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    [color=#ff8c00]Our server is a new one comprised of several admins and the will to achieve greatness.[/color]
    [color=#000000]Some thing to know about the server are that we are essentially a new server being only about a week old and are ready for new players. We are currently in a developing stage and are looking for staff members and regular members to join our ranks.[/color]
    [color=#FF8C00]Here is a list of plugins we are implementing or we already have.[/color]
    • [color=#000000]Worldedit[/color]
    • [color=#000000]Essentials[/color]
    • [color=#000000]TimTheEnchanter[/color]
    • [color=#000000]LWC/Lockette*[/color]
    • [color=#000000]Worldguard[/color]
    • [color=#000000]Multiworld*[/color]
    • [color=#000000]HungerGames*[/color]
    • [color=#000000]Iconomy*[/color]
    [color=#000000][/color][color=#FF8C00]* means that we are currently editing or implementing it.[/color]

    Our staff:
    Owner: pwnman6277
    Admins: trabaa, kuledud3101

    [color=#FF8C00]Something to note. We are not enitrely looking for staff right yet. We really want members and if we see how you play and if your loyalty to the server shows we might just ask you to.[/color]

    Also our banner is:
    Adding as your signature we would be oh so grateful. By posting on this forums also you will get free leather armor (any color), food, and 5 DIAMONDS

    [color=#ee82ee]Also please join our website[/color]
    By sumbmitting a Member form you will be a FULL member of the server and be listed on the website as so. Free set of armor and tools along with.

    Waiting for those members!
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    Come on down and jpin the server! We are actually currently working on Ogrimmar. It will be a city where members can live
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