★☆★[1.4.7] ✔Towny NiceCraft✔ *V.I.P rank for first new players* Earn V.I.P ✔[ /fly ] for V.I.P chill out✔ [ 40 Slots ] chest sho

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    join our new towny server enjoy the nice atmosphere and play for as long as you like :D staff spots open!

    pvp is allowed so feel free to pvp as long as the other player says so :D you can mod app on this forum to with this

    Mod Application:

    How long can you play per day?

    How will you treat people?


    Will you be nice?

    Will you swear?

    Will you promote anti-swearing?

    This server has EndSwear, which is a plugin that blocks out swears and will give you a warning every time you swear. When you get enough warnings you will get kicked and if you get even more warnings, you will get temp-banned for 5 minutes. So plz don't swear.

    There are some ranks on this server that you can earn. The reason you don't have to pay for these ranks is because I don't think that you should have to pay money to have fun. There is one rank right now, and that is VIP, but I will be adding more very shortly. To earn these ranks you must follow the rules, help new players and be NICE and DO NOT ask for VIP or any other position becuase you won't get it if you ask for it.

    1. Be nice
    2. Respect Staff
    3. NO swearing
    4. Have fun!
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    How will you treat people? I will treat people with respect


    Will you be nice? Yes Definately

    Will you swear? No Way in the world

    Will you promote anti-swearing?Of course I would.
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    How long can you play per day?:As long as i need to

    How will you treat people?:I will treat people the way every 1 should be treated meaning ill be respectful, nice, caring etc...


    Will you be nice?:yes, because i want people to treat me nicely

    Will you swear?:Most likely not, but i might throw in a curse hear and there if im really mad but chances of me getting mad is like 2%

    Will you promote anti-swearing?:Yes i will becuase cursing is bad
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