Minecraft Omega 1.7.9 | Runecraft,Mob Arena , McMMO, full economy, last server you need!

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    Join now at server.minecraftomega.com
    Visit our forums at www.MinecraftOmega.com
    A server is by the players, for the players
    Please feel free to join the world, set up camp, and make yourselves at home. Invite your friends. Start a community. This server is by the players, for the players - it will grow and evolve based on what the community desires. The ultimate goal: have fun! Basic common sense rules apply. There is PVP on our server, for those who enjoy it; and plenty of ways to avoid PVP, for those who don't!
    Current plugins / features:
    • Essentials-Towny:
    • Join a town or start a new one.
      Create a nation, become king.
      Protect your creations inside a town.
    • Player run shops
    • Chest and door locks, private and password protected locks
    • Full featured economy
    • mcMMO -
    • RPG style skills and abilities
    • WorldGuard and NoCheat
    • Protection from griefing and hacking
    • Instant $1,000 in game for voting on server daily. (see forums)
    • Superior permissions and help systems
    • Cutting edge administration tools
    • Server performance enhancements
    Omega Classic
    The realm for everyone

    Omega is a land of milk and honey. It is where players can live in harmony and prosper. An active staff and caring community create a peaceful community. A community where players can still duke it out...but can live in towns and build to their hearts content without fear of being griefed. The realm of omega is built with the common player in mind. Player ran towns and prospering cities are common place in this realm.

    What is in the Omega realm?
    Our goal in this server is to provide a rich, dynamic environment where players of all interests and ages can enjoy themselves. This comes with it's challenges, but we as Admins are committed to providing a balanced social and economic configuration that will meet everyone's needs. Our server environment is constantly undergoing changes to maintain this balance. The enjoyment of each individual player on our server is our first priority, and we won't tolerate anyone who doesn't share that ideal with us. >>rules<<
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    Bumping for awesome
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    Please don't 'bump' for the sake of bumping per forum rules - we don't want to get taken off of here.
    But it's perfectly acceptable to provide updates, comments, thoughts of the hour, etc. :smile.gif:

    The data center has improved the quality of our connection and we are performing better than ever.
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    Just wanted to add that we are professionally hosted and have a 99.9% uptime.

    Never worry about your favorite server being offline. I work 24/7 to maintain server availability.
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    We are looking for new players. Brand new world generated on 10/24.
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    Just wanted to point out, if you have issues running Minecraft regardless of the server you are on, download and run http://www.malwarebytes.org/ to clean up your system. It makes a world of difference if your system is more than 6 months old.
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    Just created a large pine forest at spawn to help new players out with wood.
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    Admin group has been created for future admins.

    Looks like I'll get some former admins from the previous server to help out, so that's good.
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    Several new towns have been set up and we have been getting quite a few new players. GREAT. We are still looking for more.
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    I am getting ready to implement MCBans, a global minecraft blacklist.

    In essence, this will auto ban any known griever based on their reputation with other servers and should definitely eliminate 95% of all possible grievers from even joining to begin with.

    Brought to you by the letter S. As in Screw grieving.

    p.s. We haven't had issues really but I'm putting in safety measures so we don't have to deal with it!
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    Haha we just had some idiot post our server info all over planetminecraft with "everyone will be admin" attached to it. Got a lot of joins but angry players. Had post removed.
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    The problem where players will disconnect up to a couple of times an hour will be solved tomorrow when we move to a new data center provider. The new server will be located in the mid USA with faster and more reliable network connection times around the world.

    Nothing in game will change, we will move everything as-is to the new server. We are 100% against map resets.

    The Omega team is dedicated to providing the best Minecraft server experience possible.

    Happy Minecrafting!
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    We've decorated for Halloween. :smile.gif:
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    Need to get us some more players, great server, great people, nuff said
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    We have moved to a better, faster server located in central USA. It has cut ping time in half for most players!
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    We should have MCBan installed soon.
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    The first world settlement has taken off. Three friends who carved out the first town have really grown. I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll invite you to the inn for a meal and a room for the night.
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    We just advertised on planet minecraft and got a ton of new players. Come join the fun!
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    Congrats to bronson2011, our first moderator. He joins us from the past Omega and is an excellent choice to keep bad players out of your way.
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    Happy Halloween weekend! Rumor has it that a pumpkin patch will appear somewhere in game soon.
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