Oros: A roleplay server

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    Changing maps? I shouldn't have too much of a problem with that, hopefully I'll get to roleplay more with my character once the server becomes more active.
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    HERES MY APP!!!!!!!! (short app)
    He is a expert monster slayer who once killed a thousand vampires in the halls of Varuzman.
    South Sea Empire (may betray them)
    The Darkage PVP
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    IGN: rileydog1998
    Faction: Kindred
    Race: Human
    Backstory: I am Agros. I was once under the service of the king named Lionel, but when all of his other subjects where killed by Drex, I was the only one to escape. Once I escaped, I went on a journey, in doing so I met people and learned the dark arts and I am now a skilled warrior mage. I have traveled to other lands and conquered them through the power of dark magic. I have have encountered unimaginable beasts and have won. Upon returning from my journey, I mysteriously lost my knowledge of dark magic, and have decided to rejoin my king in his quest to help defeat the South sea empire.
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    IGN: geekynolan
    Faction: Kindred
    Race: Human
    Back story: My title? Noctor. Once a lonely man with naught but the clothes on his back and the items in his inventory, I wandered across the land, searching for a simple home to keep to. Of course, with the luck that I have, there is such little chance of me finding such home that I might as well keep exploring the land 'till the day that I lay myself down and don't pick myself back up. Throughout my exploits of home-bound searches, I've met many a person, and I've battled many more, and traveled with far less.
    One of the people that I have met with is a man who goes by the name of Agros, if I speak without mistake. As an example, on one instance in which we met each other, we traveled across an ocean several 1000 kilometers deep, and several more wide. On the boats that we sailed on, we encountered dangers unlike what we had seen before, dangers that far surpassed the likes of me. Three giant krakens hung above me, expectant of a hearty dinner tonight. If not for Agros, then I would not be present to recount my tales of the beasts. With 2 stunning blows to each of the monsters, they fell, conquered by but a single soldier of the King Lionel.
    Another recollection of tales is that of my shirts. Every night, I would gather the mobs that I'd defeated's heads and attempt to draw each of them on my shirts. While I do not yet have every head to work with, I do have a large portion of them, and a hope to acquire every last mob around. And with this hope comes an allegiance to the Kindred, with hopes of accomplishing my goal.
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    What's been going on? I replied with an application a few weeks back, and nothing is happening. I notice that when I start up the server, there are 0 people and I can't interact with the world.

    Is it that my application wasn't successful? Are you not accepting anymore?
    If this is the case please notify people about it.

    Did the IP change?
    If so maybe fix the front page.

    Also the server is on 1.5.2.

    Please respond. I'm curious about whats going on.
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    Quote from sabrehawk90
    What's been going on?

    The server address is 'oros.sg-mc.co.uk'.

    We tend not to reply to every post because there are over 1000 in the thread. It would take a lot of time just to respond to every unsuccessful app, and would cause nothing but arguments.

    There isn't a whitelist so anyone can log in, but you can't interract with the world without being accepted.

    We can't update the server until there is a stable version of Craftbukkit for 1.6.2 available. The bukkit project is updates slightly later than the official game so there's usually a waiting/quiet time after updates. Last time it took longer than it ever has before, but this time seems promisingly fast, as 1.6.2 only came out on monday and there are already test versions available. Using the new Minecraft launcher, you can launch into 1.5.2 anyway I believe. The server has to stay on 1.5.2 for now. I suggest playing Cube World (an excellent game, I might add) or the old version while you wait for most servers to update.

    The new map is pretty much complete now, as only the finishing touches remain. I'm a big fan of building so it's been nice working with everyone to put it together.
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    Backstory:Born in the South Sea Empire,Mark is a boy with a problem.Growing up,he was only.No friends and not much of family.His father would be away to work and his mother dies. He lived with his grandparents,not knowing that his father died. On aboard a ship to Kindred for a new adventure,the ship crashed onto a rocky shore. Waking up on that shore was hard,he walked to a small village and lived happily. Keeping his own name a secret,he told the villagers there,his name was "Colt". Now,he roams across the land to know his true past,and eventually find out about his dead parent...
    People also started calling him the 27thColt,because he crashed on Shore 27,a place where nightmares are born...
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    Recently rileydogisawesome (IGN: rileydog1998) and cowpeople (IGN: geekynolan) applied to the server, and didn't mention that I recommended the server to them, which is why they both mentioned my character's name in their application; so I am posting this to let it be known that I did in fact recommend the server to them.
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    My username is evanfitz


    My name is Evan. I was once a peaceful magma cube living in the nether, only attacking players that came to near to my nether fortress home. During my time in the nether I made some uh...
    connections with some rather important figures in minecraftia. I was given jobs from people asking for nether items or ways to the nearest portal. A while ago I was surveying a new area, when I found a lost half zombie thing in the distance. I tried to see what his intentions were from afar for a few minutes when i found a giant potato with a different type of portal than was normal in the nether. It was a much darker color, and was horizontal, a 3 by 3 shape with large orbs hovering in the inky blackness. As I leaned over the edge, I was shot in the back with an arrow coming from somewhere else. I fell into the portal and found myself in a strange place with white ground and nothing but darkness around me as I hopped around searching for a way out. Suddenly there was a blinding light and a large slightly darker orb appeared. To my horror I realized that i was being sucked in toward the hole. I saw dirt. Nothing but dirt. Well actually, dirt and words. Then there was a disembodied voice that said "Your kind are usually trapped in the nether, staying in the overworld for more than a few minutes would kill you. For your good and mine, I will allow you to take a form that wont lead to your imminent demise." I was blinded by light and saw all around me greenness. Being from the nether and all, green is not a common color for me. I saw that I had hands, and feet. Which for a magma cube is not common at all. I later learned that the person I saw in the nether was Lionel, the zombie king. We have grown to be friends over time, because we both met a few days after he got back his castle. Today I am a skilled builder and blacksmith who occasionally does favors for lionel and other people.

