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    This is Buxville, one of the longest running, feature packed SMP Minecraft servers. We have a stable base of reliable admins and moderators and are always looking for more players to expand our awesome community!

    :iapprove: :iapprove: Notch shout-out for Buxville :iapprove: :iapprove:


    Official Trailer

    Buxville is a huge and dynamic world full of mature, creative and motivated players that help make the server a friendly and exciting place to be. With many server plug-ins it is far from Vanilla but sticks to the core principles that everyone should be able to mine and build while offering some of the most advanced grief and theft protection there is. There is never a time when the world is lifeless and many reasons why, If you would like to join the server, please read the whole of this post (It's long but you wont regret reading it all :P ) and instructions at the bottom.

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: Buxville: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    1. General Info
    Our sites
    World maps
    Server Hardware
    Comparability Info
    2. Buxville's Roles system
    3. The economy of Buxville
    Currency and Trading
    Complex Economics
    4. The features of Buxville
    Integrated Cuircuits
    Minecart blocks
    MCMMO skills
    NPC quests
    Trading missions
    Mob Arena(PVE)
    And a lot more!
    5. Multiworlds
    Nether PVP
    Dungeon World
    End world
    6. The Buxworld
    7. Join Buxville!

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: Our Sites :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    Website and Forums

    Login Queue

    Bux Wiki

    Bux Chat-box

    Status feed

    :grass: :grass: :grass: World Maps :grass: :grass: :grass:

    View of the current 3D and 2D map(Toggle buttons to switch between map views, and different worlds!)

    :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: Server Hardware :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone:
    • Fastest MC hardware available (140- plugins, 180- online, proves it)
    • 1 Gigabit, 24/7, multi-backbone super-duper interconnects
    • Running highly tweaked Java JVM, optimized for Minecraft
    • Highly optimized Unix server, blazing speed!
    • 3x SSD raid0 storage.

    :coalore: :coalore: :coalore: Comparability Info :coalore: :coalore: :coalore:
    • Always running latest Minecraft version
    • Bukkit server mod
    • Loads of Bukkit plugins for various features
    • Regular backups and nightly map generation (links above)
    • NO Whitelist, instant access!

    Our Roles system transforms the sandbox game into an addictive RPG that encourages all players to interact and help each other in order to excel. It provides a goal that gives you motivation for all the mundane tasks.The core elements remain, so it is still the game that you know and love. The role structure is carefully crafted so that each Role has important perks which are balanced with the others. It does not take away the core elements, that make Minecraft so great, from any of the players. Everyone is able to mine, farm, hunt, and build just the same as they could in the normal game (with a few small exceptions).

    There are 19 Roles:
    Everyone starts out as a peasant, without a role. Much like throughout history the peasants are the ones who fuel the economy with resources that they have collected through the standard means, then the players with roles buy those items to use, sell on for profit , or make into more advanced items to use or sell on for profit. As you advance in the world you gain ranks in your role much like your social class. The lowest ranks of the roles offer basic perks but as you rank up the possibilities for profit and fun increase, but so does the cost. This process requires patience and for many members will take weeks and months but it always feel worth it when you reach the next level. With every rank you go up in your role, you unlock new roles, abilities and perks. Not to mention more respect from within your role and on Buxville; sometimes even a shiny new chat colour as well :P .

    You'll need to make your first Bux (The currency on Buxville) by working for others, selling mined materials to a shopper, working on tree farms, you name it. Once you've made enough Bux to join a , you'll have an important decision to make!

    Alchemy role

    "More of a hermit than man of science, the proficiency of Buxville's alchemist knows no bounds, this reclusive philisopher can be found only if you prove your metal is more than a little "Fool's Gold"."

    Players who choose the Alchemy role will gain power to transform materials into other materials. By using a cauldron(3x3 air in the middle, 5x5 square of obsidian blocks) they can use their slimeball to activate their powers. When you level up, the cooldown per transmute will decrease and you will unlock so at the highest level you can instantly transform any materials.

    Banking role

    "Passing 'neath the arch, along the road you will see the secure and safe Bank of Buxville, inside aught escapes his methodical gaze. A man best known for his diligence, but not his wit the "Grey Blur" Banking cares only for his numbers, perhaps you seek his favour."

