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    So! There was a incredible evening back in last friday, which blew my mind.

    It started from having some pizza with my sister, which I haven't seen for a while (I mean I haven't seen my sister for a while). After the food, we got an idea to get into the movies. We checked what's on, and there was one movie called:

    Hotel Transylvania (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you to watch this movie, folks, it's great!)

    We checked the Trailer and were pleased, so we went and checked out the movie.

    The movie really moved me. I felt very weird for a long time. When I layed down by the ending of that same day, I thought:

    "Maybe I could make a Tribute of a character of this movie in Minecraft?"

    I knew there existed different programs which helps you out planning Pixel Art structures (I just didn't know even a single one of them [and planning it all yourself would only result madness =D]), so in the next day I did some Googling and found one program called Minecraft Structure Planner (I found another program before this one, but I cannot remember the name, and I really cannot recall why I had problems [and what problems] with it, and I deleted it and then found this one). I loaded it and tried it out.

    Well, stuff happened, and I created my first and my second Pixel Art Structures!


    The screenshots of the structures:
    The first one is "kinda ugly", but you can see it:

    The second one, the real thing, "came out" more beautiful:

    I am happy to finally be able to add Mavis' father beside her:

    And then, let's welcome Jonathan in our Minecraft World!

    4.12.2012 - Martha's just in!

    She has small feet comparing to the rest of her body, right? I noticed that as well, but this is the best image from the Internet I could get my hands on, so...yeah =D
    And the block amount is kinda false, since those red edges were calculated in as well...

    I have gotten more material about Mavis:

    18.12.2012 - Yeah, I kinda like building Mavis a lot =D

    On this version of Mavis, I tested out another building program. For the first time, I built her using Spritecraft.

    It seems that MSP made the pictures more "black'n'white", while it looks like Spritecraft can handle better the colour output.

    I think that both programs are good, though I can see a difference.

    And it's sad that I couldn't get her feet in total with the Pixel Art, since they weren't on the picture either.

    I was editing the picture, so the Pixel Art would be seen only in MC's daytime, but when I compared the images, I let the whole plan go. It's more beautiful at night. I believe the reason is because the original situation happened at night as well.

    Some notes and important things to prevent wrong understandings and to get jailed:

    I used Google Images to seach the character's original images, and "transformed" these images as block layouts by using a program, which I have followed to built up the very same pictures in Minecraft (NOTE: I have resized the image in the game).

    What I want to make clear: The only right in the screenshot structures is, that i have BUILT them block by block all myself (is it even a right? Tell me, is it or isn't it). I haven't drawn the pictures myself, which I converted in layouts and I haven't figured out the stories of the characters from my own head, I just told them as I can remember from the movie (didn't even copied any text).

    NOTE: There might be some "pixel errors", since I have built these from thousands of blocks, and might have gotten some blocks wrong...

    I'd also like to apologize, since I know the text can be added much better on these images. However, I cannot handle any "fancy Photoshops", so I will be using Paint.
    One idea would have been to add the text in here...but oh well =D


    I never understood, why people made Pixel Art. If course I realised they look nice, but I really didn't figure out, WHY they are ready to make these things, what makes people making them.
    And then came the day when I was doing one myself. My eyes were opened and I finally figured out, why people make these things.

    I was (am) in so much passion with this whole deal now, that this one (or two) Wonder(s) didn't fill my soul's needs. That's one reason why I may be making other structures of characters related to this movie as well.

    I could post the links of the movie trailer and the Planner Program as well, if I'm allowed to:

    The trailer:

    The Planner: http://minecraftstructureplanner.com/
    The Spritey: http://www.diamondpa...om/spritecraft/

    NOTICE: I wonder, how to post a Youtube video link just as a link, since the video screen in my topic looks weird in my opinion.

    EDIT: I apologize for any misspellings and repeating same things (texts). I did check many times the text I wrote (on the topic and on the picture), but I'm still a human! So if you can have mercy on my soul for the mistakes I have done, I guess we will do great =D
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    Hm. I need to think about something I could write in here =P
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    Could be because of the topic's paste in it's own section?
    Hm. I need to think about something I could write in here =P
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