    Race: Human (i found out later i had human body)

    Preffered faction to enter: Kindred
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    For those who don't know the server has been updated to 1.6.2.

    Like your apps you guys.
    It's nice to see some people applying with an idea already in mind.
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    IGN: TongueTyed
    Faction: Kindred

    My name is Jeffrey. I was a blaze living in the nether but I wasn't any normal blaze. I was referred to as a "dysfunctional blaze" and excluded in the slaughtering of human invaders in our castle. One day, I was banished from our castle and ordered to never return. I traveled the nether searching for purpose in my pointless life. After days and days of traveling, I collapsed from exhaustion. When I cam to, I was in a small man made structure with a person inside. He introduced himself as Steve and we were friends ever since. We explored the nether conquering fortresses, slaying ghasts, and befriending zombie pigmen. Then the fateful day came when everything changed. Steve and I were taking on two ghasts when one blew up the netherrack beneath Steve exposing lava. Steve fell to his doom and was incinerated in the lava. Devastated, I finished the blazes off and dove into the lava looking for any traces of Steve that I could find. Unfortunately there were none. That day I vowed that I would never trust any mob in the nether and that one day I would find Steve and we would be reunited forever. I tore through the nether searching for Steve. Many times I would find abandoned houses and a few times I nearly lost my life to aggressive people. After months of searching I was beginning to lose hope. But then I came across people who lived in the land of Oros. I talked with some of the common people of the world for quite sometime and I met a person named Malach. He accepted me and wanted to show me around his castle and teach me the ways of the people of Oros. It reminded me of Steve so very much. Unfortunately he had to go so I stay waiting as a pointless ghost in the world of Oros. I hope this backstory will allow me to join the world of Oros and be enlightened through Malach's teachings.
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    Hello everyone! You may have read my terrible old backstory if you actually bothered to run through all the pages of Oros applications. Please don't base any of your writing off of it, because it was written 2 years ago (the one about victor) and I was but a young lad at the time. My writing style has improved greatly. Anyway, if you have any problems (no one was online when you came on, or you really-truly-badly want to know if you got accepted or not) then feel free to message me about it and I'll try to tell you why. Generally Dom takes care of this thread, but as the third and newest admin I want to try and help the potential members of the server as well. Also, if anyone new wants to write a backstory and wants to get in at all costs but isn't sure if their story is good enough, then feel free to message me the story and I'll tell you if I think it's decent. I could also tell you what to improve. I'll try to be on and check my inbox as much as I can.
    - From the greatest person ever
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    When I logged on, the server was really griefed, and destroyed.
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    The server isn't/wasn't griefed. You spawn on Neos Isles, so it doesn't look anything like the big cities; is that it? Sadly I have no idea what you're talking about.
    - From the greatest person ever
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    Quote from Mdoodles

    When I logged on, the server was really griefed, and destroyed.

    No one with your minecraft.net username ever logged on to Oros. Use the address on the OP or you'll keep going to the wrong place.
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    I logged in without the perm to change the map. I came to a place were it told you what blocks you could break, and there was a thing where you had to hit a target with a snowball. Someone else also came online. Sorry, I must've gotten an old ip or something. I am still writing a backstory. Sorry about the confusion.
    Turns out that the IP I'd typed in was: oros.sg-mc.co.uk
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    Ever since I spawned, I was told that I was differnet. Something about me was individual. Or so they'd say. I grew up in the forest, since I was 5 winters old I've had the heightened senses of a hunter. My kindred would tell me that it was rooted in me. Buried in my marrow, was how they put it. I played with the wolf cubs when I was a baby, I howled with them and I growled when they play bit me. Then came the fire... A raging, blazing inferno. Killing half of the forest, and my family. Alone I wandered the destroyed forest. For many months I traveled, seeing only barren, charred landscape all around me. That was until I found the end. The end of the destruction, and burnt out trees... And the start of a new forest, brimming with life and activity. They called themselves ''Kindred''. At first I wass apprehensive. Of course, accepting
    the peoples offers of food, and shelter would be an insult to my kinsmen! Wouldn't it? I consulted the tribes mage. He put my familys spirits souls to rest, summoning there souls, one by one. And assuring them that the Kindred could be trusted. He then procceded to bless me, with the spirit of the forest, and the tribe agreed to take me in. So here I am, my name is Kilian. And I know that I truly belong in the Kindred clan.

    IGN: Mdoodles2410
    I hope you like my story :D
    (If you choose to accept my application, please could you tell me the IP address? The one I tryed didn't seem to work)
    Thanks for reading!
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    Minecraft IGN: MrFURB
    Name: Hendrik Grimm
    Back-story: Under a candle's light in a cold night Hendrik Grimm, a human, was born into a servant's family. Working at a plantation bordering the wilds from sun up to sun down in return for food and a safe place to stay was his family's way of surviving, but Hendrik was an indignant boy. He would often be caught playing during work hours. Although he hated that way of life, he learned to swallow his pride and live with obedience.
    After many years his rapture finally came when an honored guest arrived at the plantation, seeking a favor of the landlord; A privateer captain with all the guile of a street cat and enough guards with him to storm a town. Hendrik grew curious of the guests, and eavesdropped on them enough to learn that this was his biggest chance to leave.
    Hendrik left his family and meager belongings in order to lead a life of freedom at sea, where danger was the norm and food was either delicious or non-existent. At first he was amongst the lowliest of the crew, but the drive for a better life for himself kept his back strong and mind sharp.
    Through years at sea hunting pirates and running cargo, Hendrik watched as people died and others took their place beneath him. The sly captain told him that should he keep his heart on his work, one day he would have his own crew and ship... But his career at sea was cut short not long afterwards. An unexpected injury to his spine left him unable to bear heavy weight on his back, and so he retired.
    Even now, years later, his back still tinges with remnants of it's past wound. Avoiding heavy labor, Hendrik survives as a fisherman, a barkeep, and a steward.

