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    Welcome to Xiles, your first step into Minecraft mayhem!

    Sick of all the trite, boring servers that claim to cater to diehard raiding and PvP fans, but suck the fun out of the whole experience with corrupt staff and ridiculous rules? So are we.

    That's why we made Xiles.

    At Xiles, we strive to provide a fun and unique PvP/raiding experience that stomps all over the status quo of typical servers. With a friendly and professional staff attuned to the concerns of our player base, and experienced administrators constantly improving the player experience, we feel we achieve that with top marks.

    As Minecraft aficianados ourselves, we've played on hundreds of different servers, but never quite felt home. We loved the shops and economy set-up of the RPG servers, but weren't sold on the pseudo-adventure concept. We loved the at-war atmosphere of the PvP servers, but hated the power-tripping staff and ridiculous rules preventing griefing and raiding of our enemies.

    That's why we took the best parts of those servers, with none of the bad, and combined them into a delicious blend of gaming that's sure to satisfy your undying appetite for Minecraft PvP dominance.

    Here are just some of the fun and exciting features awaiting you:
    Fun and competitive PvP
    Raiding and warring between rival teams
    User-run shops and central server-run market
    Arena battles, including a Free for All, anything goes mode
    Capture the Flag

    In addition to these fun features, we have several other plugins for the enhancement of your gameplay experience and security of our server. Features are subject to change as we are constantly listening to the feedback of our players and introducing fun new game modes and ways to play.

    We have a zero tolerance policy against any form of hacking, exploiting, cheating, or other modifications to your game client (with the exception of OptiFine). Violators will be permanently banned following review by our staff.

    Be respectful to others. Swearing, spamming, or advertising in chat is punishable by ban. Racist remarks will not be tolerated.

    Nether bases are prohibited. Any base found in the nether will be deleted immediately with no refund of items deleted.
    Nether farms, however, are allowed.

    Any attempt to grief or damage/destroy the spawn area is forbidden.
    Griefing the wilderness is, however, allowed.

    Do not ask or beg for a staff position on the server.
    If you feel you'd be a good staff member, there is an application available on our website, provided you meet the criteria.

    For in-game support, please use the /pe ticket system. This will ensure a quicker response from staff.

    Technical information and hardware specifications:
    1 Gbps upstream for lightning fast response times
    3 GB of dedicated RAM to keep the server running smoothly even under heavy load
    50 GB solid state drive for plenty of our 10-minute interval backups
    4000x4000 map size, spawned with all the resources, NPC villages, and abandoned mineshafts you can handle

    Love Xiles and interested in donating to help keep the fun alive?

    We are extremely grateful for your contributions, and as such, reward them immensely with in-game content. There are several Raid Kit packages available to suit your needs.

    Low on funds but still want to help us out? Vote for us daily! Voting costs nothing, and we reward voting with in-game cash and experience!

    Visit our website for more information on how you can obtain awesome perks for your time and donations.

    Come cross the line into our PvP zone...
    but be prepared for the fight of your life.

    IP: play.xilespvp.com
    Website: http://www.xilespvp.com/
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    Im joining !!! sounds awesome no factions :)
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    No factions sounds awesome :)
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    Woot i love this server!!!
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    Such an Awesome Server!!! I definitely recommend it to others!
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    Is there a shop in this server?
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    I just got 2 of my friends to join for yall :)
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    Thanks for getting them for us. And yes there is a shop on the server. But the real shops are the ones hosting by the donator ranked players
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    If youd like to apply for a position on the server please fill this out.

    What Can you bring to benefit us?:
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    IGN: tj_tenn
    What Can you bring to benefit us?: I am very gifted at building and setting up plugins to websites and databases.
    Experience: 2 years of minecraft experience
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    good server to join recommended
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    thanks for posting ampedfuel i will look over your post! and send u a pm on forums
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    This is such a great server! Good competition and lots of fun!
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    There is allot coming into the server this up coming weekend
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    I love the website yall have!!
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    Great server! He is starting to get the economy rolling now!
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    New items coming to the shop Lapiz Coal Flint Wool
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    Sweet :() sounds awesome
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    Waits the website again i need to register?
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    i think its www.xilespvp.com
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