(SOLVED) Java(TM) Platform SE Binary is not responding error

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    Give me the video card you have installed in your XPS. I'll give you the link to the latest drivers. It would be nice to have all your specs too.
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    Not to be a complete boner and derail, but I feel I should mention that I was having the same exact problem as the OP, and figured "Well I went to Dell and updated all my drivers, so that can't be the problem!". Then I followed the advice here and got the drivers direct from nVidia.

    Don't ****ing trust dell.com

    They were about 3 years behind the actual current driver for my nVidia card, and now Minecraft (and all my other games that were running like ****) are playing great. Madjack, you rule, even though you didn't directly work with me, you're extremely helpful and probably have solved a lot of other lurkers' problems as well!
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    No probs man.

    As I usually point out, use the MANUFACTURER'S website to update drivers.

    Although I have to say that some drivers can only be updated from the laptop/computer manufacturer, not the video card manufacturer... That's because those bastards most likely use proprietary code and/or have heavily tweaked the hardware and can only function properly with their own drivers.

    Anyway. Long post for nothing.

    I appreciate the kudos. :smile.gif: Thanks.
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    Thanks again for the help MadJack. I've been having such severe connection issues (work computer/internet) that I haven't been able to come back to the board for a while.

    It took me about 8 hours of babysitting the download one night, but I did finally manage to get the NVIDIA drivers from laptopvideo2go, transferred them to my laptop, and that did fix the issue! :biggrin.gif:

    There is one other issue, but it is so trival, I'm not really worried about it because it is probably just related to me having a "hacked" NVIDIA driver. When I maximize the window, my FPS drops to 10-20. If I don't maximize, but instead manually resize the window to fill my screen, my FPS will stay above 30. Seems like it would be the opposite, with windows thinking if you maximize a window, it would have more priority or whatever. But hey, Minecraft is working great now, and not crashing, so I'm not complaining.

    Quote from a fancy man »

    Don't ****ing trust dell.com

    They were about 3 years behind the actual current driver for my nVidia card...

    I've had such issues getting drivers from them. They very rarely update video drivers for their laptops, and then even getting the correct drivers can be a pain. Why do 4 different sound cards come up when I put in my service tag #, which is supposed to be unique to configuration? Same for a couple of video card drivers. It's the same way on my system restore disc too - they could've made it easier for people. If you don't know what hardware is inside your computer, it can be a real pain in the ass.
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    Bleh, stupid Java interrupting my Minecraft adventures with stupid " SE BINARY IS NOT RESPONDING", hopefully the designer will fix this issue with his new patch that will come this Friday... :Zombie:
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    A friend of mine is suffering from the same problem.

    Curiously enough, we have quite similar personal computers. OS, graph card, CPU, he has more RAM and a different Motherboards though.

    Anyway, I can play on FAR without a problem, with full screen and everything on.

    At first we had to update the G-card drivers and mess up with java to get tu run Minecraft and then disaster stroke =/

    I hope lowering the render distance works for him. And well, I hope I can contribute with the final solution as well.

    ATi videocards are kinda moddy, minda that :tongue.gif:
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    I too am having the same problem.
    I am running a brand new Toshiba Laptop
    Intel i5 480
    4 gig DDR3
    Intel onboard graphics :sad.gif: but up to 1.5gb video ram :smile.gif:
    latest java update
    tried a million solutions
    freezes up and have to kill the process, but after killing it minecraft comes right back up
    I am not seeing the video card error like some others.
    I think it is solely a java issue

    If we stick together and keep posting we will either find a solution, or all have our brains eaten by zombies! :smile.gif:
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    Same problem.But my video drivers are updated so is java but still crashes.Here are my PC specs:
    Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
    1.5 gb ram
    Nvidia 9600 gt
    win xp 32
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    ok so the reinstalling thing for java seems to definatly work but you have to go to your add and remove programs in your control panel and uninstall all things dealing with java/oracle. once that is done, go here and download the development kit. hope that works for yall for its the only thing thats worked for me.

    https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.en ... _Developer
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    Oddly I started getting this error when playing Alpha online (using the .EXE) If I change the distance to Normal then its fine but Far causes Java to crash after a few minutes every time even after rebooting.

    I can play Single player using the Far distance without it ever crashing in fact I spent a few hours playing offline today and it was fine, Anyone else having issues only online? (with FAR distance setting).

    Took this snap with my cellphone:

    Running latest Nvidia driver 258.96 (GTX 480) and latest Java.

    Win 7 64bit / 6GB ram / i7 920 CPU

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    It's so darn annoying..

    I tried to update my driver to the latest version, and it worked!, for a while..
    After 20 minutes of gaming the SE Binary **** came up again!

    What'cha guys mean by saying "play by browser" ?
    Is it the same as when gaming on client?
    Will games be saved and such?
    -any downsides :S?
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    NVM: found out about the browser.. haven't bought the game, so can't play (downloaded)..
    I'm going to buy it as soon as I'm guaranteed that it actually WORK o.o
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    Many thanks for the support (had the same problem)
    Driver updated and everything runs smoothly again :smile.gif:
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    i have the same problem i find out wat it is how a bit to fix umm jou get the eror becouse jou already goted that map than de game was updated and the game cant read tings in that map probply and its not in your hol map jou need to find the place in the map where jou not get frozen i maked my spawn by my bas when i go to left side of my map i get frozen when je want a unstuck download loleditor you can change the pos and te spawn of the player than you are free to move but if jou go back to there your again frozen just wait for the fix until that play on the part on your map that good i dont know how to fix the problem may is a other editot or cartograph jou used and 1 thing evry time jou use lol editot log out and evry time jou saved the game and want to use lol editaor make sure that jou open your world in the editor other wise you get frozen to if jou do that tu much
    sorry for my bad englis i got dislectie and im 14 dont by hard on me
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    and make always if jou done somting nice a back up

    i hope this wil help and it works for sure i find this out and works for me but dont give up by the firstime jou changet the post becouse there is a place where jou can free rune arount jou may not found it first and try first to tolport the player to the spawn i thing that isnt a bugy place the bug wil outmaticly go away whit new updates i think
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    oow and what that snake guy sais not realty treu it froze on far distanse beuse you may laud far ther the bugy part of the map
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    Hey! Ive recently bought minecraft. my friends bought it and loved it. ive even played it at my friends house. anyways from the beginning it crashed 5 minuets after playing. naturally i was pissed cause i just bought it and my friends didn't have any problems. so i searched Google typed my incredibly specific error and found this thread. so i did what you guys said and made it so i couldn't see far. that surprisingly worked for about 2 hours then crashed again. so now im going to try the real fixer and update my driver which had driver version 156... yeah i know. so hopefully if i can get this new driver version kicking i wont have any problems! hoping for success!! :coalore:
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    So you are right MadJack! updating your driver helped a lot! i only had it crash one time but thus far its been working like a dream. thanks for making my minecraft game playable!! Grazie!! a thousand times!!!
    Im six feet tall i aint so hand me down!
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    Hey all, there's a quick and simple way to fix this java problem...just change your render distance from 'far' or whatever it's on, to 'Normal'...and then start playing. It works perfectly fine for me, no more "Java not responding error" :smile.gif:
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    This is currently happening to me as well, the first thing I did was to update my graphics drivers and reinstall the latest java. this was still happening and I am starting to presume the culprit in my scenario is pandora online radio. whenever I seem to be running that as well as the desktop exe of minecraft it blacks out java not responding after a few min. I will continue to see how it runs without pandora open. perhaps it is a conflict of 2 java applications running simultaneously.
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