    Personality: Although he may seem outwardly calm and likeable, Hendrik has a turbulent inner turmoil between his inborn sense of pride and his history of subservience which serves as a motivation for many of his goals. He has no troubles following orders but is irked when he can't do things himself. He holds himself to high standards, and scorns those who don't. Between his childhood and days spent at sea, he's developed an accent as well as an itch to be near water.

    Appearance: Aged 36, Hendrik's brown hair has but the beginnings of grey streaks. He's an impressive 6'6" tall with an average complexion, the ocean's blue eyes, and a slightly muscular frame. Hendrik's endurance is well above his strength as the fields and seas have treated him harshly. His attire is a constant source of pride as he is fond of wearing a uniform he acquired at the height of his seafaring days; A suit and greatcoat, reinforced on the undersides with treated leather to insure warmth and a modicum of protection over dangerous waters. He dislikes the use of heavy armor, preferring to keep himself mobile and unhindered, and will only don such implements of war when a particular need arises.

    Server seems great from what I've seen thus far, hopefully I can join in the fun, maybe help folks make parts of the new world.
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    Note: Heard from Dom himself, I have learned you guys didn't like my last backstory, So I made another one. Hope you like it.


    IGN: Markus

    Race: Human

    Faction: Kindred

    The Stars were high and the night was young. I was sailing across a moon lit ocean looking for a port of some sort, and then I arrived. The port was a bit small but it looked in nice condition. And so, I docked my small boat, and brushed my golden spiked hair out of my eyes. It looked like a pretty nice place, a nice place to start again, to turn over a new leaf. And so I better start by exploring this nice town.

    So I think to myself that I need some food, a bit of medicine, and a place to sleep. And so with that, I start to explore. And so far, the place is nice. Nice greenery, nice looking houses, and an overall calm tone. Then I came across what seemed like heaven in a bottle at the time. Of course, it was “New Oros Lodging & Food.”

    “Dang.”, I thought to myself, “This is great, an inn with a built in restaurant. Now if there was only a built in pharmacy, but that would be asking for too much.” So I head in and sit down at the bar.

    “What would you like sir?” Said the waitress/bartender.

    “I’ll take a Bottle of milk, because that takes away all bad effects, and a bowl of mushroom stew.”

    “Ok, your stew will be ready shortly, but for now here is your milk.”
    So I thanked her and sat down for a bit sipping my milk, which tasted soooo good right then, when a man half zombified walked up to me. I wasn’t worried; I had my sword on the ready. Then he sat at the stool next to me, and asked me a question.

    “So, you’re new here?” Asked the zombie man.

    “Yep, I’ve never been here before. This is a nice place; I think I may make a new start here.”

    “Well you have to talk to Dom first.”

    “Who’s Dom?”

    “Dom is the manager of the whole country of Oros.”

    “Really, I have to speak to the king just to start a new leaf?”

    “He isn’t a king, but more of a manager.”

    “How so?”

    “He is just here to make sure things don’t become too chaotic, he also keeps Oros running in perfect condition.”

    “Ok, where is he?”

    “I don’t know, he could be anywhere.”

    “Oh, I got it! How about if I tell my story to some people who have already been accepted, and they can tell it to Dom. Will that work?”

    “Sure it would, In fact, I have a few friends who are not busy right now, I bet they can hear the story as well, and then they can also tell the story to dom.”

    “Great Idea! You get your friends, and I’ll grab a booth, ok?”

    “Sounds like a plan Stan.” And so with that he gets up and goes off to get his friends. And I get up and tell the waitress I am going to get a Booth.

    “So is that ok?”

    “Sure.”, she says. “Just make sure to take your number with you, ok?”

    “Ok.” And so with that I went and sat down at a booth. And then the zombie comes in with his friends. From what I can tell, one is a magma cube with a human body, one is a flame spirit in a tux, and another was a warrior with dark hair and goggles, and also there was a man wearing mob skins, and then finally there was the half zombie man. And so we all sat down at the table.

    “So.”, I proclaimed, “You want to hear my backstory eh?”

    “Yes.”, they all said in unison

    “First let me introduce myself, I am Markus, skilled explorer. You are…?” pointing to the Man with Animal skins.

    “I am Geekynolan, I have sailed the Oceans and have battle great beasts with my friend Agros.”

    “Ok, so you are?” pointing to the man with the goggles.”

    “I am Agros, Once a great mage, but now only a warrior.”

    “Ok. And you are?” pointing to the Blaze.

    “I am Jeffery, I have slain my brothers and was once a good friend to steve.”

    “Ok then…, What about you magma cube?”

    “I am Evan, once a peaceful magma cube in the nether, but now a hard working human hybrid.”

    “Alright, you sound familiar. Oh well, and finally, I didn’t get your name or your backstory. So you are…?” pointing to the zombie man.

    “I am Lionel, once a great king for a kingdom, but I was overthrown and now I am a king of the zombies.”

    “ahhh, Lionel, I once had a friend named Lionel. He was a good guy.”

    “You don’t say…” Said Lionel.

