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    Hello everybody,
    I've reinstalled my computer (now on SSD!), and I would like to know if there is a way to get my minecraft success back.
    I've copied the maps I had from the "save" directory, but my success are back to scratch.

    Is there a specific file I have to copy to get them back, or do I have to make them all agrain?

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    minecraft success? do you mean your achievements and stats?
    if so thats not held inside of a map, and normally gets reset with a new jar update, so its most likely lost forever now
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    Yes, I'm sorry, i translated the french term (succès)... That's probably why I didn't found anything on google.

    But I think data is not lost: I still have the old system partition on my old HD... All Minecraft data is there, I just need to know which file to copy... If this is possible.

    Are you sure that a jar update erase this data? I never had this problem on game updates...
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