Minecraft VoidsWrath Modpack Server

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    IGN: Lisugau

    Location: Texas

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Experience: Tons.

    VoidsWrath Experience: I know Divine RPG fairly well.

    Strong Points: Friendly and play a lot

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: Because something is better than nothing, and there is no applicant below me
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    HOw do i Check if i have a pm?
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    IGN: EbonyPickaxe
    Location: Spokane WA
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Experience: About a year and a half.
    VoidsWrath Experience: Maybe about 3 weeks.
    Strong Points: Mining, building (Kinda), and getting along with people.
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:

    I can hold my temper, (Even when people are being annoying), I have a skype but no mic. (Working on that) and I always follow rules.

    Hope I can join!
    I love how in scary movies the person yells out 'Hello?' as if the killer is going to be like: "Hey I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?"
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    IGN: Da_Bat
    Location: Dallas,TX
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Experience: Two years
    VoidsWrath Experience: Three days
    Strong points: Battle,Building,Im very easy to get along with
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:

    I am very easy to get along with and I am a great builder, I have skype and i do have a mic.
    As I know I may not be accepted due to my late application but I feel i would be a good addition
    to your Voids Wrath crew
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    Age:12 turning 13 in a month
    Minecraft Experience: 1 little over a year
    Voids Wrath experience: Since it came out
    Strong points:PVP,PVE,Mining
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: There is no applicant below :P
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    IGN: morlond

    Location: Netherlands

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Experience: a lot of stuff. mods, vanilla ex.

    VoidsWrath Experience: non, i want to learn with some players.

    Strong Points: building, redstone, rpg talking.

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: why better? why are all the same. we are all one.

    ps have some apples
    :-( ): :-( ): :-( ):
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    Location:NC, US
    Minecraft Experience: about a year
    Voids Wrath Experience:Some
    Strong Points: Builder, Fighter
    Why am I better: Cause I just am and because Minecraft is awesome and Voids Wrath is a cool mod.

    PS Are we gonna use NEI (Not Enough Items)?
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    IGN: OmegaTreetop
    Location: Connecticut
    Age: 12
    Minecraft Experience: Over a year
    VoidsWrath Experience: I know a lot about DivineRPG
    Strong Points: I'm kind and love to socialize with other people
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: Because I like to hang out with other people and not play alone

    My application: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to write something under this because most people didn't, but first off I realize that I am kind of late applying for the server and there may not be room left but I live very close to NY. I really hope to get white-listed on the server because playing with others, is always better than playing by yourself. Also I like it much more when there is a small amount of people and not 200,000! Because the world is destroyed by griefers and it's extremely annoying. Anyways your server looks really cool and I hope to get white-listed! Thanks for reading my application and Peace!
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    IGN: cookie__monsta (2 underscores)
    Location: US, Cali (yep i know, it's far)
    Age: 15
    Minecraft Experience: since Beta 1.6.6
    VoidsWrath Experience: not much, but I've been playing DivineRPG for a couple months and I watch theAtlanticCraft.
    Strong Points: building, exploring, making stuff neat and organized (im kinda OCD lol)
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: I like to solve problems and arguments and also I'm just here to have fun :3

    Also I will make you 69 cookies if you accept me :P
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    IGN: creeperking1904
    Location: Usa, AZ
    Age: 15
    Minecraft Experience: 2 years
    VoidsWrath Experience: around 2-3 months
    Strong Points: redstone basics, exploring, fighting/PvP,lots of info on minecraft/voidswrath
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:
    because i am not a troll and i am not a liar, or a griefer and i will help people
    My application: Hi I am creeperking1904 and i will be happy to help the server with some of the problems it has such as griefers. I will help all with there problems such as questions and greif help i will try not to be mean and i will know allmost all questions. Thank you for reading this post and i hope to be joining the server soon as a admin
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    Minecraft Experience:About 2 years

    VoidsWrath Experience:2 monts

    Strong Points:Caving

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:I am very good at minecraft.
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    IGN: Mukkod
    Location: Virginia,USA
    Age: 17 (actually 16 but birthday is staurday so im pretty much there)
    Minecraft Experience: playing since 1.3 BETA
    VoidsWrath Experience: a few weeks
    Strong Points: Mining and working on my building so i will probably experiment with new styles(sorry if they look terrible xD) i also have some redstone experiance (mostly from watching CNBMinecraft and some of Sethbling's older more redstone heavy stuff.)

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: I'm not better than anyone above or below me. i firmly believe that no one person is better than another.
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    IGN: Darkheart690

    Location: Texas, USA

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Experience: 2 Years

    VoidsWrath Experience: Not much... But I'm willing to learn,

    Strong Points:Not ignorant, I like to work in groups or packs, I am friendly, Not annoying

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: As stated before i am friendly and I am willing to learn due to my lack of experience with this modpack, I cant be annoyed and dislike "Trolls" and The dicks of minecraft
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    Minecraft Experience:3 years
    VoidsWrath Experience:About 2 months
    Strong Points:Building/Mining
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:More Experience with the game.

    My application: I really want to join the server and the original server for Voids Wrath is laggy.
    Also i agree with Mukkod even though i have more experience with mincraft it doesnt make me better than anyone. Also i dont know how you can be better at Minecraft all you do is have Objectives and try to Survive and also have fun.
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    Location: Westerville,Ohio
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Experience: about 3 years
    VoidsWrath Experience: about 2 weeks
    Strong Points: Redstone
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: i have played minecraft longer and is good at redstone but not so much building, i really want to join this server so please reply to me.
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    IGN: _Dzsoni99_
    Location: Hungary
    Age: 14
    Minecraft Experience:playing since alpha
    VoidsWrath Experience:playing for 3 montsh
    Strong Points:building, divine rpg, fighting
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:I didn't check the application below me :P
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    IGN: silentwarrior13
    Location: US, Louisiana
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Experience: Since 1.2.3
    VoidsWrath Experience: I've had a lot of experience with voids wrath ik how to make mob traps and all the dimensions
    Strong Points: Adaptation, Friendly
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: Because, I am trust-worthy, and I'm a nice person to get along with and I am a giving kind of person
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    Am I late for application? (app above) I really hope that I am not. I really want to play and I was always looking for a small community :(
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    Dis my application. no, no get away from it, don't touch it! D: stahp stealing my application no staaaahp :(
    IGN: P4NTH3R27
    Location: Scotland, UK
    Age: 14
    Minecraft Experience: One version prior to the nether update. :)
    VoidsWrath Experience: A week.
    Strong Points: Friendly, Kind, Social, pleasant, mature. I can also be a little funny at times, too. :P
    Why are you better than the applicant below you?: I have toast, I'm above average
    when it comes to redstone, building, and other stuff I can't seem to remember.
    Ps. I don't really care about lag, as long as the server people are friendly. :)

    Enjoy the little joke at the top :3
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    Minecraft Experience:5 months

    VoidsWrath Experience:1 month

    Strong Points:good attitude productive with long term goals and will listen if in reason and mob traps.

    Why are you better than the applicant below you?:Because well I think I can be trusted and if you dont think I can thats fine but If I'm given the chance on this server Ill try my best to do anything on it that will help
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