    “So anyways, My backstory. You better get comfy as you’re going to be here for a while. So, where to begin? I should begin when I was a child. It was rough going to school, with the dirt yards, and the rotting classrooms. But believe it or not, I got all A’s, especially in the Redstone unit, the Teacher said if I pursue it enough I can become the next Sethbling.

    “Can you?” asked Agros

    “hahahahaahahaahahahahahahahaahahah ha haha ha ha ohhhh your funny. Of course I can’t. But anyways, I went to school until the 7th grade, and then I went to Survivalist training for 2 years. The instructor was old, but still wise and on edge. He taught me everything I need to know to survive outside the towns. And when the 2 years were over, I came out with a good experience, unlike most other kids who thought this was useless and hated the training. And I even got to keep the sword I crafted from the crafting/smelting unit. Which is this baby right here.” And as I finished the sentence, I drew my sword from my side. It was gleaming in the light, as it was made out of pure Iron, with a nice leather hilt. “I named it Malistrum, after the instructor that taught me how to survive in the wild.” Then I withdrew my sword and continued my story. “So after that, there was 1 more year of school, and then I was off, to experience the world for my own. My parents were fast to kick me out, and so, with my life’s savings, I pursued a decent Job.”

    “And that was exploring right?” Asked Jeffery.

    “Actually it was Architecture. So I got the job, and started designing buildings, everyone loved my designs, and said I was a born Architect. And so, I stayed with the job, till I ran out of money.”

    “You ran out of money doing your job?” Proclaimed the Geek of the Nolans.

    “I was getting paid, but the rent was too high, so I had to quit moving somewhere cheaper. And so I sold my house, quite fast, and was off. I then got a job mining.”

    “But you didn’t have a house.” Said Evan.

    “I didn’t need one. I’d spend every day and night mining for 2 weeks, until I found the dungeon.”

    “The dungeon?” Said Lionel

    “Yep, I found a dungeon, a huge one at that. And so, I headed deeper into its bowels. It didn’t look like an average dungeon, but a ravine with walls made of stone brick. There were also huge pillars supporting the ceiling. There were also rusty torches all over the place giving out light, and from what I could make out; there was a platform on the end of the ravine. And so, I headed out towards the platform. But not long in, I found spiders, Lots and lots of spiders. Big ones, bigger ones, black ones, blue ones, there were all kinds of spiders. And so I draw Mailstrum and head into the crown of arachnids. Not too long in when the big ones started attacking me. Lucky for me I had Mailstrum, and so with one fowl swing, their heads came clean off, as I made my way to the platform. And as I got to the stairs leading up to it, I am confronted by a baby spider. But I couldn’t kill this one, it was too cute and adorable, and so, I continued on my way. And when I reached the platform, there was a pole in the center, carrying a cape. Which just so happens to be this cape.” As I turn around and show everyone the cape. It is a grey color with a golden X in the middle of it. “And so, I grab the cape and depart. But before I do, I get a strange feeling I’ll never see this place again. So I get some of the soot and ash on my finger, and my waver saying I am eligible to mine, and draw the place. It is a pretty good drawing, but I have to unpack everything from my boat for me to show you it. And so, I then depart the platform and go towards the exit. But before I get to the exit I hear ‘Boom, Boom, Boom.’ My heart was racing, I was afraid to look around, but I did. And I saw …

    “Excuse me sir, your stew is ready.” Said the waitress.

    “Thank you my darling. Ahhh, been waiting for this.” And so I casually sip my stew. It tasted sooo good right then and there.

    “Soo are you going to continue or what?” Asked Lionel

    “Oh right the story. So, I turned around and saw a 1-ton spider headed towards me. Yeah, a One Ton Spider. And so I ran for the exit with all my speed. And I make it by the skin of my teeth. And so after that, I quit mining, as I do not want to see that spider ever again. Also because I ruined my waver, but mostly because of the spiders. And so, I head into the town looking for yet another job. And in a week or so I found another job.”

    “Was it farming?” Asked Agros

    “Was it crafting?” Asked Lionel

    “Was it Dancing?” Asked Jeffery

    “No, No, and fail. The job was sailing, And I was the lead navigator. It was a sunny day when I first got on, never knowing this would be the first and last sailing of the SS Behemoth. So my first task was to make a way to get back home. I did it in the form of coordinates. And after I did that, I was assigned to go unload some of the Cargo. And so, I went down into the bowels of the ship. And I got a few boxed unloaded when I hear a loud creek, and then footsteps, like someone scattering. I drew Mailstrum and headed towards the sound. I expected a rat or something like that but instead, I found a girl. She was covered in dirt and grime, so I assumed she was Poor. Her hair was black and long and packed full of dirt. And her clothes were torn and ragged, but at least they worked fine. There was about a minute of full silence, and then I spoke.

    ‘What are you doing here?’

    ‘Please, I am begging you, please let me be.’

    ‘What, as a stowaway?’

    ‘Yes, please don’t kill me.’

    I knew stowaways were to be killed by law, but, like the spider, I just couldn’t kill her. Not because she was cute, because she wasn’t, but because of a memory from when I was a child.

    I was 8, and just returning from the grocery store with some bread when I see a huge crowd of people. Curious, I went to go see what was going on. So I managed to get to see what was going on. There was a woman, covered with dirt and a bit of blood, and above her was the sharp blade of the guillotine. Beside the guillotine was a man, holding the rope keeping the Blade in place.

    ‘Ladies and Gentlemen!’ he shouted. ‘Here today in our fair town, we have the mighty thief Mildred!’

    ‘What do you want you sick freak!’ The woman said in fearful tone.

