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    SERVER IP: play.mcenclosed.com
    Post your IGN on the forums for 3k in-game!
    If you catch a staff abusing, please take some screenshots for proof and make a post on the forum.
    Want to be a guard? Make a post below with this layout:
    Make it detailed and put lot's of thought into it.
    [b]IGN:[/b][b]Age:[/b][b]Bans:[/b][b]Reasons for being banned(If above applys):[/b][b]Gender(optional):[/b][b]Do you use any hacks/modded clients? (If so, why?): [/b][b]Experience(Guard, Partrol, Staff.etc):[/b][b]Maturity(1-10):[/b][b]Why do you want Guard:[/b][b]Why you Need It:[/b][b]How can you Help:[/b][b]Do you have Good Grammar(Y/N):[/b][b]Skype (required for Guard/Moderator):[/b][b]Time Zone:[/b][b]How long have you been on the server for:[/b][b]Plugins/Building:[/b][b]How much will you Dedicate to the Server:[/b][b]How Long have you been playing Minecraft:[/b][b]How will you Treat New Players:[/b][b]How will you Treat Rule-Breakers:[/b][b]Can you donate?:[/b][b]If you can donate, how much and how often?:[/b][b]Why we should Pick You (5 sent. min.):[/b][b]Anything Else:[/b][b]Did you lie?(Y/N):[/b][b]Current rank on server:[/b]

    Please note, if you submitted a guard application, it is not guarenteed that you will get guard. If that is the case, don't whine; it will just decrease you chances of getting guard.
    [/center][center]IGN:[/center][center]Previous Prison:[/center][center]Rank:[/center][center]Proof of Rank:

    Support us!
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    If Life Hands you lemons....
    .....Invent a gun that shoots lemons and use it to rob banks
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    IGN: violently
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    Paid both of you. Enjoy the server!
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    ign: greyhorn327
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    IGN: Jabz22231
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    IGN: pokkep
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    IGN: L33TKillah
    "Love as a principle and order as the basis; progress as the goal"
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    IGN: skullrider46
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    Paid all of you. Have fun!
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    Gender:Male ♂
    Why do you want to be a guard:Because as i have noticed There is Alot Of Mayhem going on as the supply and demand of guards is not good enough, therefore i want to Help!
    What can you bring to the server:Respect, to All the Guards And Staff. Punishment to those Who are stupid enough not to read rules and Disobey them. and Most Of All Help Everyone and anyone if they need it.
    What rank are you on the server:Released (Thanks Parkour)
    How long have you been on the server:Since Yesterday or in your timezone i think 2 days ago
    Do you have Skype(Y/N):N
    If yes, what is your Skype name: N/A
    If Life Hands you lemons....
    .....Invent a gun that shoots lemons and use it to rob banks
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    IGN Skylord_Vaktus
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    IGN: nimrodzombie

    Great server polunom!
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    ign : 00orange251
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    Quote from nimrodzombie

    IGN: nimrodzombie

    Great server polunom!

    Quote from Skylord_Vktus

    IGN Skylord_Vaktus

    Quote from 00slayer251

    ign : 00orange251


    Paid all of you! Enjoy the server!
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    IGN: tikemike
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    IGN: Mine_R2 Age: 13 Gender: MaleWhy do you want to be a guard: I would like to be a Guard to protect and serve as much as I possible can.What can you bring to the server: I can bring joy, happiness, And enforcement.What rank are you on the server: Released. (Highest Rank)How long have you been on the server: 2 days.Do you have Skype(Y/N): Yes I Do.If yes, what is your Skype name: "spynetwatcher" (Add me, Tell me you IGN, and let's talk!) -Sincerely Mine_R2
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    Paid all of you. Enjoy!
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