    Players with the Banking role can put their money into the Bank.

    Per day, they can earn interest on the money they have inside the bank. At higher levels you unlock view into the stock market and even trade.

    Combat role

    ""Stand and fight or stand and die!" Immortal words, all the more poignant when he who shouts them stands before you, wielding his sword 'Creeper's Bane'. If you wish to test your mettle and see if you can catch your quarry, bear down on Combat and tell him to teach the path of the sword. Just remember the 1st and 2nd rule!"

    Players with the Combat Role have access to the MCMMO skills that relate to Combat. Skills such as swords, axes and unarmed can be devastating when high levelled, killing people with full diamond in 3 hits.
    Later on, you receive spells like Fireball, Disarm and Blind which will greatly aid you in battle against others in PvP zones in towns and in the Nether

    Construction Role

    "The noble architect of fair Buxville stands with his staunch Arch at the heart of the city. Strong of hand and slow to anger the Constructor, the builder of Builders awaits thee, mayhap you can learn his secrets."

    Players who choose the Construction Role gain access to some of the most fun and amazing tools. Bridges, Gates and giant Doors can be created by just writing on a sign.
    With a higher rank, comes nether portal creation, a Stargate network, factories and bedrock placement. These are some of the most powerful tools on Buxville, and if you use them right, you can make a lot of money.

    Control Role

    ""Heh. Come closer little playthings." Control croons as you walk by "You are merely marionettes in my skilled hands". A clever and manipulative character, those wishing to follow in his footsteps need to show they know how to hold others' very lives in their palm and when to crush them."

    Players who follow the Control Role are destined to become leaders. You can become a Town Deputy and a Mayor, but Control goes beyond that. Access to using Villagers, Command and Donation Signs, Continent Council and even ability to change the MOTD, which every single player will be shown upon their login.

    Demolition Role

    "Whereas his stronger cousin seeks only to create and frolics in the admiration of other, Demolition is an angry man, fraught with maddening dreams and always the ringing in his ears. However this urbane and erudite individual is known as "Sooty" to his friends for his sulphur infused clothes."

    Players with the Demolition Role get access to permanent silk touch wherever they go, infused into their hands. The ability to destroy inactive players buildings and claim their possessions, use of TNT, Virtual trash can, Virtual uncrafter, and the ability to kill all monsters in an area with one click.

    Gaming Role

    "Many people gamble lives for profit, but should you wish to try your luck, reach for the stars and increase your worth, step along to that rosy Casino wherein Gaming the Fair will heed your wishes and show you his tricks."

    Players who choose Gaming are given access to many Gaming commands, like /roll to roll a die, use of fireworks, turnstiles, Card Games like Poker and Blackjack and Custom Lottery Creation.

    Gathering Role

    "Whether logs, diamonds or obsidian this rogueish and burly fellow will instruct you how to dig, mine, chop and Drill though the world. Don't take no for an answer, tell him you want to learn Gathering and he will fold like a tree felled."

    Gatherers are one of the most profitable roles. Use of Drills, Double Drops for Mining, Super Breaker and Access to Herbalism.

    Husbandry Role

    "To say that he is a fisherman isn't enough, he has a bigger boat of Skills in the sea of animals. He is the King, as proud as a Lion, come humbly to him and ask him to teach you his wisdom of life's circles."

    Husbandry is the Role of nature and its creatures. Players with this role get access to Fishing and Taming in MCMMO, as well as Dragon Taxis and Pet Bombs. Pet Bombs are Mob Spawners that, when destroyed by a Player with the appropriate Husbandry level, will release hundreds of animals around the area.

    Mechanics Role

    ""2-3 days best I can do" says Mechanics, as he inspects your minecart "then we can have the boosters and storage fitted too." As dependable and stoic as a dwarf this gentleman will always be there to help, although you may need to wash your hands afterwards. Q's mentor "Now pay attention single 0, codename raven.""

    Mechanics have access to some of the most advanced perks in the whole of Buxville. Integrated Circuits, Device Signshops and MCMMO Diamond Tools repairs await players who master this role.