    ‘Me, I want to make sure this town is the best it can be, by getting rid of thieves that steal from people, kill people, and destroy order and peace! And therefore, this day shall be your last! You have held down order to long Mildred! And for that, you must die!’

    ‘Please, don’t kill me, you know what the spawn point is like, just please don’t kill me!’ Mildred begged for her life, knowing that if she would die, she would never, ever come back. But the man just stood there, giving a cold, heartless stare into the prisoner’s eyes. Then he spoke,

    ‘So, any last words?’

    'Please, Spare Me!!!’ Mildred shouted with tears rolling down her eyes. For she knew, this was the end of the line. And then the man released the rope, the sharp blade of the guillotine came roaring down, and then silence, for Mildred’s head fell, but her body didn’t. The man stood there, watching Mildred’s former body spill blood from where the head was. That scarred my childhood. And so, that is why I couldn’t kill this stowaway. And so, I kicked her off the behemoth, warning her if that she ever stowed away again, there would be no second chance.”

    “Dang, that is deep” said Jeffery

    “Yeah, defiantly.” Said Geekynolan

    “Hey Markus, if you would excuse me I need to go to the bathroom real fast.” Said Agros

    “Sure, the faster you go, the less you’ll miss.”

    “Got it.”

    “Alright, so where was I? Ah yes, the sailing of the behemoth. And so, a few days after the stowaway encounter, we were off to explore new land. And for the month it was properly afloat, we found some pretty cool things. Like a beautiful coral reef. It was so pretty I just had to draw it. And I did. And then there was that 4 day storm, which was the second worst thing in the behemoth’s life, the first being the actual sinking. And then about 2 to 3 hours after the storm has passed, we see a one man boat float by, and there was a man on it with dark hair, and a nice coat too. Although I will never be sure who it was, it looked a bit like Agros from a distance.

    “I am back, what did I miss?”

    “You missed some of the sailing of the behemoth.” Said Evan

    “Actually you missed all of the sailing of the behemoth, but I am sure your buddies can fill you in later.”

    “Ok.” Said Agros.

    “So anyways, Then came the last day the Behemoth ever sailed. It was a sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky, just a gorgeous day. I looked over the map with the captain and a few other mates. We were having a fierce argument over safety.

    ‘Guys, you don’t understand, there is a Giant Serpent in these waters. The Map says so!’ I proclaimed.

    ‘Aye mate, that is only for decoration. There is no Serpent in these here waters.’

    ‘Then why is it written in blood??’

    ‘You don’t understand, that is red ink, and it is for Decoration!’

    ‘That is what I said.’

    ‘Look Markus, me laddie. I can assure you, there is no serpent in these waters.’

    ‘But we are going to sink!’

    ‘Look laddie, come with me.’ And with that, he takes me by the shoulder to the edge of the boat. The water is clear blue, although there is a murky patch not too far out.

    ‘Listen laddie,’ He says. ‘You don’t have to overreact so much. I mean, someone could have spilled something on the map.’

    ‘I am certain that whoever drew that drew it for a reason. And that reason was to warn us.’

    ‘Laddie, do you think, that anything will sink us on this good of a day. I mean, good days like this usually mean that the god of the sea is protecting us.’

    ‘If you say so.’

    ‘That is the spirit my laddie! Now let’s …’ He didn’t get to finish his sentence, as a loud growl came from the bottom of the ocean.

    ‘What was that?!?’ He proclaimed. ‘Laddie, get to the port bow at once and find the source of that infernal noise!’

    ‘Yes sir!’ And as soon as I said that, I grabbed my spyglass and climbed up the ladder as fast as I could. And I looked straight at the murky patch, knowing in my gut that that was where the noise came from. And then I saw it emerge. A giant silver serpent with blood red spikes rolling down the back of it. It just
    stood, or swam, there, looking at me with blood red eyes.

    ‘Captain, I was right! There is a giant . Silver… serpent…..’

    ‘What was that laddie??’

    ‘Captain! There is a giant silver serpent on the horizon. And it is headed towards us!!!!’

    ‘Give me the spyglass laddie!’ And with that I tossed him the spyglass. He caught it, and looked straight out towards it. He stood there for a second, and then turned around and gave an order.

    ‘Men! Get the Cannons and the Harpoons at the ready! We’ve got a serpent on our hands! Move it or lose it! And so with that, men scrambled around the deck, getting all the harpoons out of storage and getting them ready as fast as possible. They also got to all the cannons on the left side of the behemoth and started loading them up. I loaded up one of them after I got down from the ports bow. By now everyone could see the serpent, its silver scales flapping in the wind. There is no doubt saying it was headed straight towards us.

    ‘Wait for it…’ The captain said as it flew towards us, it’s teeth gleaming the sun.

    ‘Wait for it…’ It was getting closer, and flying at us at Mach speed.

    ‘wait for it..!’ I was getting scared, it was about to split the behemoth in two!

    ‘Fire the Cannons!!!’ And with that, every cannon on the left side and all the harpoons the behemoth had were fired. Every single shot was a hit, but they bounced off its scales. The serpent stopped and shaked its head back and forth. Then it let out a terrible growl, and then swam up to the ship. The crew Scrambled for their bows and swords and I got shoved onto my knees. I was down on the ground, in a bit of pain, when I hear it growl again, although this time it was much closer. I used all my strength to get up and leap out of the way just in time to avoid the serpents head crashing down onto the deck. It was stunned by the blow and it gave me enough time to get my head together and get up deck. By the time I got up, the serpent’s head was already far above the behemoth, It let out a growl, and then swallowed a man whole. I had a feeling it was hungry for more. Just as it leers at me, considering me for a snack, an arrow hit it directly in the eye. It screamed and lunged back, but soon it regained its sturdiness and looked towards his attacker, it was the captain, holding a bow and a sword in hand.

