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    IGN: mrpartyguy98
    AGE: 15
    RANK: free
    TIME PLAYING: about 2 months
    EXPERIENCE WITH PRISON SERVERS: i have been warden on 1 server and a guard on another AND i own my own prison server called partyjail :D
    TIME ZONE: pacific standard time
    WHY ME: i have much exp. on prison server i have spent lots of time on this server and i will be able to come on ALOT :D
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    Smex, I would like to have my ELITE and 69k back, if possible.
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    The server has been crashing ALOT, please fix it. Its been crashing everyday for a while now D:
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    Quote from XExecuterX

    The server has been crashing ALOT, please fix it. Its been crashing everyday for a while now D:

    Do you know why this is?
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    Quote from XExecuterX

    The server has been crashing ALOT, please fix it. Its been crashing everyday for a while now D:

    Usually it's not down for long but I guess it's kind of aggravating.
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    Quote from JPCrafting

    Do you know why this is?

    Quote from Dedicationzz

    Usually it's not down for long but I guess it's kind of aggravating.

    It is.
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    Someone please fix the server :(

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    Hello, most of you probably don't know me because I am a "older" player of Jailbreak. I played in late September and early march or so. I have seen this server go through alot (some of the changes because of me) and I would like to be apart of the community once more. I am already unbanned as all players were, but I would like to take this time to say some things. First, I would like to say that I apologize for any inconveniences or misfortunes I have caused the server or its people. I have griefed the server multiple times. As a result of this I have caused people to lose things they had been working on, I caused the admins to have to rebuild or go out of there way to undo or repair the damages I have caused. I have shown my support for the sever before and donated several hundred dollars to it some of which was taken back. I not only feel bad for what I did but I feel the need to repay. I got so into the game of minecraft that I put my emotions into it. Which for me was a big mistake. I let my anger towards Smexy and my need for havoc to do things I wish I had never done. In my appeal to get back on the server from my first ban I stated that I was mature and no longer childish, I was mistaken. I was unaware of what my actions would be in the circumstances I was dealt. If there is any people who still play the server that played when all this happened please feel free to contact me so I can talk to you personally. Aside from that I would like to talk to the current owner about some things. I will be in-game for now or talk to me on the forums. Thank you for reading.
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    smexy why was i banned i didnt do anything it just said gtfo i did so much on this server like build a clan home and all that please unban me i didnt do anything wrong!
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    Ok this is my confession. I am sorry for what i have done to the server i have dont lots of things when i was unbanned like make an epic clan home and made lots of ne friends but then poof i got banned. I am sorry for what i done the reason was gtfo. I didnt get it at first then i did. I am sorry for what i have done in the past i just want to play on the server i never wanted to harm it. I just wanted to play on it and have fun. But im always seen as a guy that hates the server buti dont i just want to play on it with my friends and have fun. Like smexy give me a second chance to be on this server i know i mest uponce but thats only once. Please just check out my base. Look on how much me and my friends did. I jsut want to come back and play. I am sorry for what ever i did once again. I love this server and i never want to leave it. I never want to harm it and i would like a second chance. Smexy i know u. Your a good guy. But u have to give people second chances like u did to whocan and farefevil. But this was my confession i hope u take tis in for consideration and i would like to be apart of this server again.

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    hey smexy i just got banned for just being plain old banned im not sure y, i think i said something to offend u about ur dad in j um im really sorry ive been playing on jailbreakprison since november 9th and it was my first and favorite server i really hope you take it into consideration of unbanning me, if someone said i was using x-ray it wasnt me someone found out my password but i changed it now

    sincerely, Nock1266
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    Well, I've been playing jailbreak for awhile now, intermittently. So I thought I should just throw this application I wrote awhile ago out to the owners and chat mods to make their decision:


    Moderator (chat moderator?) application: Shanksia
    (I couldn’t find the format of the application on the first page of the forum, so I used Funky-medina’s application format and added a few more things that I think would be useful)

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    How long have you played: (Minimum of 3 weeks) Honesty, I don’t remember (I would say probably many weeks? -> definitely more than several months I’m positive :) However, I think I have played long enough to understand the basic rules and how moderators do their jobs. Although I don’t know all the codes for the plugins, I’m pretty sure I can get use to them just within a few hours :3

    Your rank: (Must be "Elite" rank.) Elite (The original application said elite but the first page said free -> don’t know which one to follow -> But if I have to be free, please tell me so I can reapply after I reach that rank, and I will try my best and hardest to do so (can’t beg you to make an exception because that would be unfair -> no moderator like XP ). Well, I think whether a moderator qualifies the job is not really dependent on how efficient he / she can mine or earn money =w= Isn’t that right? :P) P.S. I just got my Elite Rank back from Chaotic, after the massive hacker reset long ago.