    Mysticism Role

    "A top the hill of Buxville rests the mysterious Tower of Valistus, climb to it's dizzying heights to find, resting in cerebral heaven, the man known only as Mysticism. He and he alone can help you to reach his learnéd and magical ways."

    Mysticism is a role of Magic and Magical Trees. High level players will have access to a wide array of spells, including the ability to pray for flight and change the weather. Trees that are given to players with Mysticism and infused with magic, and will drop food from the trees when they are healthy, and will continue to do so until they die.

    Omerta Role

    "A true businessman should always pay his debts and Omerta is no different, as owner of the Casino and his heavy handed associates are well known for their lack of subtley. Step carefully around him should you wish to be any sort of G.Father."

    The Omerta Role is one of back hand dealings and secrecy. Omerta have access to bribes which the admins will fulfil, at a charge of course. Giant Mineshafts with everything but stone cleared out, private channel creation and Limited Wishes await. Omerta also have access to spells like invisibility.

    Shopkeeping Role

    "A patient and understanding man the shopkeeper keeps his cool as well as his money close at hand when dealing with idiots. Pay a hefty price and hope he will show you how to stack all to your hearts content."

    Shopkeeping is the role for any player who wishes to be able to run a shop, but with many advantages over the others in their area. Access to signshops, mailboxes, auctions and shop ad creation make this a truly epic caste for those who wish to be able to run the most successful shop in the whole of Buxville.

    Storage Role

    "Whether a room of Requirement or trouble on hundreds of little legs, if you want to put it down, whatever it is, and know it is safe, then Storage is the guy to see. Only he knows the ways of the Bags. Track him down and offer to lighten his load."

    Those who follow the role of Storage will be rewarded with ability to carry and transport double chests of materials across vast oceans in seconds. Enderchest placement, and tons of virtual enchantment tables and furnaces that can be opened and closed with a click while in the middle of nowhere are just some of the rewards given to high rank storage members.

    Trading Role

    "Buying or selling, a vendor can be found on every corner, but a trader? One who knows the price of everything (the value too) these are more rare than the emeralds you search for. Trader is one, a diamond in the rough."

    Traders are one of the most 'instantly' profitable roles. They have access to shop quests, which involve transporting items to NPCs in return for a liquid Bux reward. These can generate a lot of money for those who use them wisely.

    Travel Role

    "From the forests of Fangorn to the Lone Island one man has been there, seen it and returned. The Bermuda triangle? No fear a weekend visit or a honeymoon he will lead you in and out. Cosmopolitan and now even has his pilot's licence, Travel is the man to see and travel in style."

    Travel is the role for anyone who likes to go sightseeing, getting from place to place very quickly. Usage of Nether Portals and End Gate gateways, and the ability to TP to people and to people to them makes this a very interesting role.

    Zoning Role

    "Protection from those who scour the wild lands searching for property, this is the one you seek. For a price, he will keep all those you fear away, said Griefer and Thief"

    Players with the Zoning role can protect property and make it private. Region flags to make the perfect home and fixing water, Zoning can make you the ideal place to live, while protecting everything you hold close.

    Teaching role

    "Oh wise and old, the Teachers of Buxville know where and how, but to find them you must also learn. They will teach you the tricks of the trade, the ways of the a teacher like themselves."

    Teachers of Buxville are the know-it-alls. They will teach you your required courses for rank ups.

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow: Currency and Trading :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow:

    Buxville server has a plugin that provides a way to track a real currency in game at all times. This currency (we lovingly call it Bux) is used to pay for materials, products, teleport services, roles and so on. This currency is really involved in everything that happens on Bux.

    There are plenty player run shops in Buxville, run by people from the Trader role who have the ability to trade items straight to the server. They are thus an ideal middleman to sell your spare materials to, and make yourself some early Bux!

    :Lime: :Lime: :Lime: Complex Economics :Lime: :Lime: :Lime:

    The value's of the items that Traders can buy and sell with the server is dynamic, rising and falling based on supply and demand. The shop automatically and immediately increases the value of materials and items when they are being bought from the shop, and decreases the value when people are selling their wares to the city even reaching a point where an oversold item becomes worthless. This creates an awesome dynamic economy, where smart people can play the market and get rich, and cunning players will try to stockpile materials until prices rise again.

