How to fix OPENGL Problems in ATI Drivers

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    yeah so i got the error after I recently upgraded to windows 7. The way I fixed it is by going to windows update then I looked at the optional updates where there were several driver updates, checked them all then hit install updates. Dont know if it would work for all people but its fairly simple to check and takes like a minute to check and 5 minutes to update
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    The following steps also work for Radeon HD 4XXX series. I'd hope it works with other Radeon cards as well. Give it a test and let me know!

    To anyone using ATI Graphics: You must download and install Windows 7 drivers to play Minecraft and use openGL features. This has to be done with precise steps and REQUIRES at least ONE reboot of your PC.

    I've read many guides/walkthroughs online with people stating they've got MC working on ATI GFX using Windows 7 drivers for their Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS. I followed the steps below to make this work.
    1. Uninstall Windows 8 Engineering Sample Drivers. If the uninstall prompt allows you to also delete the drivers during installation, tick the box to do so. After uninstalling the drivers, also uninstall any versions of ATI Catalyst that is installed on your PC.
    2. After your drivers/software have been successfully uninstalled, REBOOT YOUR MACHINE.
    3. When Windows starts back up your GFX card(s) should be running without any driver installed. This can be checked in the device manager under the Display Adapters tree. If it says Windows 8 Engineering sample then you've got to uninstall the drivers again and reboot your PC.
    4. Download the most recent version of your GFX cards Windows 7 compatible drivers. Mine personally (Radeon HD 4890) use the 12-2_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc.exe driver.
    5. I've downloaded and installed the Win7 64bit drivers on my machine and now they show up as ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series in Device Manager. This clearly indicates that I've completely removed the Engineering Sample drivers that won't load Minecraft due to openGL issues.
    6. Reboot your machine after installing the Windows 7 drivers. This is just for good measure. Make sure your cards still read Radeon HD XXXX in Device Manager after you've rebooted.
    GLHF. Just keep at it and you'll find a fix. Don't be lazy.
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    trying above, hope it works
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    I have a Radeon x 1300 and the driver posted in the thread did not work.
    I did find one that did work for me though and I hope it might help someone else too.
    The bottom line is you have to find the driver that will work with Open GL and your video card.
    I found this by searching on google
    Like this;
    "Radeon x1300 open GL windows 7"
    So if any of the answers here don't help you try searching that with your sound card inforamtion and you wil probably find the right one.

    This page has a link to both the 32bit and 64bit drivers that worked for me;
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    thank you for the fix i looked for it for 2 days
    bless you
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