My friend from Germany can't join my server :( HELP!

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    Hi! I have some really issue with my Minecraft Server! My friend can't join me.

    My friend live in Germany, and I live in Sweden. So we can't open LAN. So, we use the Hamachi. It all worked fine, although the connection is a bit crappy. But what do you expect?
    Well, we hadn't play online for some weeks and then we decided to do so again. I downloaded the new server version for 1.4.6. I made a new world too.

    All worked fine, I sat up the server, joined my server. But my friend couldn't reach it..
    I thought something was wrong with my server, so we tried on hers. She could join her server. But I had the same problem as her.. I couldn't join the server for her. I had no connection.

    We don't know if it is Hamachi or something else. We need help with this Q_Q We have tried to re install the server and Hamachi. Nothing works..

    Please help! :(
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    You have hamachi open, as far as i recall, when it is scanning for local servers, the server should pop up, as long as you open a world to LAN. If running a server, your friend is connecting to "localhost" correct? (No quotes around localhost)
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    Well, the thing is, I can't open LAN because she hasn't the same ip as me.
    But I have her written in the white-list, and I in the local host. Still, I can connect to my own server, but she can't. And, we have always played this way, and all of a sudden, it stopped working. it always stands:

    Server connection failed because of time out: connect

    or something like that. And wehn I ping to her on Hamachi, it says that it had a time out aswell.
    Minecraft has no lilmits! Sometimes.... Notch made me proud to be a Swedish! <3
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