    ‘If you want a fight, fight someone on your own level you big ugly demon!’ Shouted the captain.

    ‘Thanks captain, for saving my life!’ I shouted

    ‘Don’t thank me, get to the lifeboats laddie!’ he replied. But before I could go, the serpent lunged at the captain, its jaw wide open, but the captain was quick to act. When the serpent lunged he drew his sword, and when it was close enough, he drove the sword into the roof of the mouth of the serpent. It screamed and pulled his head back, flinging the captain into the wheel, as it’s long body did a turn and slammed into the deck. That was the moment the behemoth split in two, with planks flying everywhere. I was flung away by the impact, lucky to land on a solid plank of wood. I tried my hardest to get up, but I couldn’t. I saw the people on the lifeboats swimming away as fast as they could, but they couldn’t escape the serpent, who wanted a meal consisting of men working of a boat fleeing for their lives from said serpent. But that is the last thing I saw, before I blacked out.

    I awoke to nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see. Just plain blue water and a few planks of wood that used to belong to the SS behemoth. So I just sit here, lucky for me, the wind has picked up and I am now riding the waves caused by it. From what I can tell from the sun, it is about 2 PM in the afternoon. So I am just sitting around on my plank when something from a nearby plank catches my eye. And so I paddle my way towards the other plank, and on it, was a table, and on that table was my backpack full of my life’s things, and Mailstrum.”

    “That was a lucky find.” Said Lionel.

    “I think the gods of the ocean were forgiving me for the whole serpent thing, but I was still mad at them. So anyways, I get my stuff and my sword and break the other bit into planks I can grab. And I use them as oars to propel myself to wherever I’m going. So a while passes and then my stomach growls. That is when I realize I need to get food or else I am going to die. So, I draw my sword and wait for fish to come. And I wait, and wait, and wait, and you get the point, I waited a lot. But then a small yellow fish comes into my sword range, and I actually catch it. But then a bigger fish comes up and snatches it from my hands and flees, so much for the gods of the ocean trying to forgive me. And then I wait some more until I catch a fish that doesn’t get snatched up from me. Then I cut its head clean off, Removed the skeleton and organs, and I had dinner. And let me tell you it is not your average dinner, because it sucked and tasted awful. But, what can I do, I mean, there is no restaurant boat casually serving food to castaways, because that would be stupid. And so after that whole fishing ordeal, it begins to turn into evening, and then soon evening turns into nightfall. And so I go to sleep. And I wake up on my plank, still stranded, but the ocean is now a different blue. And so, I go fishing again. And this time I didn’t get my first meal snatched up from me, but it still tasted awful. And then, I have nothing to do. No assignments, no hustling, just nothing. I couldn’t even draw for crying out loud! And so, I sat there, bored, until I needed to fish.

    “What did you do to overcome your boredom?” said Evan.

    “I had some very long conversations with Mailstrum. And thing stayed like that for two whole weeks, until I came across land one morning. Relived I was off of that plank; I got up and headed for the trees. But before I reached them, I heard a tune come from the ocean, like it was calling me back. I told it to off and I headed into the forest. And not long in, when I realize I have no particular place to go. And so, I went north! I think… But anyways, I went in a direction, and soon came across a pool of fresh water. And so, I run to it and use my hands to scoop water into my mouth. I was very tired of sea water. I just finished my drink when I hear the sound of leaves getting pushed around. I draw Mailsturm, and then he comes out. He was a hermit, wrapped in only a cow skin. His hair was brown, and he was covered in leaves and dirt. And he asked me if I could point out the nearest town. I told him that I just came out of 2 weeks of only ocean. He sighed, and went through the bushes, only to disappear…”

    “Sorry, what was that? I was seeing what they had on the menu.” Said geekynolan.

    “How much did you miss?”

    “I went and looked as soon as you went through the trees.”

    “You didn’t miss much then, and I am sure your buddies can fill you in. So anyways …”

    “Markus, if you’ll excuse me, someone just came by that I need to talk to, sooo” said Lionel.

    “That is fine; your buddies can fill you in later, and also the faster you are the less you’ll miss.”

    “Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.” And with that Lionel was off chasing the person he needed to talk with. And then I continued my story.

    “So after a bit of exploring, I came across a gravel road, I was pretty happy that I did, and so I followed it until I reached a nice town, with a huge castle in the center. There were also walls surrounding everything. And so, I called up to one of the guards saying hello. And because I had Mailstrum on me, they thought I was a bandit of some sort and immediately chased me down. They must have been strict on safety. And so, they aimed their bows at me, and I ran. I outran all the guards on foot, but was no match for their horses. And so, I was thrown in chain, got all my belongings taken away from me, and I was dragged all the way to the castle. There I was thrown in the presence of the king, with chains around me, and spears at my head.

    ‘Who is he?’

    ‘Sir, we found him outside of the side gate wielding a sword in his hand.’

    ‘Let me see his sword.’ And with that, they revealed Mailstrum to the king, he grabbed it and swung it around a bit. Then he gave an order,

    ‘Leave us be, I want to interrogate him a bit.’ And with that, the guards left, and it was just me and the king.

    ‘So, who are you?’

    ‘I am Markus, explorer and navigator.’

    ‘If you’re an explorer, then why do you have this?’ And with that, he pointed Mailstrum’s sharp tip at my head. And so I told him my adventures, the ones in the mines, and on the seas. He seemed a bit impressed by my backstory.

    ‘That is a pretty impressive tale my friend. But say, why did you have your sword in hand when approaching my gates?’

