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Republica [1.7.4!][Towny][McMMO][PvP][Economy][Events][Anti-Grief][Anti-Cheat][Dedicated][16GB]

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    Teamspeak Server:

    Now on 1.7.4!

    Server Specs:
    i7 2600k
    16GB RAM
    120GB Solid State Drive

    Are you tired of overcrowded servers where you are just another face in the crowd?
    Are you sick of playing on servers where Moderators and Admins break their own rules?
    Do you hate voting, repping and whoring out a server just to join?
    Don't want to be shoe horned into an existing town?
    Do you dislike overly restrictive building rights and/or permits?

    If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, then Republica is the place for you.

    Republica is a survival server based around community and the formation of towns and nations. Players are encouraged to go out and live in an existing town, make their own town or just live off the land in the wilderness. Each choice has it's own rewards and drawbacks and it is up to the player to decide which path they want to choose. Luckily for you though, your choice doesn't have to stick with you as you can join, leave or start your own town whenever you want!

    We don't want to be the next "big" server, we just want to play Minecraft. We aren't going to make you vote for us on list site, make you post here in this thread, make you rep this thread nor make you put one of our banners in your sig (though if you want to do any of those things that would be awesome).

    Republica has a dedicated staff of Moderators and Admins that are here to server you, not themselves. Each member of the Republica staff is handpicked by SupahTree. Each one is the embodiment of the values we look for in our server: Honest, Helpful, Dedicated and Responsible. We don't take applications for staff nor do we look outside the server to fill these positions. If you want to be a Moderator or Admin, you'll have to show us.

    We have a suite of plugins and tools that keep you and your buildings safe from griefers while continuing to give you freedom of choice on where (and how) you want to build. We won't force you to build in a small predetermined plot nor will we force you to join a town. Reported griefs are rolled back instantly and the perpetrator(s) are dealt with. We do understand that sometimes people make mistakes so we always allow users to contest bans and we will listen to your side of the story.

    :Diamond: Application :Diamond:


    Fill out the following and post in this thread or on our forum to recieve your promotion to FNG
    IGN (In Game Name):
    Steam (optional):
    Referred? By whom?:
    Where did you find the server?:
    Reason for joining:
    What you do best in minecraft:

    :Diamond: Promotion :Diamond:

    Rank Requested:
    Last Promotion Date:
    How often do you play on the server?:

    :Diamond: Ranks/Current Staff :Diamond:
    What better way to show off your time on the server then with a flashy in-game rank
    • Guest
      • This is the default rank for players. This rank is mainly for people to look around and get a feel for the server before joining. Guests can't build or destroy. They have access to the following commands: /motd, /rules, /me, /spawn, /money, /t spawn
    • ‚ÄčuFNG
      • ‚ÄčThis is the first rank you can receive on the server. When you first spawn on the server, there is a sign in front of you. Right clicking this sign will promote you to uFNG. This rank as almost all the same rights and privileges of a full FNG except for the following: Can't set a home, can't create a town/nation (can still join an existing one though) and can't use water/lava buckets. To become a full FNG, you just need to put in an app here on this thread or on our forum.
    • FNG
      • This is the first "official" rank you'll receive. As a FNG, you'll have access to almost all the base commands of the server. FNGs can create or join a town/nation, start a shop, and set a home.
    • Regular
      • After one week of getting the FNG rank you'll be eligible for a promotion to Regular. This rank offers no increase in abilities from the FNG rank, but is more of a badge of honor.
    • Seasoned
      • After two weeks of being a Regular, you will be eligible for a promotion to Seasoned. Seasoned players have access to two /homes
    • Veteran
      • After three weeks of being at the Seasoned rank, you'll be eligible for a promotion to Veteran.
    • Elite
      • After four weeks of being at the Veteran rank, you will be eligible for a promotion to the rank of Elite. Elites will be able to set three homes.
    • Legend
      • After six weeks of being Elite, you can request a promotion to the rank of Legend. As a Legend, you will have access to five homes as well as a featured spot in our Hall of Legends (located at spawn).
    • Myth
      • After twelve weeks of being Legend (and a few other requirements), you can request a promotion to the rank of Myth. As a Myth, you will have access to additional homes and special event privileges. Only a few players in Republica history have earned this ultimate rank.