    Buxville also runs an advanced script which provides random economic events. These simulate events occurring in the world which have an instant effect on the value of certain items in the Buxville shop. Traders often collect and hoard many different products and materials to be able to instantly profit during these events. Try and outsmart 'em, but be careful, as hoarding can be profitable only if you're patient!


    Everyone on Buxville has access to the /cast command. Basically the magic system is a list of spells, and player will have to learn the others as he plays. 2 spells (Mark and Recall) are learnt after peasant completes part of his mentoring and other spells are only learnt by paying a Mystical to teach it to them or by finding a very rare magic bookcase that may still be dotted around the world.

    More Information on Magic


    Lift's can be made by Mechanics and offer easy travel up and down the map taking a lot of tedium out of making and moving around towers and mines. To make a lift you simply make a sign with [Lift Up] or [Lift Down] with the corresponding opposite lift directly in line with it. The other lines can be used for detail, the standard for lift signs is writing the current level on the top line and following level underneath.


    Bridge's can only be made by Constructors, they instantly fill a gap with the blocks at each end and can be used for drawbridges. They are made much like lift's are but with [Bridge] on the second line. The bridge must be made of 3 of the same accepted blocks (expensive blocks not possible) with a sign in the centre facing another bridge sign with the same set-up.


    Gates are like big, grand doors that open from a sign (or lever connected to a sign by redstone wire) that are more secure than a wooden door. They can only be made by Mechanics by placing an empty area with fence blocks covering the space where the gate is wanted to drop down with a sign next to it or under it with [Gate] on the Second line.

    Integrated Circuits

    Integrated Circuits (IC's) are much more complicated that the other installation's and are only available for placement by high ranked Mechanics. Their purpose is to condense redstone circuits into signs to increase processing speed and space needed for advanced circuitry. Here are some examples:

    Sign Code (On second Line) - Function
    [MC1000] - Repeater
    [MC2020] - 3-bit random number generator
    [MC1110] - Wireless transmitter


    Higher ranked players from the Alchemy Role can build a alchemy cauldron. There are several unique and rare items which can be crafted in these cauldrons. You do this by actually placing a pattern of blocks in the cauldron, then activating it with a flick of the mouse holding a slime ball in your hand, and *poof*, your crafting is done! There are even random alchemy events, where a special and usually valuable recipe is only available temporary, and one ingredient block is a mystery block! Alchemy can sometimes be very profitable, not to mention fun, so don't underestimate this perk! :)

    Minecart Blocks

    Minecart Blocks is a plugin that extends the functionality of the minecart network, by adding new features and tweaks to it. These allow minecarts to reach high speeds and act like real trains without the need of painfully tedious powered minecarts, because of this Buxville has an intricate railway system leading to many towns of the world. Tracks can be built by anyone, but boosters, launchers and dispensers can only be placed by Architect's.

    MCMMO skills

    Skills are an essential part of the server, as it rewards players in a new way for their work. Not only does mining and woodcutting now grant the standard drop, it will also grant experience, and ultimately skill up for that specific stat. With higher skill comes better bonuses. Where woodcutting and mining enables double drop for every block destroyed, other skills, such as excavation enables entirely new resources to be found when digging. Herbalism will give you the ability to plant grass, or even create mossy cobblestone. Repairing (construction role feature) will allow broken tools to gain their durability back. Taming will boost your pet wolves combat capability. Every weapon (including unarmed) is also covered to give minor edges in PVP combat. Such as igniting people with a bow and arrow. Disarming your opponent for a short time when fighting unarmed. Parry attacks using swords. And ultimately dealing double damage on chance with your axe. There's even a fishing skill, which will allow you to obtain custom drops, from enchanted weapons, to nice music discs! :)
    Every ability has it's unique features and perks. Some will even come with actual abilities that can be used for faster harvesting, better loot or just dealing more damage in combat. In a persistent world, persistent rewards are granted through leveling up these individual stats.

    NPC Quests

    There are three types of quests: bribed, random and trader.

