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    minecraft name jimfyf5
    age 14
    why? i love skyblock and skygrid is the best
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    Minecraft Username:braderz1999
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: exellent because there is so much to do and enjoy :)
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    Minecraft Username: Minebtucher

    Age: 16

    Reason why: I've been playing sky grid for a while now and it's amazing, talking and being able to get on will make it even better.Name: Minebutcher

    Age: 16

    Reason: I love the server.
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    Minecraft Username: anneit
    Age: 14
    Why do you want to join:
    I love skyblock and I played on the server recently and its REALLY cool. I want to be able to talk so I can trade and comunicate with other players. Thanks!!
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    Minecraft Username: supermarre1
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: i love the orginal Skyblock survival i have
    never played it on a server, it would love to try it :D
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    please , Ban DARKxPOWERZ for greifing please he trying to kill us with lava and he cheats he have like unlimited stuffs
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    Minecraft Username: _Rizzle_
    Age: 15
    What do you think of the server?:
    For me this server is the best skyblock,skygrid and minigames server in the whole Minecraft World. I'd love to be a member. In the server are so many cool guyz. I've never seen someone raging. I'm just gonna say: So PERFECT :)
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    added to here, use /modreq for grief while in game
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    IGN: Noodle905

    Age: 14

    This server is great! i am currently in skygrid with a good amount of progress!
    There is no spam so i can chat after i get accepted with other players :)
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    added to here
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    Minecraft Username: Pappatunturi97
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: Good :3
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    Minecraft Username: jvs113
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: Great

    I got added to skyblock, could I be added to the other two?
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    Quote from PhanaticD

    About Us
    This server started November of 2011 when another server I played skyblock on shut down. I enjoyed it so much and couldn't find any other skyblock servers so I decided to create my own so everyone could play skyblock on a server. My goal is to bring the most legit and challenging vanilla skyblock SMP experience, so get ready for some addicting fun and frustration! If you ever get tired there is also a large event world with many games constantly running and tons of people playing them! Recently I have also added skygrid (a map made by sethbling) which is just as fun as skyblock and very challenging

    IP - mcskyblock.com or phanaticmc.com

    also check out our website at http://phanaticmc.com

    How to Apply for Member: - be able to use chat all the time on skyblock and join full servers
    1. make sure you have an account on this website
    2. copy and paste the two questions below into the reply box
    3. answer them and then wait patiently for staff to promote you

    Minecraft Username:
    [optional]What do you think of the server?:

    vote for us!

    please go here if you wish to donate

    /server = use this to switch between skyblock, minigame, and skygrid servers
    /skyhelp = tells you pretty much everything there is to know on the skyblock server
    /rules = read this and follow them

    all other commands can be found on the signs at spawn

    In the minigame server the creative world can be accessed by typing /tpc only donators can build but anyone can come look around

    read /rules in game, you have no excuse. Anyone who gets banned will be banned from all servers with the exception of breaking minigame rules

    Server Videos

    Signature code! show your support!

    G?Unit?MasterMinecraft Username: G_Unit_Master
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: AWESOME :Notch:Minecraft Username: G_Unit_Master
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: AWESOME :Notch:
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    Minecraft Username: MrStarbucks
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: First time playing a SkyGrid server. Its really fun and I want to keep playing it.
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    why;love skyblock and skygrid
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    Minecraft Username: BudderPig411
    What do you think of the server?: I just started playing this morning and already it is one of my favorite servers. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Minecraft Username:awesomeman115

    What do you think of the server:i think that the server is really cool the way its designed is really nice.
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    Minecraft Username: _Penguins_
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: I think that it is a really cool server that is really fun to play with my cousins! :D
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    Minecraft Username: Mrgadgetguru
    [optional]What do you think of the server?:
    I think it is amazing
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