    ‘Well I didn’t know what I would find. It could have been anything from an orderly city to a bandit camp.
    Just please forgive me, and we can be friends.’

    ‘Alright, your apology is accepted, and, as my way of saying thanks, I will give you a meal and a place to sleep for your troubles, what do you say?’ And that my friends, was my good buddy Lionel, may his soul rest in peace.”

    “Wait, the king was Lionel?” asked Evan.

    “Yep, and he was a good guy once you got to know him. And so I accepted his offer, and the very next morning, he gave me a job offering. I, needing a way to make money, accepted the offer, and he said to meet him at the castle later. And so I got my things, and started to explore the town, and it was pretty nice. And after that I went to the castle to meet up with King Lionel. When I got there it was nice, red carpets, lots of banners, nice flower pots, it was really nice. And then I got to the throne room, and at the end was Lionel, sitting in his golden throne. He had tan/brown hair and a nice mustache. His eyes were blue, the color of the ocean. He was very masculine, and his clothes showed that perfectly. You could see his muscles through his tight clothing. And to top it all off, he had a kingly crown and cape. Now that is a King!

    ‘Hey, Markus, good to see you.’

    ‘Good to see you to I guess.’

    ‘So, you are here to talk about your job guide lines yes?’


    ‘Alrighty then, let’s get down to business.’ And with that, he told me about my job. Well the only thing he told me is that I have to go to training every day at 6:00 until I was ready, then he would give me my real task. And so, with that said, I go back to my room at a local inn, get some supper on the way, and then go to bed early. I then wake to the moon slowly going down. It was about 5:30 I guessed, so I threw on some clothes, got a snack for the way, and headed to the training site. And for a training site, it looked nice. It was a huge meadow with gravel paths everywhere. There were also archery boards, Straw dummies, Tents, and fences surrounding the place. I was wondering if I blindly signed up for the army, when I get greeted by a general of some sort wearing light silver armor and riding a brown horse.

    ‘Who goes there?’ Asked the general.

    ‘It is I Markus, I was told by the king to meet here at 6:00’

    ‘Well I bet he is still asleep, I mean the king l…’

    ‘Asleep am I?’ And the general turned around to see the king, in his kingly outfit, riding on top of a black horse. The general was shocked and I was too; I was also impressed he got up so early.

    ‘Sir, I didn’t see you coming, usually you don’t get up till sunrise.’

    ‘But this morning I have to show this lad around.’ And with that, he beckoned me to come with him, and I did, waving goodbye to the general before heading off with the king.

    ‘So, are you ready for your training?’

    ‘Yes sir, lay it on me.’

    ‘Just a heads up, your training with be tough and rigorous, but after you will get your first real assignment.’

    ‘Yes Lionel. And what am I being trained in?’

    ‘You are being trained in agility, strength, marksmanship, swordsmanship, navigating, and all of those things.’

    ‘Wait, am I being signed up for the army?’

    ‘I can assure you that you are not, although you will be working with my force in your training. Are you ready Markus?’

    ‘I am as ready as I’ll ever be.’

    ‘Now that is what I like to hear!’ And so, I started training. There was the regular stuff like early morning push-ups and sit-ups, but then there was stuff like navigating and path finding. Which I guess means I’ll be like a scout or spy or something like that. There was also sword fighting, which I completely owned everyone in with Mailstrum. And so a week of grueling training later, I am ready for my job …, task …, assignment? I don’t know, but anyways the day has come, I stood in Lionel’s throne room awaiting my job. Then he came out, but instead of his usual suit, he came out in a white tux. He was pretty fancy that day, and it wasn’t just the outfit, He walked fancily, his hair was combed back in a fancy way, his face looked clean and fancy, his appearance was fancy. So anyways he came down the aisle, holding a scroll in hand. And he stopped, stood before me, and then greeted me. We had a good talk like always and then he gives me the scroll containing my task.

    ‘There you go Markus, your training is complete, now go out and complete your task, and I wish you the best of luck my friend, I have no doubt in your abilities.’

    ‘Thank you Lionel, I will not let you down.’ And so I told my goodbyes and headed towards the exit when Lionel stops me.

    ‘Markus, I also have a gift for you, it may not be the most practical, but it will help.’ And then he claps, and one of his servants brings out pants.”

    “Pants?” Said Agros?

    “Yep, They are crimson with gold outlines and royal blue streaks, in fact I wear them all the time. They remind me of Lionel, and how helpful he was. Anyways I thank him and then leave the castle, forever. So then I head towards where my hotel was located so I could pack up. And when I got to my room, I set my stuff by the desk, got out the scroll, and I started to read it. And as I read, I started to realize why I needed that level of training, because I am going to Hell itself to map it all out. And so I head to the city library to see if there were any previous records. I couldn’t find anything, and so, with Mailstrum at my side, I headed out to where the portal to hell was located. After a while I find it, and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was just an obsidian ring with purple swirls in the middle. And so, not knowing what was beyond, I headed through it.”

    “Back, what did I miss?” Asked Lionel

    “You missed quite a bit, but you can be filled in later.” So where was I, ah yes, and so, after purple swirls and a crazy illusion, I am in Hell, and I want to go back immediately. The surface is made from a hot flesh like material, and the air was full of ash. There were these weird pig/zombie creatures that wielded golden swords. So I took out some paper and a pencil and sketched the scene. Afterward I drew Mailstrum and headed towards the Pigmen that haven’t noticed me yet. And as I approached, one of them turned around, with his flesh ridden face leering into my eyes. But he just stood there, staring, not attacking, not calling his buddies, no movement at all. I started to stand, and he just looked away. I then inferred that they wouldn’t attack me. And so, I did a close up with my pencil and paper. Then I Left the crowd of the creatures, heading out to explore. I walked, not much but this flesh thing and then I almost walked of an edge. I then looked, to see nothing but lava below. And so I headed in away from the cliff of doom. So I began to walk farther out when my feet got stuck in a sticky substance. It slowed me down a lot and when I turned to the ground, I was terrified. There were souls carved into this ‘sand’. They were staring at me with cold, empty eyes, and I could feel their despair. And so I went as fast as I could from that sand. Then I found the flesh again and walked. Then I soon came across a ledge, viewing a whole lava lake. It was pretty, a majestic landmark in this place of sorrow, I just had to draw it. And so I did, when…”

    “Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom, tell me what I’ll miss.” Interrupted Evan.

