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    I own a server named PwnCraft hosted by BeastNode with 6 slots for now, as we are still developing. We can tackle the concept of spawn, and plugins are easy to download. But plugin configuration is mayhem.
    I have no idea how to use PermissionsEX, well basically add permissions (I can create groups and assign members to groups, but that's all).
    I also can't add colors to signs, and faction tags are all weird like for example I would name a faction Ares, and the tag would be [^sdAresd] or something like that. I am also having trouble with setting the chat color of certain users. These are some of my problems that I need to solve.
    Thank you.
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    For anyone to help you could you add a link to your config file download so we could possible help you.

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    Hello I'm a very experienced server owner and i can help you write your perm's and almost anything you need done with it. If you want me to write a pex per file i can let me know.If you have Skype that will help a lot.
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    I know the problem. You need to download and install "EssentialsChat," which comes with the "Essentials" plugin.
    To configure the permissions, add the node under the group permissions. To look up the node, just type on google "(your plugin name) permission nodes."

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