Need Builders, Actors/Actresses, And More For A New Series

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    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Part: Councilmen (any)
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    1. 16
    2. male
    3. All the listed roles are taken so anything that comes up
    4. i can make skins, build stuff, or act, or all off the above :biggrin.gif:
    were doing this bro, where MAKING THIS HAPEN
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    i want to be the king :biggrin.gif: *wild face*
    HELP my Dark dragon :D
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    hope yin and his builders is done building the town and stuff
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    1. 13
    2. Male
    3. I dont seek A role.
    4. I want to be a builder, or skin designer Im best at building but when/if you see me then notice my skin i made it my self, but the main thing is that im looking for to be a builder.
    If you wanna see some pics of things i have made then you can see them in a mail, if you are intreastet, becuse i dont know how to post pics here.

    Note: I culd be a Bagrund actor, those who dosent say anything, but just walks in the baground to fill it out. (After Building ofcurse)

    If the server is white-listed My IGN Is: Zyberpoo
    And my Email is: [email protected]
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    Yin, I was serious about the storywriting part...
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    I know. I put you down for that, Graeme582. But right now we have a story we are going to follow in the beginning. So you'll have to wait a bit, ok?
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    yin am i going to be a pigman or do you have a diffrent part for me? plus why do we need ventrilo to get on the server mewfan?and where can i get it? (i have no speaking parts though)
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    Quote from hellotoyou

    hope yin and his builders is done building the town and stuff

    it will take quite some long time before the series will start :tongue.gif: (i think)
    yin is moving so we should wait on that and the building is just started this week :smile.gif:.
    Have a nice day!
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    1: 13
    2: Male
    3: I will take any.
    4:I can build and will be posting my work in the map section soon. I have also done this stuff before and know what to expect. The only thing I can't do is make skins D:
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    Hey yin did u find me a lead builder yet so i can start building and everything like that

    click on it so it doesn't die
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    1.age 11
    2.gender Male
    3.I would be what ever you want but I'd prefer not to talk.

    I would really hope to be of assistance and plz believe me I dont goto bed at 9:00
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    id like to be a builder
    age 16
    gender male
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    Quote from hellotoyou

    hope yin and his builders is done building the town and stuff

    Ummm we are just getting started.
    But we were working whole night on this.
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    Sorry yin, never got a reply to the post, so I was concerned you didn't see it…
    somebody, though, tell me what the IP is.. I can't build if i'm not on
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    as a Heads-up, from the 19th, and for about 2 weeks, I will not be at my PC at all...

    If an issue appears, and the server is not online, you'll have to wait until I'm back...

    My grandfather is terminal, and NOTHING will prevent my visiting him...

    So, if th servers shut down, be patient, I'll get them back up when I can, until then, deal with it...

    As a note to ALL of the builders: DO NOT BUILD NEAR THE SPAWN POINT!!!
    Yin asked me to tell you that, but apparently, there's been 2 or 3 building groups that didn't get that message...
    find out where the Spawn point is, and o FAR away before you all build there!
    *build giant castle of cobblestone* * Choses to live in the mine itself*
    *Sees Enderman, Pulls out Blaze Rod, and charges*
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    That sucks mewfan. See you when you return.

    Please click me so that I can hatch and grow up into a beautiful dragon!
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    Hello everyone. I am currently moving. So please do not fret that I am not answering. I'm busy with my life and getting setup in a new place. So please, do not post again and say I did not respond. I am busy. With my life. Which is currently moving my stuff from Texas to Florida. I'll get back as soon as possible. Till then, my cast and lead builders will respond and let you know what I am up to. Hopefully. :laugh.gif: Thanks.
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    Hey im 15 and maybe i could be a councilmen and if needed a builder if you have any other parts that need taking and a 15 yr old can take im in. I also have a mic. Thanks :biggrin.gif: :laugh.gif:
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    Yin i got one question.
    Well have you got your own ranch? I mean everyone in Texas has got ranch :tongue.gif:
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