Crash and lag after a few minutes

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    I have this exact same problem. Specs are I7 3.4 ghz, nvidia 460, 24 GB DDR3 1600 Ram

    I never had this problem until I had to reformat my hard drive when I got my new I7 processor. The only connection I can think of given this information is that it doesn't like I7 CPU's, but that would be silly, and I know for a fact that other friends of mine play with I7 CPUs with no problem.

    Please help us fix this problem.
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    Yeah, I've no idea what's wrong can you explain it a bit more please?

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    Try running on normal distance rendering
    Please post specs for your machine. Or a DXDIag would be awesome
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    Are ALL of your drivers up to date? From the manufacturers? I think it's worth checking FROM the websites of the companies that actually made the component instead of Windows Update.

    What else could it be...
    Were you running with any mods before you re-installed? They could've included Optifine which would've boosted your FPS. But I don't see that happening on a 460.

    Try using the Magic Launcher and launch Minecraft from there.

    Yet another thing might be your version of Java/Windows. If you have a 64-bit CPU, you would be best with 64-bit Windows. 64-bit Windows=64-bit Java.

    The last thing to consider: You're using your i7's integrated graphics instead of your GTX 460, which would be an insane slowdown on such a good system.
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    A year now and I can say that after upgrading my system it fixed itself.
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