    Bribed quests are quests started by Omerta. Their clients will sometimes ask from them to bribe a quest, and will ask that in that quest, a certain item should be used as quest item. Of course, as part of the Bribe, the item used in the quest, as well as the starting NPC may be specified, which makes these type of quests very powerful. :)

    Random quests are semi-scripted events that give players an opportunity to make quick Bux in many ways and give boost to the economy though increasing demand. At random times during the day a NPC quest will pop up in the chat log with a quote from 1 NPC and you have to figure out what NPC it is and rush to him. Once you talk to him (using you book) you can see and accept his quest, which will be to take a number of a certain item to another given NPC.

    Trader quests are given to traders, where they can hand in a certain amount of an item in return for a Bux reward.

    In Buxville, the raffle allows a player to bet certain amounts of items or Bux in order to win other items. There are currently three types of raffle, each with their own fee and set of possible payout:
    • Regular raffle - Cost 4 sponges, accessed by rank 2 Traders and higher
    • Trader raffle - Cost 6 stacks of cobble and 3 stacks of dirt, only Vendor's can access for players (using /tombola)
    • Lux raffle - Daily lottery, cost 3 Lux points, with a nice variety of prizes
    • Lottery - Daily lottery, cost 100 bux to enter, winner takes full amount of pot
    • Seeds - Cost 8 stacks of seeds, accessed by rank 3 Trader and higher
    Although non-traders can not perform tombola themselves, it is very common to have a trader perform tombola for them. Traders will often ask the player to provide the materials and possibly ask for a small fee or the trader will provide the materials and ask for a fee to cover the costs. It goes the same for other types of lotteries, as most of them are only available to Traders.
    More Information on the Lottery

    Trading Missions

    One of the most recent additions to the Trader role was the Trade Missions. The trade missions were created for two reasons: to give a buff to all ranks of Trader, and to stimulate the economy with a huge resource sink which would increase trade between players and decrease trade to /shop. The trade missions require a trader to collect a large amount of a single material and turn them in to a random NPC to receive a large sum of bux. Generally, a mission should be more profitable than selling the required item to /shop, although there are still a few balance issues.


    Academies are one of the newest features of our server. This feature allows players to become mentors, or even teachers. Players must first enroll as students in the academy before they can teach other players the courses of the academies. The courses can be anything from "Brewing & Enchantments" to "The Casino Management Crash Course" or even a mentoring course (which allows you to teach the newest members of Buxville and welcome them to the server). There is a reward involved for teaching/mentoring, so if you're patient and if you know how to deal with your students, this can be very enjoying for you. You will even make some friends while teaching as well. :)

    Mob arena PVE

    We all know that Minecraft can be a little boring when it comes to PVE. But not here! There are variety of classes to choose, from Knights, Tanks, to Wizards and Archers, and that will effect your gameplay in arena. For example, Wizards can use a lot of PVE based spells(they must first own those spells), Knights can deal a pretty decent damage with diamond sword, but cause Knights have iron armor, there's a Tank who can watch their backs. ;)
    Survive wave after wave, make strategies with your friends, get nice rewards for each wave you survive, and of course, be a last survivor in Arena! :)
    Oh, did we mentioned that there's even Boss Fight, and that you wont lose any EXP if you die in Arena? ;)

    And a lot more!

    To be fair, we won't post all the features we have. Why? :) Because we want you to discover everything yourselves. This doesn't even consider the fact that if we did post everything, this would be unbearably long. :D
    So, take your time, join, and feel free to explore. You will find that even though most features are role-based, there's still plenty around. :) So, join us, and discover Buxville! :)


    The Ether Zone is a separate area of the Buxville map for mining and collecting resources (as it is discouraged to do mining on the main map area in the Wilds to keep it looking neat). It is reset roughly once a week on Sunday, after which new resources will become available for players to mine. PvP is not enabled in The Ether Zone, but mobs are and all players (including peasants) can be hurt and possibly killed in the Ether, losing all items.
    The Ether is divided into different Ether levels, each level is accompanied by a special zone on the maps, named an Ether. Each player has an amount of Ether that determines which level you can access. By default, a new player has an Ether amount of 1, and can access only the first Ether Zone (/ether 1). To check your ether level, you can always use ,,/ether" command in-game. It's possible to gain more Ether points through means of getting spells, or by sacrificing them, it's up to you. :)