    Your time zone: CST (China standard time: UTC + 8 hours) I’m a canto.

    Do you know all the guard (and moderator I'm assuming?) rules: Yes, I understand all of the guard rules and moderator rules, at least the ones listed on the first page of the forum.

    Have you been a guard before? No, and I don’t think I will ever be a guard. But this is related to the reason I applied for moderator: I want to solve conflicts and create a peaceful environment using non-violent ways. *Well, I’m not a very good PVP player but I assume that won’t decrease my chance of getting accepted for moderator because killing is for guards, and I don’t kill since we all know that feeling when all the work you did for the day ended up being nothing just because of a diamond sword *

    Amount of time you can moderate each week: I don't know, honestly, it varies due to my homework load and the amount of internet access I get. If I do get the chat-mod job, I will try to be on duty for as long time everyday as possible.

    Why should we choose you for our next Moderator? Ok… well… please read my “resume” :3 BUT. BUT. BUT… Before you read on to this greatly polished bull-­ting paragraph about my heavenly characteristics and how these characteristics will make me a perfect, exceptional, outstanding chat moderator, I simply want to say, that this is my first time apply for a legit “job” on a minecraft server. I may not have a lot of experience, but I would like to just give it a try. I hope that you can show solicitude and take my application under consideration. Now let’s move on to the actual thing:
    First of all, I have absolutely no record of any type of chat-related negative behaviors. I also don’t have any kind of negative reputation, well, not according to my knowledge. I say “welcome” to the new arrived prisoners and often answer their questions to the best of my ability. I have seen too many new prisoners giving up this server because some higher ranks called them “noobs”, laughed at them or spawn-killed them. I want to make them feel comfortable. That’s the least I can do. I’m a nice person <- Yes I am. I have been a very polite player, always, and any player on this server can evidence this (Well, the old ones can, since I don't know much of the new players who came in the last few weeks). I am respectful to everyone -> I have never killed anyone because of any reason. Well, there was an exception when I was still in B: it was a player (name forgotten) who hit and ran, and lied about his disgraceful action (he dumped his own crime on a new player). Besides this exception, I never kill anyone because I believe that everyone deserves to keep his or her hard-earned (or mined) items and XP. I am not a fan of profanity, and will always keep up a sturdy opposition to such action. I also don’t favor racism, sexism, any other types of bias, and actions of cyber-bullying at all. Moving on to the actual chat moderating -> English is actually my second language (my first language is mandarin), but I have never spoken in my mother tongue on this server. In this case, I think I am very suitable for this job because I can set up a good example of how prisoners should behave / talk on this server. Plus, I do speak fluent English so there is no need to be concerned about my ability to perform this duty. In addition at the end, I believe that a chat moderator can be useful on this server during the time slots I play in because I don’t see them that often. I can contribute to this server through moderating at least once every day for at least 30 minutes every time.
    In the end, like what everybody puts at the end of his or her application: This server is a wonderful server :P Well, I only play on two servers and I have obviously put in a lot of effort in this server (the other server was my first server and it was a we-have-every-thing server… nah it’s a long story). I apologize if the quite long polished-BS (but true though) above made you want to vomit, but if you did read through everything I wrote: Thank you so much, and please put my application under your consideration.

    There's no magic word is there? XPIt FINALLY worked... =n= too much words for a post to handle =n=
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    1) IGN: Caliptus
    2) Your age: 13
    3) Your current rank: Rank Free
    4) How long have you been playing Trapped? (Minimum of 3 days) I have been playing this server since at least 6 months, maybe even longer if I remember correctly.
    5) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Of course, I have read it through loads of times and since this isnt my first application as guard I have them stuck in my head and know everything off by heart :D .
    6) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes, I have played on a few, and have been playing on these servers for ages now and know all the behaviours and actions the players and guards make.
    7) What is your time zone? Central Europe (German Time) About 9 hours ahead of America
    8) Why are you the best choice for guard? I am the best choice for guard because I have been eager to get this position since a while now and if I do get accepted I will know for sure that I will be a nice and helpful guard since I know a lot about the server and I was already playing it when it was really unknown and barely anyone played on it so I think I can be a helper for our small server communtiy :D
    Thank you in advance :)
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    Ban Reason- gtfo

    Mt reason why i should be unbanned- I know i did a lot of things in the past but i am really sorry. I have changed now its been months. Then, i realized that i got unbanned i was so happy then i did so many things like make a clan base and get to citizen. I met lots of new people that are now my friends. But now i cant do anything so im making this. Please unban me i know i hvae done lots in the past but i am sorry. Smexy please take this into consideration. Thank you for reading my ban appeal.

