How to fix the "Done Loading" error.

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    what if you dont have windows?
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    Stupid people try to delete the bin folder and get even more problems, smart people use FORCE UPDATE.
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    I am on a mac and i have tried every solution here and it hasnt worked now when i try to log in instead of it showing the done loading screen it only shows try again and play offline but the weird part is that play offline is blanked out and under that is (not downloaded).

    Can anyone help me?
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    Quote from ComradeConnor

    Can anyone help me?

    Your launcher or your Java is old. See the Mac sticky for salvation.
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    My problem is that When I download minecraft it logs in the gets all the files...updates etc. but then it gets stuck at:Done loading wiith the green bar at full...SO I go to my .minecraft folder to see whats up and I noticed I only have my bin folder....Tried multiple times to reinstall java, minecraft, and update it, and restarting my computer but no solutions. Bin has all the files in it but Im still missing the saves, resources, screenshots, and that other stuff from my .minecraft folder
    PLEASE HELP i would be very thankful! BYe
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    Thank you so much! I was quite frustrated and this worked immediately!
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    In regard to your problem with mediafire renaming the file extensions, I would recommend using dropbox.. With the recent issues caused by mediafire I made the switch and it's been working great since.
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    Mac users! I found the solution and it is a little complicated so I made a video showing you guys... I looked forever to figure this out, I hope this helps (This is how you fix it AND keep the Mods!
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    hi this is not working
    any other solutions
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    My Minecraft gets stuck either on the "Done Loading" or on the "Updating Minecraft" screen. When I open the minecraft folder, there is only bin and lastlogin. Also, the bin contains everything that it should but when I open the minecraft.rar, it shows only the "..." and "Meta-Inf" folders. I also tried updating Java but it doesn't work. I have been stuck with this problem for a couple days now, so please help as soon as possible.
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    Hey people! :D :D :D I figured out my problem! You have to uninstall Java and Winrar and then reinstall the latest versions for both of them. Hopefully this helps!
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    When i do it i click run and it pops up but then it disapears
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    Quote from superbo3

    didnt work for me sadly i still just get a black screen after it has downloaded everything again :(
    Same here huh its disappointing you know i've been trying to get a proper one but none found
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