Tips for creating interesting Minecraft videos.

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    Hello everyone. I've been playing Minecraft for quite a long time now. Me and some friends have made quite a few Youtube videos in the past, and some funny moments montages for Minecraft.

    We've recently started a new Youtube channel, and are want to start recording our MInecraft footage again, and posting it online. Some funny moments montages, boss fights, Let's play, and custom map reviews.

    There videos are for us to reflect on our past and fun moments, and to help us get experience in video making. But we also want our audience to enjoy the videos they are watching as well. So we are looking from tips from you guys and advice on what makes a minecraft video interesting and appealing so you want to keep watching more and more?

    I've been looking at other guides and tips, and they do seem to relate to quite a lot of things we already do. E.g.

    *We all have crystal clear microphones.
    *All of our videos are HD.
    *We are all over 18 years old (We knew there is a lot of hate towards kids doing commentaries)
    *We record our footage with fraps on HD, good quality, no lag or low FPS.
    *All videos are edited on Sony Vegas pro, to help them be as good as possible.

    And now we can create our own custom thumbnails for our videos, which is going to be very helpful for us, especially as 1 of our 4 members is very good at photoshop and graphics designing.

    We do have a lot of fun and funny moments together, although sometimes we get a little bored, and don't know what to do. So we're wondering, what advice can you give to us, to make an entertaining and enjoyable let's play or general video. We want our videos to be good, but also a little unique, so we don't end up like 1000's of other Youtube makers or Yogscast wannabe's.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Thanks for reading.

    P.S. We are always record out footage and make videos, so there isn't much point in trying to discourage us about making videos. We are going to do games other than just Minecraft.
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    If you remain consistent and just keep working on providing high quality content for your viewers, the view count will start rising. :)

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    Whenever I'm commentating, I'm moving my arms around as I'm talking to keep my body moving; it helps preventing you from sounding bored.
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    Thank you for the replies. I do try moving around a lot and sounding enthusiastic, however my team are not are passionate about video making as I am. It's taking me forever to convince them to do custom maps with me.

    We usually do funny moments videos, but we also want to do let's plays as well, so how can we make them interesting and appealing to watch, rather than just making funny moment videos, making the whole lets play entertaining. We don't want to have to wait long periods of time for the views the get higher, we want views to be fun so people keep coming back for more.
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