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    I took a short hiatus away from the game (about 3 months or so, maybe more i can't remember to be honest). Came back to the game, went to login and when I hit 'login' it says cannot connect to I went to the website to make sure if anything was down or having issues and there are none. I'm connected to an irc network that happens to also run a server that has an irc plugin installed and so far everyone is able to connect but me. I am able to get anywhere on my browser (that I can reasonably think of), play any other online game on my computer without any trouble, but when I want to play minecraft, it can't connect. I decided to go to another computer in the house that has minecraft installed to see if it was something with my router or if it was isolated to my own computer. I was able to sign in on that computer using the owner's minecraft credentials (he saves them on the launcher) so I exited the program and started it again using my creds, was able to sign in just fine so I know it's nothing with my router or network.

    My computer runs Windows 7 ultimate 64 with kaspersky anti-virus and firewall along with the base windows firewall. I have disabled the firewalls and tried connecting that way, nothing. I have added minecraft as a trusted application to the firewalls settings and nothing. I modified the hosts file to include and and it didn't do anything so I removed the entries. I do however, run wirelessly on my desktop vs his being directly connected to the router via ethernet cable.

    I am currently stumped as to what the problem is and want to play minecraft :(

    It also does the same thing if I try to play from the tekkit launcher and the ftb launcher
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    Make sure Java is allowed through your firewall(s) if that does not work try re-downloading the launcher
    Please post specs for your machine. Or a DXDIag would be awesome
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    I have the same problem. Redownloaded launcher, restarted computer, shut off computer's wifi. I can connect to anything else on the internet except for this.
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    Quote from KiwiKrafter01134

    I have the same problem. Redownloaded launcher, restarted computer, shut off computer's wifi. I can connect to anything else on the internet except for this.

    your issue is because the login servers are down right now, please check the pinned threads next time ;)
    for now just have to wait it out
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    I've been playing for a few months consecutively.

    Until the last couple weeks, it's been working with no issues whatsoever. However, recently I've been getting connection issues when I try to connect to a LAN network. It normally instantly detects it, and logs me in with no problem, but as of recently I've been stuck and the "connecting to server" screen. It just sits there, and nothing happens. Today, I tried to connect to a computer in the same house. At first I had the same issues as before, but after a few attempts, it logged in. I assumed it was a server error, and that it was fixed.

    Here's where the real trouble starts. After two weeks of daily attempts to connect to my friend's world, and failing, then succeding, I was pretty thrilled. So when I started getting the "Cannot connect to" error, I was, for lack of a better term, very displeased. I've read every forum thread I can find on either subject, and have tried every fix I can think of. I've run the game as an admin, I've disabled my firewall, before I stopped being able to connect to I force updated, and even flushed my dns folder, and replaced my .minecraft folder.

    Before these problems really hit me, I spent quite a bit of time everyday playing online with my friends, and I haven't changed any settings since I first started playing. I'm convinced that this is an internal error within minecraft or it's servers, and I would like nothing more than these problems to be fixed. I love this game, and would like to get back to playing it, but for me, everything I love in this game revolves around the multiplayer.

    If I'm wrong and this problem can be fixed, I'd greatly appreciate some real advice, or insight on how to fix this issue. Please don't just redirect me to a link of the troubleshooting thread or flood me with quick fix hints for general connection issues. I've tried all of them, and nothing has helped. This is a specific issue, and a specifc fix is required.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I'm sure many other people are having similar issues. I hope I can get some real assistance.
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    Quote from diamond_rake

    Make sure Java is allowed through your firewall(s) if that does not work try re-downloading the launcher

    I have tried completely disabling the firewalls, as well as modifying the access levels of each application and nothing has worked. I deleted the entirety of the .minecraft directory and re-downloaded the launcher and still get the same problem. I'm wondering if it's something with the wireless network since I am able to connect on another pc in the house that is connected via ethernet but not mine. However, I don't have an ethernet cable long enough to test this and cannot move my router close enough to my computer to use a cable I already have on hand due to the lack of available jacks to plug it into. I'll test this tomorrow night or wednesday when i am able to get my hands on a bit of wires and connectors to make a new cable
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    Well, I was unable to find my wiring to make a cable long enough to test the LAN without actually moving my computer again so I was unable to test that. I have completely turned off my firewalls (unless for some reason there's a firewall on the wlan preventing me from connecting to via wireless), removed all files associated with minecraft and re-downloaded the launcher, added ip's to the hosts file, changed to google's dns, cleared dns cache, and restarted the router. None of this has worked in any way, shape, or form. I'm leaning more and more towards it not working because I'm trying to connect via wlan and not hard-wire but I don't know why it would be this way, again, unable to test without moving my computer and that's currently out of the question due to where it is located and the furniture i'd have to move / wrangle myself around in order to disconnect everything to move it closer to the router.

    #thissucks :(
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    downloaded wireshark and started looking at the transmissions. The one for my launcher just now showed a bad checksum error but when i scroll through it, it shows this: Checksum: 0x7501 [validation disabled]. I'm not a pro at using wireshark or networking for that matter but I was wondering if this was the cause of my inability to sign in and if so, what can i do to repair this?

    the ip it was using for this attempt was

    it tried 3 times and each was a failed checksum so it returned unable to connect to
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    I was able to acquire an eth cable long enough to reach my computer from the router and was able to connect directly without the wan. was still unable to connect.

    options i have tried thus far:

    editing hosts file to direct to specific ip's for and
    editing firewall permissions for java and minecraft launcher
    disabling firewalls
    deleting all things minecraft and re-downloading the launcher
    removing all installs of java and re-installing
    removing java and java directories and re-installing
    clearing dns cache
    have been able to connect using another computer in the house so i do know it's definitely not a network problem at the router

    after doing all of these I am still unable to connect using the launcher but i can if using the browser
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    The connection problems with happened to be server maintenence, and that problem hasn't been bothering me again. However, I'm still having the same multiplayer connection issues that I was before. Is there any chance that the new update has made Hamachi uncapable of connecting you to servers?

    I really want this problem to be fixed. It's unfair to people who love this game.
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