    Our staff:

    Emma137 - Artichoke11


    xXProdigalXx - Str8upSkillz


    Perolan - nhmopolis - Cobra831- Isgie

    :Diamond: Donating to the Server :Diamond:
    Running this server isn't cheap and if you want to help out a bit, we'll throw some cool stuff your way!
    • Iron Donator ($9.99)
      • [Donator] Tag
      • /tp back command
      • /jumpto, /up, /unstuck, /ascend, /descend, /ceil commands
      • 1,500 in-game cash
      • 5 Homes
      • Full Set of Iron Tools + Armor
    • Gold Donator ($19.99)
      • [Supporter] Tag
      • /tp (player and coords) and /tp here command
      • 2,500 in-game cash
      • 10 Homes
      • Custom Forum Title
      • Full Set of Diamond Tools
    • Diamond Sponsor ($29.99)
      • [Sponsor] Tag
      • 4,000 in-game cash
      • 15 Homes
      • Custom Forum Title
      • Custom In-Game Rank
      • Can use certain WorldEdit Commands (Listed here)
      • Full Set of Diamond Tools + Armor
    • Trustee Sponsor ($39.99)
      • [Trustee] Tag
      • 6,000 in-game cash
      • 20 Homes
      • Custom Forum Title
      • Custom In-Game Rank
      • Trustee Rare In-Game Item
      • "Survival Starter Kit" of Materials and Items
      • Can use all Diamond-level WorldEdit Commands (Listed here) plus //set, //replace, //move and //stack
      • Full Set of Diamond Tools + Armor
      • Can Use /hat Command
    How to Donate:

    Head on over to http://republicasmp....index.php/store, click on the "Basic Donator Packages" and the rest should be self explanatory. If you have trouble viewing that page, there is a link at the top that should take you to a different version.

    You can also donate in-game using the command /buy

    **abuse of these commands/rewards will result in you losing them and no refund will be issued. Consider this your warning**

    :Diamond: Rules :Diamond:
    • No Griefing
      • ?There are a wide variety of definitions for griefing, but it basically comes down to: Don't destroy or modify someone else's work without their permission. If you are unsure of whose property it is, just leave it alone. If you are unsure about whether or not your actions will be interpreted as griefing by staff, please don't hesitate to ask an Admin or a Moderator.
    • No Hacking or using glitches
      • ?Don't use glitches to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. If you find a glitch, please let staff know so it can be taken care of. Not saying anything and abusing a glitch will result in harsh penalties. Also, any player found to be using a hacked client will be dealt with harshly. If you have questions on what defines a hacked client, please don't hesitate to ask. We do allow a few SMP mods (such as mini-maps) to be used on the server, but hacks/mods like xray are strictly forbidden
    • No Racism or Discrimination against other players
      • ??This is pretty self-explanatory. Please don't use racist, sexist or homophobic language, slurs, skins, etc while on the server. If you have a skin that breaks this rule you will be asked to change it. Failure to do so will result in a permaban.
    • Follow Town Rules
      • ?When in a town, you are required to follow all their town rules. If you disagree with a towns rule(s), either stay out of the town or bring it up in a respectable fashion either here or on our forums. If you make a habit of breaking town rules, you may be prohibited from ever joining a town or if it is an extreme case, you may be banned from the server.
    • Don't ask for money or items from staff
      • ?At it's heart, this is a survival server and will stay as such. Asking for items/money gives players an unfair advantage over others. Making a habit of asking will result in harsh penalties (i.e temp bans and permabans).
    • Don't leave floating trees or 1x1 towers
      • ?They are just ugly. You can use 1x1 towers while building, but please remove them once you are finished.
    • Respect all players and staff
      • ?Occasionally towns fight and this really can't be avoided. Please refrain from making personal verbal attacks on other players. We want this server to be an open and inviting place, but if people go around insulting each other, that can't happen. Making a habit of personal attacks will result in temp bans and eventually a permaban from the server.
    • PvP
      • Pvp is on in the Wilderness areas of the server. If you don't wish to participate in this, we highly suggest you join a town as most of them are PvP-free zones. You will receive a message when are you entering or exiting PvP-free zones. Please don't complain or ask for items to be returned if you are killed in the Wilderness.
        • Don't set a /home in or near another player's home in the wilderness with the intention of using it for PvP purposes. Making a habit of this will result in you losing your /sethome privileges.
    • Stealing
      • Stealing from unlocked chests is allowed and even encouraged. Please don't complain and/or ask for items to be returned if stolen from an unlocked chest. It is up to the individual to take care of their belongings.
        • Glitching or otherwise circumventing the chest locks will result in a tempban and if it becomes a habit, will result in a permaban.
    *Please note that the Moderators and Admins are responsible for the smooth running of the server. As such you may be kicked and/or banned for any reason, not just the ones listed above. If you think you were removed from the server unfairly, please post an appeal here.

