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Poll: What are you most interested in on DVO?

The Poll

What are you most interested in on DVO? - Single Choice

  • Interacting w/ Players (Living together, Fishing together, Finding friends!) 16.7%
  • Adventure! (Exploring the vast land, finding cool secrets) 35.4%
  • Instancing! (Partying with other Players to complete a goal) 25%
  • Commerce! (Player Trading, Merchanting, etc) 22.9%
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    Quote from yenbod

    What do you like about the server?:
    I love they have managed to recreate the tension and atmosphere when creeping around an Instance, working as a team is so important when being the Hunter/scout class and that has brought me to love this server from the very start!
    What needs to be improved?:
    Not to buzz kill, but since that last update I've becomes very confused about all the new mechanics as there is no area as of this moment where you can go and get a full run through all mechanics and updates.
    Why people should try it:
    I recommend trying it as from a outside perspective it might not seems so interesting but getting into the basics of the game is so simple and easy. Extremely Addictive!
    Closing Comments:
    Try it. Now!

    Hey yenbod, thanks for the review. Now as for documentation, I will be giving vague information on Instances, like levels, some drop information, etc. But the rest is data to be gathered by the community and compiled at our wiki.

    We'll have the Game Guide up by tonight, so hold on tight!

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    great server! refered by a friend and have loved it ever since ~trey1436
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    Escape the spiders !!!

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    Civz here.
    I absolutely adore this server, the instanced dungeons create an interested way to grind out and level up. The tiered system is simple and fabulous, and I've had a blast every second I've been online
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    This server is amazing as a RPG server , The staff is always there for you . You can explore in the Open-World and discover all the dungeons available . What's awesome too is that you can trade with friend with a trading system. You can fish and then sell tehm to get money. BUT the best is that you can level up and get better attack and skills !!

    Everyone need to try out this server !
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    Amazing server! I seriously think this is a good server. Especially the instanced dungeons! I'll definitely be playing on this server for a while! :D

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    I previously posted a review on this thread at the end of closed beta. I would like to follow up with that review as to write a quick experience of the first week of public play. Once again, I can say that this unique play style blew me away once again! The level cap was raised to 130 and Episode 2, and Episode 3 were released. The unique instances are addicting and you will sure have fun grinding up the 130 levels. Every day something new is going on and the unique play of the server keeps me coming back for more!

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    Username: JustBalistic

    What you like about the server?: I love the fact that everyone on the server is very welcoming and how the dungeons are very well built.


    Why people should try it: In my opinion, I believe people should try this server is because if you like a helpful and nice community that has a really nice RPG feeling, this server is for you. I really enjoy the server and I would definitely share this server to my friends. Thanks for reading this and keep up the good work!

    Closing Comments: I really enjoy this server and would just like to say thanks for all the support that you guys gave me and led me throughout this server. thanks so much!
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    I heard you get gilded treads for this ;) and this server is tons and tons and tons of fun! lots of new nice people constantly!!
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    Well, I suppose I'm ready to make my more detailed review.

    Username: Justin_B

    What you like about the server?: The owner is very open to new changes, so the server is always growing and adapting. Everything is also very balanced, thought it could use very minor tweaking.

    What needs to be improved?: Other than the unnecessary messages, dungeons really need multiple instances in them since people often need to wait for a long time to be able to run a dungeon. Also, I really with that you wouldn't get locked out of lower level dungeons when you level gets high enough so that you could still help newbies. Maybe just disable xp gain while in them to get rid of the "easy grinding" problem? Also, I know Qwah wants people to constantly be needing food, but it's way too hard as it stands to keep a constant food supply. There really do need to be other ways to get food. And finally, there really needs to be more non-dungeon stuff to do, be it quests or just some more open grinding areas, possibly with field bosses.

    Why people should try it: Very friendly and helpful community. It is also a very unique experience, as it really is nothing like Minecraft. It may as well be it's own game that just uses the Minecraft engine.

    Closing Comments: Don't take my long list of "What needs to be improved" to mean that a lot of things are inherently wrong with the server, I just have a lot of ideas.
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    Well, I really love this RPG server because of the awesome mechanics. The staff is really nice and they are socializing with everyone. Maybe there should be more of 1 dungeon because sometimes it's full and you will have to wait really long. Excited to see more people coming in the server and play with them :). This is my Review :3.

    Thank you for reading and happy DVOing.
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    Its the best Rpg server i know And its my 2nd favorite server. I am Happy to be a beta tester And i really love this server Not like my brothers... and sisters.. Well anyway Keep Up the good work Qwah Nicely done :)
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    IGN: xzero9
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    Here comes the guard.

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    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    I recently made a review after playing on this server for a couple of hours and Now that I have played it for some days I have to say It is still as fun if not more fun than before cause everyone is so helpful and polite and really a fun idea for the server anyway so happy I found this sever keep up the good work. Jayo1001
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    We've just posted some new events on our website: http://forum.cypenetwork.com/index.php?topic=329 // http://druneverse.cypenetwork.com

    Go on and check it out, maybe there's something in it for you!

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    Ign: Chloedoggers
    Why i like this server:
    I found this server to be very unique and enjoyable, that was before the update. Now i find the server incredibly amazing especially with more people on more often and more interesting dungeons, Totally worth waiting that whole time!

    What needs to be improved There is only one thing i could think of to make it better
    more dungeons that are solable just with reduced benefits because when i got to 45 i got destroyed trying to solo but if there was one that just gave less rewards it would make things better.

    People should try it because its like no other server ive played on before and adds a new aspect of intrigue into the game!
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    Zaneus here
    I absolutely love the server! So much fun. a great balance on the classes and a great game to play with your friends. I suggest anyone looking for a good time with their friends to join this server. A lot of things are custom coded and I can't wait to see what happens in the future! My only critique is that I wish there were more dungeons in every episode!
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    ">minecraftforum.net/topic/1333551-" />
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    Username: PokeAndDie
    What do you like about the server?: Instanced dungeons are great, shops are well-set up, DVO is a great concept with of potential.
    What needs to be improved?: Instanced dungeons occasionally glitch and you can't complete them, and getting food is a pain.
    Why people should try it: Dungeons aren't rooms with spawners in them, and have actual progression.
    Closing Comments: Lots of potential, I'll be keeping an eye on DVO.
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    Quote from Sandvick

    What needs to be improved There is only one thing i could think of to make it better
    more dungeons that are solable just with reduced benefits because when i got to 45 i got destroyed trying to solo but if there was one that just gave less rewards it would make things better.

    Qwahchees has been saying that this is to encourage people to get into groups, but thank you for agreeing with me on this one. From what I understand though, the 1.2 update will drastically change how experience works, thus eliminating the need to lock you out of prior episodes. You won't get good rewards and you'll gain xp slowly, but you'll still be able to solo a dungeon.
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