Get no lag on personal server, but lag on a server with no one on it help?

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    So I currently have a personal server that is on my computer and a server with Kola hosting. My Kolahosting server has 1G of dedicated ram with a max of 32 players. I am currently just playing on it myself and I am trying to shot videos of me playing and my creations for when my server goes live.

    But the thing is I like 2+ second delay whenever I break a block on my Kola server, while i get no delay on my personal server.

    My ping is 12 m/s, a download speed of 7.86 mbps, and an upload speed of 12.20 mbps.
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    have you tried asking your hosting company who you are paying to host and support you if they can see any issues like cpu getting over used etc.

    what is your ping to the server, not just a generic ping test website?
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