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    posted a message on New server looking for beta testers
    It's not too late, had a small hiatus over Christmas
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    posted a message on New server looking for beta testers
    Thanks guys, I will message people in a couple of days with the server name and times it will be up, thanks for the help :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on New server looking for beta testers
    Hey, a couple of friends and I have been working for the last month building a factions server with a new edge, we have designed a server with an untouchable surface world, used for pvp, mob killing and NPC quests, and a mineable underground, the idea is that players will belong to one of several towns, which can be created by players by buying space on the overworld, and work in that town, generating income for it, which can then be used to expand/defend it, but that's not all :biggrin.gif:

    All towns when created will have a 'flag room' which players will respawn in when they die, regardless of beds e.c.t., this flag room will also contain a flag, which if destroyed by an opposing faction, will grant money to the faction who destroyed it. Cities are untouchable except by the citizens of that town, so invaders will have to attack through gates, mine entrances or other means in order to capture this objective.

    We have many other more standard features, such as player markets and housing, and we need testers to populate the server, test out these features, possibly assist in building the server and find problems, such as inescapable holes in the surface.

    If you sign up, please be prepared to put a moderate amount of time into the server, playing it normally, as well as being our guinea pigs. You will be rewarded for your time with all sorts of in game freebies, you will also be promoted to either a position of prestige in the main faction (the default faction for players) or be the rulers of the two additional factions we would like to be running before we open the server for others.

    To respond please post here with and information you think relevant (Such as building/server experience), or any questions and we will consider you. Also, please be aware the server will not be up and running 24/7 until it's proper release, and as we are in England, you may only wish to apply if you are in an European time zone, or a nocturnal American.
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    posted a message on Looking for taxation plugin
    Some friends and I are starting up a server, and thought it would be an interesting idea to have a taxation system, specifically one that automatically deducts an amount from a purchase and gives it to another player, we are using citizens for shops, not chest shops, and Iconomy

    e.g. person 1 buys a stone shovel from person 2's trader npc for 15 coins, person one gets 13 coins and person 3 (the treasurer) gets 2 coins.

    Does anyone know of a plugin/combination of plugins that would perform this? The only one i've seen is CashFlow, and i'm not sure if it can do this.

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on Help, my worlds keep getting deleted!
    Basically, my computer likes to do sudden shut down crashes as it's a bit old but everytime this happens during minecraft play the world I was playing on disappears from the saved world list in the game. What should I do? (I can't afford a new computer)
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    posted a message on [1.0]STRONGHOLD Server in Development! Hiring New Staff Builders ETC
    Out Of Character Information.
    Minecraft Account Name:Willandvicky
    Country: England
    Please Note: You need to have read all of the rules within this Website, and any in-game. Failing to have done so,
    or not abiding by these rules can, and often will result in a warning, suspension or ban. Do you understand
    Have you read through the Rules of the Server, and also have you checked all the information available on this website: Yes

    Please tell us a little bit about your self in real life:

    How often can you play on Stronghold Online: Daily
    Have you got any Roleplaying experience, and if so how much: Limited Rp experience on MMOs and pencil and paper RP.
    Do you have, and can you use TeamSpeak*: Teamspeak is installed but I am mike-less
    Have you voted for the server:Not yet, posting first.
    How did you find out about the server & Were you referred by some or even click there Signature: Browsing through the Minecraft forums for community servers.

    In character Information.
    Characters Name: Willandvicky
    Characters Age: 18
    Please write us a short story (1 - 2 Paragraphs) on the childhood, and growing up of your character: Growing up as a child in a fishing village, an unknown child often took the boat out with his father, one tragic day, however, he was dared to take the boat to a nearby island's abandoned mine and return with proof. Whilst in the mine, a cave-in occured, water flooded in, sucking the boy out into the ocean.

    The young man, was washed up far away from home, with no memory of his past, as the weeks slipped by, he bacame more blocky, reacting to the strong sunlight and diet of his new surroundings. One day a waterlogged scarecrow was washed ashore, with a scrap of paper caught in it, bearing the title Willandvicky. Desprate for company, he held endless conversations with this scarecrow, and came to believe them one and the same, with the name of that scrap of paper.

    Please write us a short story (1 - 2 Paragraphs) on how you came to this land: The confused soul Willandvicky was eventually found by passing pirates and press-ganged, escaping when they set ashore for water, he made his way through the forest until he encountered civilisation. Confused, Willandvicky ran round the outskirts for weeks, picking up language and stealing food, and reassimilating himself.

    He moved from town to town, stealing and being forced out constantly, eventually he chanced upon a new land, ruled by strong nation-states. His many brawls along his travels had gained him proficiency in the world's seemingly most common tool, the pickaxe, and so instead of skirting the fringes of justice he decided to sell his services to a powerful ruler, and ride their coat-tails to greatness.

    Which faction leader do you wish to serve**:Pascal Deveraux

    What role do you wish to fulfill within Stronghold Online: Thief or miner, although I am possibly willing to fullfill play different role if it's really needed

    *TeamSpeak is not required, but recommended
    ** It is important you understand that changing faction is a very rare situation, please choose carefully.
    Legal Disclaimer
    By posting this Application you agree that you are of 13+ age and that we accept no liabilities for anything lost in-game or real life
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    posted a message on What is minecraft missing?
    A couple more recipies for new blocks, a couple more ores, that's pretty much it imo
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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    This is a brilliant challenge, a great advancement on the orevious variations of this, that only have a couple of limited ages, accepted :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Experiment
    I think there's a server like this already, one that lets you join with other players and make villages, that slowly grow into towns e.t.c, I think it's a little regimented though (towns are called so when the reach a certain size, pvp apart from formal wars is banned).

    If you're setting up a server though, I'd be happy to join :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on What do you store in your chests
    I'm yet another hoarder, I collect masses of cobblestone, most of which goes unused, so I have between 8-10 double chests full of it, aside from that, a couple of double chests full of dirt/sand, then a double chest for every group if item in the game (wood, redstone, armour, tools, minerals e.t.c.) I like to keep it quite organised, I usually have the chest resting on a block symbolsing what's inside it, instead of a sign.

    Oh I store coal in my furnaces, if I run out of room, I make more :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Sky Village. (first big build)
    This is nothing short of stunning :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [DESIGN CHALLENGE] unbreakable vault (now in testing!!!)
    I use this on my world, but with obsidian, and I'm not sure if it's been posted, but it's a pretty simple idea;

    Basically you have a cube of bedrock encasing your vault, with only one hole in it, and a lock of your choice on the outside, when the lock is activated, it activates a minecart rail moving a chest on a minecart underneath the hole, allowing you to reach out and open the chest, then send it back with a leaver, I have it set up so that after the correct combination is put in, you can send several different chests foward with different leavers, one for valuables and another for tools.

    Can anyone see how this may be broken into? I'm currently making a demo of it, and I'l upload soon
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