    :Diamond: Banners :Diamond:

    If you want to show the server some love in when you post, here are some banners you can use. Feel free to make your own. Send me a PM if you want yours listed here




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    IGN (In Game Name): xXwickerXx
    Steam (optional):
    Reason for joining: I love the city!
    What you do best in minecraft: Build Buildings.
    Favorite Movie:I can't choose.
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    IGN (In Game Name):UnforQiving
    Steam (optional):
    Reason for joining:I think this server would be fun. And I likes cities.
    What you do best in minecraft: Build and Plan Buildings :Bench:
    Favorite Movie: Avatar in BluRay

    ~an Unforqiving offense~
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    added xXwickerXx and UnforQiving
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    We now have a teamspeak 3 server (not 24/7 yet though)
    IP: default port
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    IGN (In Game Name): azn007
    Age: 15
    Steam (optional):
    Reason for joining:i want to try out pvp and servers like these
    What you do best in minecraft: im learning about red stone circuits and mining in caves and rushing to kill monsters(most of the time i die but it's fun)
    Favorite Movie: inception
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    added azn007
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    IGN (In Game Name):Sando99
    Reason for joining: looking to try out a fun pvp server
    What you do best in minecraft: help out others
    Favorite Movie: shaun of the dead
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    added Sando99
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    Name: xmin
    Age: 14
    Fav moive: Spaceball or Inception
    Why: because most of my friends are on this sever
    What im good at: Fighting mosters and taling
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    added xmin
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    im wondering its says im banned from the server and so is fearless is it a bug or have we been bad? :tnt:
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    Quote from monk_hayden1 »
    im wondering its says im banned from the server and so is fearless is it a bug or have we been bad? :tnt:

    you have been banned. multiple griefing incidents
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    what about fearless he didn't do anything
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    Quote from monk_hayden1 »
    what about fearless he didn't do anything

    yes he did
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    Is the server down? or do I have terrible internet connection?
    I has internet?


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    Quote from JediPhantom »
    Is the server down? or do I have terrible internet connection?

    the server is up
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    Is the server really full or do I have terrible internet connection?
    I has internet?


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    Quote from JediPhantom »
    Is the server really full or do I have terrible internet connection?

    its on your end, i've had no problems connecting and i haven't heard of anyone else having issues
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    IGN (In Game Name):su353
    Steam (optional):i had it dont got it no more
    Reason for joining:It looks like a hell of alot of fun and seems interesting
    What you do best in minecraft:Building houses,shops and mining
    Favorite Movie:Forest gump
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