    Nether PVP

    As Nether was always dangerous place, even in vanilla Minecraft, it's the same case here. We turned Nether into PVP grounds, but with some changes. Nether have 5 zones, 2 zones are dedicated for 2 towns which can be built there, without PVP flag on them, while 2 other zones are PVP, and there you can purchase a lot from Constructor. Fifth zone, called Purge, is a ring outside of these 4 areas, which pretty much serves as Ether we mentioned already.
    So, if you want to live peaceful in the Nether, try joining one of Nether towns we have, but if you're ready for some adventure and killing others, then you can purchase a lot, and turn it into your base of operations. ;)

    Dungeon World

    Dungeon World is another unique Buxville feature, which will allow players to join a real adventure! It's opened once per day, and admin will announce it.
    If you ever wondered about how would it feel to be in some sort of a race, but with RPG touch, then try this. There's 3 randomly generated Dungeons in that world, with hundreds of rooms to explore. Also,there are 5 levels of loot, but be careful, as there's PVP enabled as well, and you're not the only one who will try to find all chests. ;)
    The chests you find contain random loot, and the tier/quality of loot, depends on the depth. Every dungeon has one final room, with the highest tier loot. The final room also contains a free portal back to the main world. So, if you like an adventure, this will be your favorite ;)

    End World

    This is not the same, boring End as in vanilla Minecraft, so don't be mistaken. ;)
    Compared to vanilla version, in Buxville's End World, you wont spawn with items you got from main world, on the contrary, you will spawn with just air blocks in your inventory. :)
    But, there's also a catch: To get the items and gear required to kill the Enderdragon, you need to hunt endermen for their precious pearls, to use in raffles:
    /nod = Starting gear (Iron weapons/gear, workbench/furnace/chest).
    /gear = Gear, weapons and blocks.
    /rege = Food and Reagents.

    It won't be an easy challenge, and it won't be a quick one (especially considering that you'll be facing up against Endermen with your bare hands at the beginning!). You'll have to find ways to use your items to break crystals and hurt the dragon. But all in all, finding a way to kill the dragon and working with your team quickly and efficiently, you'll see that it's a lot of fun.


    The main central city of Buxworld, a mass of sprawling skyscrapers for the elite players of Buxville. Building and mining in this zone is restricted to Administrators only, but Constructors are still able to purchase lot in town, which they can rent afterward, or do small changes in town(for example make a sign post in front of their lot). However, it is possible to rent a piece of land in Buxville, which then becomes yours for a weekly fee. There are different lot sizes and locations to rent, with different pricing. Any lot you rent will become protected and other players are not able to destroy or build on your lot! Take in mind that you can't really purchase these lots as a peasant, as their price is not that cheap to be affordable by someone who just started playing on server. :)
    One more thing to mention to new players, as a new player, you cant mine or do anything in radius of 1000blocks, starting from 0,0 coordinate, as it belongs to Buxville town protection. :) You can either traverse the 1,000 blocks and find yourself out in the wild. Or if you don't want to take the extra effort and see the sights and sounds, you can ask someone to show you to the Wilds Teleporter. :)

    Under the sprawling city is another exiting area known as the Underbux, a recently created area allowing more and more people to live in Buxville for a cheaper cost, although not in an as dignified way of living as the surface dwellers.
    More Information on Underbux

    The Wild

    The wild is a vast area beyond the confines of the City where a player can freely build and mine (following certain guidelines) many great monuments and homes litter the vast landscapes. But despite the amount of players the wild is kept surprisingly clean and open through reclaiming.


    In Buxville, players are able to start a new town with a group of players. These towns feature automated protection. Players can become official residents of towns, thereby automatically extending the protected territory of the town! The elected Mayor will have the ability to decide where the Town expands, and Towns will gain special benefits like a Population cap rises, Stargate, a local Marketplace, PvP arena's, Casino lotteries, and other things we can think of as they grow in size and value, ranking up in a similar way to Players. Becoming part of a town will really change the way the game is for you, with shared values among a group of players that hopefully are friendly too.

