[Tekkit 3.0.4] New Tekkit Server! [Non Premium] [24/7] [No hamachi]

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    Username: THE_MC_MASTER ( I made this ages ago )
    Age: 22
    Why I would like to join: I thoroughly enjoy tekkit, I love the technicalities of it, and would like to share the fun with more people.
    How well I know tekkit: On the last server I was on, I had diamonds generating from nothing and 2 Mark II reactors. So, good xp in IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft and the wizardry one which name evades me. Little knowledge in RedPower ( I want to start this, mainly to put all that Nikolite to use. ) And RailCraft.

    Do I want to greif? No, im not big on PVP or Greifing.
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    Server will be fully updated after Tekkit for mc 1.3

    - Whitelist Removed
    - Plugin changes
    - Donation system
    - Quarry and blockbreakers working
    - Changes for banned
    Youtube Username: KokkoDoraemon
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    MC acc: Pappskalleswe
    Age 17
    Played MC about 1 year now
    wanna join because i want to try to play with other ppl and build cool stuff! :D
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    Can dreadful2260 and jet691460 be whitelisted?
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    Minecraft account name:Misseriukas
    Why you wanna join?:i want play a tekkit seerver non premium :]
    How well you know tekkit:i'm playing it 6 months
    Do you just wanna grief..?:
    no im not griefer.

    Why you wanna join?:i like tekkit and i didnl't find another server xD
    How well you know tekkit:good
    Do you just wanna grief..?:no
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    Minecraft account name:ramseyp2
    Why you wanna join?:because i love tekkit cant find any good server
    How well you know tekkit:verey well
    Do you just wanna grief..?:no way
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    Minecraft In Game Name:Skylord_Jemmy28
    Why you wanna join?:It's because i like to play with people and find new friends.
    How well you know tekkit?:Well,I watch the yogscast playing it and i've played it myself.I've made quarrys and stuff.
    Do you just wanna grief?:No!Why would i. I really hate the people that griefs.
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    Can I be whitelisted
    name: Alokin000
    and also my brother
    please! :)
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    Minecraft account name:XgenMagma
    Why you wanna join:Because I want to play with more people instead of by my self.
    How well you know tekkit:I know it pretty well.

    Do you just wanna grief..?:No, I hate
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    hey.... Duralmina whats wrong with the server? its not working...
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    Minecraft account name: skinerdean and my brother Bok__Bok
    Age: 14 and 16
    Why you wanna join?: We have been looking for a cracked tekkit server for ages but could not find any. We also want to play tekkit with others and build a food factory and learn how to play better.
    How well you know tekkit: Not very well. We just started 3 weeks ago, but we do know how to make some basic machines.
    Do you just wanna grief..?:
    No because there are no cracked servers, so if we greif this there will be no others to play on.
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    Minecraft Name: sauceman25
    age: 16
    Why i want to join: i havent been able to find a small tekkit server and i am having trouble running my own
    How well you know tekkit: i know tekkit very well and i am pretty good at using the different machines
    Do you just want to grief: i have played on other public servers and hate griefers a ton. so in other words no i will not grief at all
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    Minecraft account name:Jorgemlm
    Why you wanna join?:Tekkit is really fun and the server I played in it's down
    How well you know tekkit:A lot, also if i dont know something i look for it in wiki.
    Do you just wanna grief..?:
    There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
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    Minecraft account name: Mangals
    Age: 17
    Why you wanna join?: Its boring play tekkit with myself

    How well you know tekkit: abaut 20% of all tekkit no more... :(
    Do you just wanna grief..?: Never doing that, for me its no fun...
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    Minecraft account name: Inf4m0uz
    Age: 20
    Why you wanna join?:I like to play with real players instead of pve.

    How well you know tekkit: Not an expert, but wel experienced.
    Do you just wanna grief..?: I hate that!
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    I want to join!
    My IGN is Labeedcraft!
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    acount name:dominater987
    why you want to join?: looking for a good tekkit server
    how well do you know tekkit?:i know how to make a few simple machines.
    just want to grief?:let chuck norris roundhouse kick every griefer in the nuts
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    Is the Server still up, i can't connect to it??
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    I want to join
    Minecraft account name: SuperLaluigi
    Why you wanna join?:i Love minecraft and every server dose not work exept this and i wanna play tekkit with someone!
    How well you know tekkit:i know some but some i dont know so i am just a half of bigginer you know bigginer/2
    Do you just wanna grief..?:no i am no greifer i respect people
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    minecraft account name: rb_vs_mc1000
    why i wanna join?:i really love minecraft and all mods i am not a hacker or even greifer so you will be able to trust me a.k.a i know all the things to make for it
    how well you know tekki: like i said i know all the things to make :D
    do you wanna grief..?: nope hate them so much i banned some once but i respect other people tho
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