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    :)We have moved to a new thread!
    We have moved to a new thread!


    Back story

    All of your friends are dead
    Wiped out in an apocalypse
    which has destroyed modern
    technology as we know it.
    You've got away from the cities
    traveled in the day, when you were safe
    from the mutations that now
    walk all over the earth.
    You think you are safe.
    Oh how wrong you are!
    Night falls
    They followed you!
    They are EVERYWHERE.
    What do you do?!
    You will have to form alliances!
    To battle all the evil of the night fall!
    You will gather and collect enemies!
    That oh so envy your ability!
    You will have to rebuild life as you knew it!
    Finding new difficult solutions to things that were oh so simple before!
    You will have to survive!

    Welcome to our server

    RiftServers is back! We have returned from once being one of the most popular factions, pvp servers; and we are better than ever. Careful thinking on behalf of all contributing staff has employed only the best aspects of both the old RiftServers and other popular servers alike us. We strive to be the best minecraft server available for the public community in every sense.
    Our PVP is extremely unique and we have installed numerous plugins to enhance our PVP and factions gameplay.
    Our factions server is brand-spanking new and has been in development for the best of two weeks. Blood, sweat and tears have went into perfecting this server. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our staff members, Yiggler for his great job on the spawn and other buildings, RideTheDark for his careful planning on most of the permission and group, Mattuw for his hard work on all of our unique plugins specially created for our server and many thanks to some staff whom I may have forgotten to credit.


    Rift is brand new, and with that comes an untouched map, awaiting you to come and utilize it.
    • TNT, griefing, stealing are all allowed on Rift. Whatever it takes for you to win.
    • We are working on an economy which can be credited by voting for the server, donating and winning minigames.
    • McMMO has recently been added, adding the much loved RPG aspect to the game. McMMO has been customized to disallow people grinding for their levels and therefor some skills are capped at reasonable levels.
    • We have many custom plugins on Rift such as SInfo/ which is a virtual guide for new players or SimpleReport which allows admins to be immediately and efficiently notified when a player has an issue!
    • We use the factions plugin and factions chat plugin to assist you in your quest for domination.
    • We have disabled some annoying features that ruin PVP servers, Ender Chests are removed for example.
    • We use borderguard to keep all combat and wars compact, people can't walk for 12 hours to hide anymore! The border is set to 5,000 blocks sqaure.
    • Recently installed plugins, floAuction for selling your items outside of the store, PvPTimer to help protect new players and PlotMe an exclusive world for our donators!


    Donating is a substantial aspect to any game server, minecraft arma or gmod. Donating allows the server to expand and become greater. The money pumped into servers enables us to upgrade and advance our technologies to give the entire community a better experience.
    It's simply impractical to believe that a single person should fund massive projects like RiftServers were hundreds of dollars are being spent to upkeep the servers alone each month.
    To donate:
    1. Visit
    2. Browse for any package you'd like
    3. Select the package, add to your cart
    4. Now enter your donation amount
    5. Pay for the donation via PayPal (don't forget to accept the T&C's!)
    6. Wait for 0 - 10 minutes in game and your package rewards will be delivered!
    7. Enjoy your reward!


    How old is the server?: The server was refounded on Sunday 1st of September 2013 after a haitus that began in January 2013. Yes we have 200-odd pages but they are old pages; we're just reusing the forum post.

    How do I get out of spawn?: It's easy, just look for the signs on end stone blocks directing you.

    How do I become a staff member?: As of 09/09/2013 you should direct a line of enquiry to an Admin and then they will contact me with your request ASAP.
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    Kickass server
    Solution to all your problems:
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    IGN: uplandgibbon
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    Quote from uplandgibbon

    IGN: uplandgibbon

    Promoted :)
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    Great server! Friendly staff and awesome owner! I spend all of my minecraft time here. Great community and pvp fun times! Legit server.
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    Quote from Colton_M

    Kickass server

    Thank you Colton :) Good to see dedicated members like yourself!
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    Quote from hayes19


    Promoted! Enjoy your stay at Rift Servers!
    Quote from ultraweirdo98

    Great server! Friendly staff and awesome owner! I spend all of my minecraft time here. Great community and pvp fun times! Legit server.

    Thank you very much Ultra! I'll add this post to the original post soon :)
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    i like it you don't need to be register right?
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    Quote from Blead40

    i like it you don't need to be register right?

    Promoted welcome to Riftservers!
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    IGN: Toothpickaxe
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    Quote from Flamnick

    IGN: Toothpickaxe

    Promoted! welcome to the server!
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    IGN: Phxmous

    Nice server!
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    IGN: CharlesX170
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    IGN: dragolblaze
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    IGN: santius84
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    Quote from SenicideCraft

    IGN: Phxmous

    Nice server!

    Quote from CharlesX170

    IGN: CharlesX170

    Quote from dragolblaze

    IGN: dragolblaze

    All promoted in one second! hehe
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    IGN: GageRL This is a great server, fun and has a nice, helpful community!
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    Quote from GageRL

    IGN: GageRL This is a great server, fun and has a nice, helpful community!

    Promoted! Enjoy your stay!
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    Quote from santius84

    IGN: santius84
    Quote from santius84

    IGN: santius84

    I nearly forgot about you! haha! Promoted!Nice! Hit 25 players on our first night of re-launch! Thank you guys so much!
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