    This post only describes a small part of our features and fun, go read our Wiki and/or Forum if you want the full beef! Do you want to join the Buxville community? Are you already having troubles deciding which role is better or more fun? ;)

    If you'd like to get on Buxville, please post your info as a reply in this thread:
    - IGN (in-game name):
    - Possible referral (can leave empty)

    - Then login to IP: buxville.net

    If you enjoy Buxville, please vote for us by clicking this link: http://minestatus.net/78-buxville/vote (takes a few seconds, no registering required!)

    Make sure you have read and understand our server rules.

    You will see older templates providing more information, but we now have an extensive in-game Tutorial zone, thus this information no longer needs to be posted here, you will learn all about it once you're in game!

    If and when you register on our forum, please make sure you register with the exact same name as your Minecraft name (IGN). This includes capitalization!

    :Sheep: :Sheep: :Sheep: Donate for instant access :Sheep: :Sheep: :Sheep:

    A donation gets you whitelisted and reserve-listed by our automated Perks system, within a minute after your donation. Donating has other advantages as well, ranging from Sprint and Jump abilities, to a Vault and even an entire private Island, only you can access! Click the link below for more information:

    ======> Donate!
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    - IGN (in-game name) Jrklein
    - Caste you're interested in most (read up) Construction Caste
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit) I would love to contribute to city building but I would most likely make my home in the wild far away from civilization and pop into the city occasionally.
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    - IGN tomnicklin
    - Caste you're interested in most : Construction, Ive only played the game a few days so the other 2 are a bit advanced for me, but so far playing Ive found I have good vision when building
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? I guess I would fall under both, I would like a place in the wild to do my own things but then help out/build/supply Buxville itself, hope that makes sense :tongue.gif:
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    - IGN (in-game name) : Stagfeldt
    - Caste you're interested in most (read up) : I guess that would be a constructor! :smile.gif:
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): Both actually. Though I really like beeing out in the wild and actually survive! =P
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    - IGN (in-game name) - Stabhappy
    - Caste you're interested in most (read up) - Trader
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit) - Both. I think I would like to fill a 'mobile trader' sort of role - supplying to the wild, and trading in the city.
  • #7
    Glad you guys have found the new thread :wink.gif: Whitelist updated.
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  • #8
    IGN - tuobbii
    - Caste you're interested in most - trading
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? - both :SSSS: :Spider: :Skeleton:
  • #9
    - IGN cheesemijit
    - Caste you're interested in most : Political, seems perfect for me as i always end up taking that role even if not asked in other servers, helping newbies and getting to build and talk with others is really what makes me love minecraft.
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? If i was put in the political caste then definately Buxville, so i can be close to the action and all the people. if not i would be at peace in the wild but i prefer the exitement of the city.
  • #10
    IGN - Juozzas
    - Caste you're interested in most - Construction Caste
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? - Both...
  • #11
    2. Trader Caste
    Click my all my eggs and get a free cookie!
  • #12
    - IGN: AnewAaron
    - Caste you're interested in most: Trading Castle
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? both
  • #13
    - IGN (Sammy_Kpatrix)
    - Caste you're interested in most (Construction Caste)
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (Buxville)
  • #14
    - IGN (in-game name): Epicphail
    - Caste you're interested in most (read up): Trading
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): Wild
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    IGN- Offensivenight
    Caste- I guess construction, although i wouldn't mind being a peasant. we all cant be "kings"
    Buxvile or wild- i would choose both.

    once i get a chance to play if i like it i am sure i will donate, maybe even multiple times if it is anything like the way it sounds.
  • #17
    - IGN = MohammedK
    - Caste you're interested in most = Construction Caste
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? = Both =)
  • #18
    - IGN (in-game name): doen
    - Caste you're interested in most (read up): construction
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): both
  • #19
    - IGN = Tolarn
    - Caste you're interested in most = mining Caste
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both? = Both
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    Updated Wlist.
    I run: http://www.buxville.net/ (status) | Donate for perks. | Notch approved!

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    - IGN: MaceInTheFace
    - Caste you're interested in most: Construction or Politics.
    - Buxville or the Wild, or both?: The wild.
    [Diamond] [Diamond]
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