Tekkit server, no banned items! Join today!

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    I understand if peoples don't play MC 1.2.5 tekkit 3.1.2 24/7/52, but it could be good if he had informed that he is going to go for a trip or something. Peoples are losing interest i think. And btw is the server up 24/7 or just when powerpenguin1 plays it?

    I'm sorry for my bad english.
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    Yeah, I have been waiting for about a week now, it's annoying :/To be whitelisted.
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    guys, another admin on teh server griefed everyone... he banned like the half of us and stopped teh server :(
    i´ll see what i can do about that, after that´s done i´ll go whitelisting peepz again!
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    Quote from powerpenguin1

    guys, another admin on teh server griefed everyone... he banned like the half of us and stopped teh server :(
    i´ll see what i can do about that, after that´s done i´ll go whitelisting peepz again!
    Sounds like a great ****ing admin.. Good luck and try to keep us informed
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    I know the servers down cuz of the horrible admin but for now....
    Why: I love tekkit and play all the time. I've also been looking for a smaller tekkit server WITH NO BANNED ITEMS. It seems they all have random stuff banned like; computers,and glass fibre cable DAFAQ!?

    Exp: Ive been playing MC for 2 years and Tekkit 1. I know my way around each mod well enough to advance quickly.
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    IGN: cheesehead115

    Why: I love tekkit server mainly ones with no banned items so ya and plus I LOVE TEKKIT MUHAHAHA!!!

    Items: I freaken hate banned items if they have them there buzzkill servers

    Exp: I'm not great at tekkit but I'm not a noob
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    IGN: Leader_asd

    Why: Because i want to play tekkit hard without asshole griefer and i like it

    Expirience: 1/2 years
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    IGN: Furious46
    Why you want to join: Because i like tekkit but every server ban a lot of items and i can't use all the tekkit function... and i hate griefer and probably in this whitelisted server there aren't griefers...
    Experience: 2 years on minecraft and 6 months on tekkit
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    IGN: crafty1301

    why you want to join: Because I havent seen a no banned items plus no griefing or stealing and finally i can actually can use all of the items and i can get into it more

    Experience: 3 months and i'm starting to get into it

    note: you forgot hacking
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    why i want to join: because i want to talk to people and have fun with people around me
    Exp:Red power, Industrial craft
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    IGN: Buddy_Rich
    Why you want to join: I Just Wanna Play A Good Server That Has No Banned Items. (whats the point of tekkie with banned items???)
    Experience: Pro. :)
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    IGN: Pokemon1717
    Why you want to join: I have been trying to find a tekkit server with no banned items for a while and this one looks right
    Experience: very good playing for about a year
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    Hey im andrew
    ive played minecraft forever but im new of the sort at tekkit
    ive been looking for a stable well around server that isnt to gay on with the rules and such. i have only been able to find one server which was nuked multiple times and now is gone... id love to join your server and start over again!
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    IGN: MonkeyManGavin
    Why you want to join: Some of my favorite servers are down...:( I need backup.
    Experience: Since 08/18/12 or 8/10
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    Why:i love tekkit! and just want to make something amazing
    EXP:about a week on a server that got shut down and about 24 hours of single player (ic and bc)
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    Why you want to join: i love tekkit, also not many servers have all unbanned items
    Experience:been playing for a few months
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    Been waiting more than a month now...
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    I think I'm still not whitelisted.................
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    IGN:jordhi317 and ct275555
    REASON:want a nice server just to play with no banned items and no griefing
    EXPERIENCE:played minecraft scince 1.7.3 and tekkit scince it was in 1.1
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    IGN: yourdoomothon
    Why you want to join:because i seriously need a tekkit server for me and my 3 friends
    Experience:ive been playing for ike 3 years.
    my friends IGNs' are: devothon,thevoidstalker, and darknessothon
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