StaticGripped's Vanilla Server LP

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    Hello guys! This is StaticGripped and I have recently gotten into recording on the server (inspired by Mindcrack) I am on and it is an absolute blast. From the editing to the uploading to the thumbnails everything is amazing. I would love if you guys would come and check out what I have been up to. I'm not looking for a huge massive audience although that would be nice I am just looking for some feedback on how I can improve upon what I have already done so that I can produce content that is more interesting and captivating :D Anything you have to offer (constructively) I would love to hear so either comment here or in the video so that I can adjust things to make my videos better for you and the community in hopes of finding a group of people who genuinely want to see what I am up to video to video :D Feel free to subscribe like and comment if you approve of what you see.

    My most recent video of the MindFlip server LP

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    Well I posted a GhostCraft episode and I figured that this would be the place to showcase that along side my LP seris hope you guys like it and provide me with some feedback :D

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    Three Cheers for StaticGripped :D...Love ya bud.
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    Thanks dude I just wish that people would give me feedback :P cause I don't know what people think of it outside of people from the server itself :P

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    Awesome, can I join your server?
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    I don't think so but if you wanna ask just go in my description of the video (MindFlip) and go to Vac, Epic, and JTP and message them to ask because I am not a mod I'm pretty sure we aren't taking anymore people right now but it can't hurt:P

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    I will post the outdated ones on this thread as they become the less recent ones just to expand on the thread and help you guys :D

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