stood much of a chance from the start, lol.

    There's quite a pit of competition in this thread. What are you going to do with all these awesome photos? It would be cool to make your own pack site like painterly did (it would be cool to do the texture chooser like they have for all those lovely alt textures) and use the pictures as propaganda... er... I mean advertisement.
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    posted a message on Final Fantasy III Skins
    These are excellent! You've done a very good job!
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft *1.10 FROSTBURN UPDATE! (& 1.9 combat update too!) *
    So excited! Here's my entries for the contest.

    Two pictures:

    And a skin!

    The skin in action! Download or click the image within the link for a spinning preview:

    Look familiar?

    Here's a hint

    So to recap, my entry into the competition is two pictures and a skin. Dunno if the skin is allowed, but I'm not very good at building "awesome" things and my main world is mostly desert so there's not a ton of scenic spots to be found.

    EDIT: The only photoshopping that was done was to put the frames around images 1 and 2, lightening up image 2 since I couldn't see it very well on my monitor. I made the skin from scratch, not using any existing model or parts, just a very basic template that told me what was what.
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    posted a message on ***Painted Patterns 16x16 ***[WIP v.0.0]
    Hello all! I'm currently in the works of making a complete retexture pack. It's my first one ever, so here's hoping I can finish it! I'm aiming for something more "painterly" but with a stylistic/patterned twist. It'll be a complete overhaul: items, mobs, the works. Here's the terrian.png. I'd like to get some feedback since I've hit a bit of a block, no pun intended.

    I'm using Shortstuf7's clean design pack as my template, since it's easy to see where one texture begins and the other ends. (Not to mention it's one of my favorite packs). Everything that's nice and clean looking belongs to the clean design pack and won't be in the final pack. Clean design is an excellent pack that you should really consider checking out!

    In game pictures are coming soon, I need to lay out the sample blocks first :smile.gif:

    Mossy cobble
    Dirt and grass dirt
    Half steps
    All ores
    Blue dye ore
    Dispenser (mostly)
    White, grey, dark grey and black cottons

    To do:
    Finish terrain.png
    All items/weapons/tools
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft *1.10 FROSTBURN UPDATE! (& 1.9 combat update too!) *
    This is hawt! Love it and the art on your website! It would be really cool to see minecraft in that style as well. For now, I am very content with this pack :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Help with my Let's Play
    Quote from Phar »
    If you're not one of those "TORRENTZ ARE BADDDDDD" people, find a FRAPS torrent and use FRAPS. It's great for recording, I've always used it. For your commentary part of it, you can use the free program called "Recordpad". If your LP stays popular for longer than 30 days, just find the key for it that's been posted all over the internet and (Coff) register (Coff) Recordpad so you have it longer.

    Besides that, editing simplistic for beginners can be done in Windows Movie Maker. But if you want some effects, you can (again torrent) Sony Vegas 10.

    If you're not a torrenter, the above suggestions (In above posts) are better than mine.

    Thank you very much! I'm not so much a "torrentz r bad", but more of a "torrentz could fry my comp" kind of person. I have connections though...

    I had seen FRAPS and considered buying it, didn't think to torrent.

    I have the Adobe CS4 Suite (needed it for school), so I'm pretty sure editing won't be too much of a problem :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Help with my Let's Play
    Quote from duartel »
    Quote from Avacadolord »
    Wait, what do you want help with?

    I know, the Let's Play, but what part do you need help with?

    Recording program.
    I recommend camstudio, it's free and you can change quality. I make all of my MC videos with it.

    Thanks! I'll give that a try!
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    posted a message on Help with my Let's Play
    Hello everyone!

    I'm getting all my ducks in a row to start a new Let's Play. I need a little help first. My main concern is recording software. I'm using Livestream's Procaster right now and I don't like it's quality. Maybe if this becomes popular enough I'll do some live stuff, but right now I'm going for recorded/edited. So does any one have good suggestions on free recording software?

    I'm also mike-less for the next few weeks and my pilot episode is rather quiet because of this. It's really just a tour of my main world's housing.

    So why should you help me? Why even bother watching?

    Well, because I've been playing Minecraft for a while. But I have never taken it off peaceful. That's all going to change as of the first "official" pilot episode. You'll all get to see me attempt to play and scream like the scared little girl I am. Once that gets boring, i.e. I concur my fears, I'm going to recruit a friend of mine who is not a gamer and have her play the game. All while I sit in the background and laugh. And then I hope to get my mom to play. Let's just say she hasn't played a game since 1999.

    But first I need to get a mike and some good recording software. I have decent editing software, just need to learn it.

    Here's some lovely links:
    My YouTube channel
    Livestream, in the event you're interested.
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    posted a message on Xaiwaker V 1.1
    This is an excellently done pack. It's become my favorite!
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    posted a message on World Map Development Project (Renamed)
    Very neat! I love stuff like this.

    I run a lan server that me, my family and a few minecraft playing close friends play on. We have a huge world going so we NEED a map. Before I pass the map around, I label all the places of interest. For clarity sake, we use the names I've given the places.

    It's interesting to hear us talk about how we "partook of a trek"(trek has become a term in it's own right) across the continent of spawntinent to get to the sandbar isles where we visited the bay house. Our world is getting it's own history too. We had a massive game of lava tag/organized griefing, played across an entire continent. It's now affectionately known as the Spleef Plains. We even dedicated our highest tower to the end of the Great Spleef War. There's also monuments scattered about the world to different things. My favorite is the Eternal Burning Fortress. I built a tree house on top of a mountain. I grew a massive forest and then I decided a lava moat would be a good idea.
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    posted a message on What makes you turn around?
    I always start a cave expedition with a ton of wood. I'll poke around until I find a nice place to build a safe house. Then I make a bench, a few furnaces and a chest. I mine the ores in the area around and always come back to the safe house to drop the stuff off before I go exploring a new branch of the cave. That way, if I die (and I usually do die) It's like I have a save point. I can always come back and pick up what I had placed in the chest.

    I'm rather OCD about how I explore caves. I always make staircases out of cobblestone to show that I've been there already. For some reason, I have a hard time getting lost. If I do, I remember. If I dug up some ore, when I come across the spot I'll remember what I had done there. So it's pretty easy for me to find my way in and out of cave systems. Otherwise, I could see how my safe house system could end up being pointless.
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    posted a message on What biome is your base in?
    My base is right on the edge of a taiga biome. I've burrowed under a hill hobbit style in an arctic region. The sunsets are gorgeous pink.
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    posted a message on HD texture fix [Feb22: 1.3 support, fixed compass]
    Quote from KingCorn1019 »
    Someone please help! While using this on my mac and trying to use it with the brown and bloom texture pack, it froze at 82 % so I exited it. after trying to delete it and the brown and bloom pack, I try to load up minecraft and it says
    Updating Minecraft: Done Loading and freezes.

    Somebody please give me instructions

    I had the same problem. The program creates a copy of the minecraft.jar as "minecraft.original.jar". To restore your game and try again, delete the minecraft.jar and rename the minecraft.original.jar to it.


    I think there should be very explicit instructions on the first page for Windows users to put this .exe file INTO THE BIN FOLDER before you run it. As it stands, I "followed the instructions" that were listed numerically and ran into problems. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so I could have missed this bit of information in the original post. Excuse me if I did, I am a newb. It was only through reading all the responses that I figured out how to use this and it was well worth the extra research! It's running great now!
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