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    Ban Reason Smd
    Please unban me my name is xnewox I am sorry for what ever I did. I love the server please I m so sorry for being **** I think that is why I was banned please. Smexy give me one more chance please I will not do any m so sorry for being a **** please if you thing bad please :mellow: i am soooo sooooorrrrryyy.
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    smexy please unban me im really sorry for what i did, i promise not to ask for handouts again
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    smexy u took my money even though it was legit i understand why becuause it was alot. mcfradio or chatoiz plz read this and smexy i understand why u got mad but i really hade that money legit. and i am sry i spammed. plz unban me if u dont i respest your choice , frydiamond
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    well, this is a final goodbye jailbreak. seeing how i have heard smexy hates me, and chaotic probably won't unban me, this is it. i will not be returning. my server will open soon (thanks chaotic) and i won't have time for other servers. but before i go, i will share my story on this server. it is a good one.

    when i first joined back at the very end of january, i was greeted by a huge spam of welcome messages, one of these even from smexy. i think there were 18 people on at that time, when it was still quiet. that very first day, i had decided that this was a great server, and i would stick around it. i managed to get to citizen within 8 hours legitly, thanks to generous donations from a number of people. later, after meeting blackpoison04 (<3 no homo) and starting to create a base, smexy started trolling. he was flying around, spawning stuff, and making people say stuff in chat. when the regular players denied what was being said in our names, smexy banned many outright. thanks to nightblade (<3 no homo again) the server wasn't completely destroyed. he believed the players, not smexy, and i am sure he got talked to by smexy.

    later, smexy decided to help create blackpoison04s base, by world editing all the stuff out. this was greatly appreciated. about 10 days after the first time i joined the server, i was accepted for guard. it was one of the happiest moments on the server. i spent about 2 weeks as a regular guard before jml (<3 no homo) got warden, and ranked me up to srguard. around that time, i had also applied for mod, which also got accepted by jml, but then later denied because i had just been ranked up. i thought i was never going to get mod, but to my suprised, sunrays (<3 no homo) ranked me up to mod, and "demoted" pwnerz. he hadn't been, but that is besides the point. a few days later, blacksmoke got warden back, and then 2 days after that, smexy demoted all the wardens, and i was promoted to warden. around the time i got mod, smexy and i had started skyping a little bit, and i believe it is because of me that the wardens got demoted.

    when i first got warden, i lasted a few weeks, before i messed up big time. i gave bibimbap12 a ton of money, and got him banned, and me demoted. a few days later, smexy went on vacation, and then gave me admin back. i spent about 2 months total as warden, before i went onto kyx's server while skyping him, with smexy online at the time, and he gave me a fake title. when smexy saw this, he immediately went back to his server, and demoted me. when i joined it, he took away everything. i started telling everyone about what smexy does, and he bans me. then, when he called me on skype, he told me it was all a joke, but i don't take being demoted and banned as a joke. at this point, smexy starts hating me, and will not respond to me, or anything i say. he totally ignores it. i would just like to thank everyone for the good times on here, it was nice while it lasted, but i just don't see any reason to appeal the ban with my server opening soon. good luck to everyone
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    1) IGN: Sonicminer_craft
    2) Your age: 14
    3) Your current rank: Citizen
    4) How long have you been playing Trapped? (Minimum of 3 days) A while about a week
    5) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, I remember them too!

    6) Any experience with the prison genre? Yup been on others- and did own a prison server of my own at 1 stage.
    7) What is your time zone? GMT
    8) Why are you the best choice for guard? I know I am your best choice because I play by the rules and I would like to be guard so I can teach others this. I don't care about the armor, I care about the fact that I would be helping the server and keeping it fair. Also, I have noticed there are not many Guards online. Or none really in my time zone. I can be on the server almost ALL day if you needed me to be. Please, I have finished it all and got to the highest prison rank- Citizen. Now, I want to help. PLEASE accept. For a 14 year old girl. lol
    Thanks 4 reading ma app!!!
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