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★Inferno-Factions★ IP: if-pvp.no-ip.org OPEN! FRESH MAP! [McMMO][SilkSpawners][GUI-Shop][Obby-Destroyer][floAuction][Bounties]

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    Comment your minecraft name for Member+!
    the inferno PvP
    IP Address:


    Hi there, I'm the owner of Inferno PvP Faction-Raid. I take pride in owning a server that has been up for almost two years.

    We stride to provide an excellent community for everyone.
    Our mature carefully selected staff, concern for our players and constant uptime make us an ideal choice to play on.

    We're a medium sized server focused on faction based PvP and raiding.

    Our plugins tailor gameplay for raiding and PvP.

    We have an economy with physical shops and a GUI based globalshop. In the middle of the raid and need a creeper egg? Buy them instantly with /shop.

    Players can also set their own prices with our Auction plugin.

    We also have plugins specifically for PvP, such as ArmorHUD that displays your armor's damage levels.
    You can see player's health above their heads when you're fighting them as well.

    ObbyDestroyer keeps raiding intense, TNT blows up Obsidian in 3 hits.

    Once you join the server you can /vote!
    Voting gives you diamonds, money, and other assorted items.
    You can also receive LUCKY items while voting that range from an Ender Chest to god armor!

    Hacking isn't tolerated on our server. Our anticheat plugins prevent this, but anyone trying to bypass them will be banned without warning. We do not treat donors differently from regular players and all bans will last 30 days to permanently.

    Please read the /rules in game and follow them. Failure to do so will result in a mute or ban.

    We offer many donor packages which you can access on the server with /buy.
    Donations aren't neccesary and you can still enjoy the server without them!

    Borders are set at 5K and withers are disabled in the overworld.

    Nether border is 4K

    End border is 1K

    Join us today, while you're here why not leave a comment with your in game name to get Member +?

    + Benefits
    3 /sethomes/workbench (/wb)



    My admin and I try to host to events every Saturday at 6:30 PM Eastern (11:30 PM GMT)

    We have many events to allow for a more enjoyable server!

    Defend the Monument

    You try to raid the tower the admins are defending, PvP is enabled and it's a free for all trying to reach the defenders at the top of the tower


    King of the Hill

    Free for all trying to reach the top of a pillar and hold the top area for 1 minute. Winner receives prizes.



    Free For All

    PvP battle fight to the last man standing. Winner recieves a copious award.



    Self explainable, I spawn in items and drop them for you.
    Owner of Inferno PvP
    join today!

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    IGN = pkanders13
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    IGN = Strike9543
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    ign: UnforsakenXII

    Also, where is the IP?

    And do you have orebfusactor anti-xray? 0:
    Last edited by UnforsakenXII: 12/15/2012 12:29:55 PM
    There is no good or evil, simply perspective.
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    Wow, can't believe I forgot the IP! Truly sorry.
    infernofactions.no-ip.org :D
    Last edited by Ocholocka: 5/31/2013 9:03:52 PM
    Owner of Inferno PvP
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    IGN: Matthew7174
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    IGN= TopguntheGreat
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    IGN = xZakgapx

    One of the best pvp servers i've seen so far good plugins, friendly people, support when needed, overall really good
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    IGN = Blaecsmythe

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    Thanks everyone ;). All ranks = added.
    Owner of Inferno PvP
    join today!

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    ALl good just the lag.
    Because I crash than I am away from the server : (
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    IGN: jasoa
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    Great Server!!!

    IGN : fragzeeh
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    love this server
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    IGN- mudmud6
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    maybe i can become vip again
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    All ranked up :o
    Owner of Inferno PvP
    join today!

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