Minecraft disconnects my internet

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    So it's a problem of Windows with drivers/hardware. Linux doesn't crash :S

    My windows 7 won't work @ my normal pc, but on another pc (exact same harddrive) it works.. So i think it is a hardware issue...

    Anyone knows a fix? (or even the real cause of the problem!)

    For the one's who want to know:

    My ethernet controller is an onboard "10/100M LAN, Broadcom AC131"
    Tested with XP and 7, both don't work
    The same windows 7 works on an other computer
    Just updated all my drivers
    Not using any mods
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    Hope Notch knows about this problem, it seems like many suffer from it.
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    Quote from KingDork »
    Hope Notch knows about this problem, it seems like many suffer from it.

    I dont think he can reallly do anything about it apart from a guide because its a completely user issue. So The only way to fix is to do everything the guides suggest.
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    Bug report was made for this issue: http://getsatisfaction.com/mojang/topic ... smp_server

    Go add yourself to it so it gets elevated!!
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    Quote from tediousdelirium »
    Happens to me as well. I'm able to host a server and play in there by myself but the moment a friend connects my internet just turns off. I don't need to restart my computer I just disable the connection wait a few minutes then re-enable it and the internet comes back on.

    This. I have win7 64bit and am using a linkysys wireless-g usb adapter until i get my network card.
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    Got this problem too. Running windows XP sp3, all the connected computers get disconnected but the wireless stays on.
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    Same issue, myself and my friends were on a local network and after about one minute of it working fine, the server boots the others, and i can continue as normal, but as soon as I disconnect my internet is down, restarting fixes this, but we still cannot get a SMP game to work beyond 2 or 3 minutes.

    I read the transmit buffer fix, but I am unable to find this option on XP SP3 (perhaps this is for wireless only? I am running a wired Ethernet into my router.

    If anyone has a step by step fix for setting the transmit buffer for xp sp3, PLEASE post it, as I am unable to find this information anywhere on the internets.

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    Sphinx, I don't think the version of windows determines if the transfer buffer option is available, rather the model of network card that you have. Some network cards seem to have that option while others don't. I have a Realtek PCI-Express GBE Family Controller and I don't have this option.

    Anyway, I joined this forum to bump this topic as I am having this exact same problem. After mining 2-4 blocks consecutively in SMP, I notice that the last 2 or so blocks keep regenerating even if I mine them repeatedly and I can't pick up any drops. After about 30 seconds I disconnect from the server and I've lost all internet on the PC that was running Minecraft (all others are fine).

    If anyone could come up with a solution similar to the transfer buffer increase that will work on a Realtek GBE network card that would be awesome.

    Maybe there is a way to force your ethernet card to increase its transfer buffer through the registry? Does anybody know if there are registry keys for this? If so, you could easily make a registry file that could supply a universal fix for everyone with this problem. At least until Notch or someone else at Mojang rewrites the java code to prevent our network cards from crashing.
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    I have the same problem here =/
    10~15 min playing and my internet goes down!
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    This is still a issue for me :sad.gif:
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    And BUMP.

    This has been an issue for a long time now. It never happens on my laptop, however MC runs like crap on my laptop.
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    Realtek and Atheros network cards have known issues.

    I have an onboard Realtek adapter on my motherboard, and it used to give me trouble - with other games.

    I use an Intel adapter now, and have no issues what-so-ever.
    I'm retired from this forum.
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    So switching from the motherboard's ethernet adapter to an external ethernet adapter fixed this problem with me.

    Also, warning to anyone attempting to update the driver for any onboard ethernet adapter, that I managed to fudge it up when i tried to update via the device manager in windows, so... yeah. onboard ethernet adapters may be crappy, and an external one is like 8 bucks, so if you are having this issue and have a spare PCI slot it may be worth just picking an ethernet adapter up if you wanna minecraft.
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    I have used window xp but i don't have any issue and also my internet works properly.
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    Mine is doing the same thing except in SSP
    I hope anyone can help
    plz reply

    If you hep :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: 's for you!
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    Same problem. Sort of. I tried to add the piston mod (bukkit). Before that it worked just fine. Now i can connect useing localhost just fine, and play all i want. HOWEVER if i or a friend try to acceses it from elsewhere it times out, shuts down my internet (i have to unplug it to get it going again.) and yet the server and localhost continue working.

    There are no firewalls up. I changed the ethernet card as stated above. And its still happening. HOWEVER unlike you all, its not a they play for 5-30mins and it stops. It stops the second they try to connect, and they never even reach the server.

    If i use the server tool from minecraft.net it works. If i use bukkit it does not.

    Also: Bump. :Sheep:

    EDIT: also if you need;

    Pingrate 14| upspeed .94 | download 10.4
    OS:windows vista home
    browser: chrome. dont know how that helps though...
    Java is up to date.

    The server started i am useing is a .bat heres the code:
    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

    And the file craftbukkit--ect is the EXACT same name.
    the MC server port is open (25565) , as is the 8890
    also internet connection is insightbb.
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    Just posting that I have what I think is the same problem as most everyone else, and it just started happening yesterday. Seriously, I ran SOOOOO many ****ing diagnostic tests yesterday and today wondering why in hell my internet is down, and what do you do with your computer that can't connect to the internet and is running a Malware scan? Play Minecraft!

    Only difference is that I get it while playing single player too. The only reason I made the connection between my internet going to **** and Minecraft running is that, for some reason, it worked fine one time and I could read the internet during the night and all that so I was thinking that one of my virus scanners or something found it (and didn't tell me, because they all came back clean). Then I shut off minecraft and BOOM, **** hits the fan. Restart, ****s still in the fan. That's another thing that seems to differ me from the others with this problem: mine doesn't resolve itself upon shut down/restart. So the only thing that's consistent between restarts is Java, because even if I don't run Minecraft, my internet connection will still be messed up.

    So I'm almost certain that it's a problem with Java, and not Minecraft itself.

    I tested that theory by uninstalling, deleting, and killing the tasks of anything that even so much as rhymed with 'Java', and sure enough my internet now works. So I'd dare say it's 100% a Java problem and not Minecraft.

    Will let y'all know what happens when I re-install Java. I'm thinking perhaps I should've installed all those Java updates that it pesters me about on a daily basis.
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    When I was play Minecraft Multiplayer The Disconnected Minecraft I Hate It :sad.gif:
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