Small, Vanilla 1.6.2 Whitelisted Server

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    richhayley & SuperSarah whitelisted
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    Quote from Tris514

    richhayley & SuperSarah whitelisted
    am i plz tell me wether i am in or not
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    Unless either Pm'd or listed here, I'm afraid not
    Quote from legopatch1

    am i plz tell me wether i am in or not
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    Quote from Blah_McBlah1

    -IGN: Blah_McBlah
    -age: 15
    -shoe size: 14
    -favourite drink: water FTW! jk, juices.
    -what you'd bring to the community: Sweet builds, knowlage of that "newfangled redstone", and a good personality to add to the comunity.
    Your whitelisted.
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    -IGN: Fuzzy_Banana
    -age: 14
    -shoe size: 7
    -favourtie drink: Root Beer
    -What you'd bring to the server: Cool builds, decent with redstone, and a nice personality to the comunity.
    I hope i can play with you!
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    -IGN Tiamorocks
    -age 13
    -shoe size 9 1/2 mens
    -favourite drink Cherry Pepsi
    -what you'd bring to the community. i Would love to build an haunted mansion and other cool builds and to be cool and meet new people from aeound the world that r playing mine craft p.s i Hate greifers and im am desent with red stone
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    My IGN is Gebuzah.
    I'm Fifteen years old.
    I think my shoe size is ten last time I checked.
    My favourite drink for sure is Coke cola.
    I'd probably bring a bit of humour, I love to help others in bulids and don't mind sparing items. I won't grief or steal anything that isn't mine!
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    Due to a few people dropping out, there are a couple of spaces on the server to be filled. Could this be you?!
    Leave an application here, & I'll get back to you!
    Thanks, Tris
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