    “Yeah I need to go to.” Said Jeffery.

    “Just remember, the quicker you go, the less you’ll miss. So where was I, ah yea, the lava lake. I was drawing the lake, when I see this weird cube shape this emerges from the lava’s surface, and then it disappeared. And then it reappeared, like it was swimming in the lava. And then another cube shape appeared, and another, and another, and you get the point, there were a lot of them. And then I realized they were headed towards me, so I quickly finished sketching and when I looked up, there they were, fight in front of me. They were just crimson cubes with flaming eyes. And so I got up when one jumped up like 7 feet in the air. And when it did, I could see the cube’s fiery core. I dive rolled away just in time before it squished me into a pancake. And so I drew Mailstrum and hoped for the best. I sliced at the cube, splitting it into two, but the two grew eyes and assaulted me. Knowing that they will just divide, I put away Mailstrum and tried to communicate. I held out my hand, to greet the cubes, but they just rammed right into me. And trust me, they were hot. It felt as if these guys were on fire, and so I fled from those hot cubes of death. And so, after a bit, I relaxed. I couldn’t see any cubes around so that means I am in the clear. When all of a suddenly, I hear a moan. It sounded like someone crying but had the tone of a moan. And so, I turn around and…”

    “Excuse me sirs, would you like anything?” Asked a waitress

    “I’ll take a water.” Said Agros.

    “So will I.” Said Geekynolan.

    “I’ll take a glistering melon please.” Said Lionel

    “And I will pay for all of them.” Said I.

    “Ok, your orders will be ready shortly.”

    “Ok, so anyways, I turn around, and I see a giant white octopus-like creature. It was flying, and I wet myself at the time. I drew Mailstrum as fast as I could and then it opened its eyes. They were blood red, with black pupils, and it opened its mouth, which was flaming bright red on the inside. It spit out a flaming ball, black on the inside, which barely past my head and then exploded on impact. I knew not to mess with this guy, and so I ran for my life, barely avoiding its fireballs. Then it started to close in Reaching out for me with its tentacles. I drew Mailstrum, Jumped up, and sliced it across the cheek. It screamed and backed off for a second, which I used to jump into a cave too small for it to fit through. I was safe for now. And after a while I got to a clearing, and I was safe, or I thought. I then got out some potatoes I saved for a snack when suddenly I hear a goosh sound behind me. I turn around and I see one of the fiery cubes of death. I drew Mailstrum, and it backed off a bit. I could tell it wasn’t like the others. It just stood there, scared of my sword. So I withdrew my sword and handed it a potato. It took it without fear of anything. It was hot like the others, but it didn’t burn me for too long. And so, I took off trying to find somewhere exciting to map. And after a bit I turned around, and it was following me. And so I took it along as a pal to scope out this fiery place. He was nice to have around, because when scoping hell, it is nice to have a friend. And so, after a bit, I decided to give him a name. I suggested inferno but he wanted a more regular name. Then I suggested Evan and he was happy with it. And so me and Evan traveled around as best of buds. And after a bit we found this really cool structure. It was a fortress made out of dark bricks. I drew it and then headed into its bowels. As soon as I entered I immediately felt discomforted. The place felt evil and cold. Inside I found some strange warts growing on that soul sand I found earlier. I wandered around a bit with even when I see a flaming ball go past in another corridor. Then these creatures come out towards me. They were just flaming rods with a head in the center. I drew Mailstrum, and they immediately started to shoot fireballs at me. They set me on fire, and I immediately dropped to the ground and rolled to extinguish the flames. While rolling, Evan leapt at them with full force, taking down one of the spirits. I fled, knowing I could not deal with them. But one followed me, shooting fireballs at me. Then we came to a dead end, I was cornered with this fire spirit staring me down, when all of a sudden it gets tackled by another fire spirit. I would have stopped and questioned my luck, but I just ran. And then I escaped, my clothes patched with ash. I looked around and didn’t see my cube friend anywhere in sight; I don’t think I’ll ever see him again. So I take a potato, and plant it into the ground, knowing he loved potatoes, and walked away, alone. After a bit I realized I was lost in this maze of flesh and fire, when I hear a Ghast. I fought a ton with Evan, and even killed a few of them. But when I turned around, I noticed something, it …”

    “Here are your drinks and here is your melon.” Said the waitress

    “Thank you” I said, and as soon as I did, Jeffery and Evan returned.

    “What did we miss?” Said Evan.

    “You missed a bit, why were you gone so long?” I asked

    “It took forever to find the bathroom for the nether mobs.” Said Jeffery

    “Ok then, so on with the story. So I turned around and I saw the ghast, but it had a scar across its left cheek, it was the ghast form the beginning. It was following me the whole time, looking for its sweet, sweet revenge. Before I could draw Mailstrum, it took me by the leg, and slammed me against the wall, sending my trusty sword flying in another direction. Then it hovered above me, getting its fire charge ready. There was no time to waste. I immediately did a dive roll out of the way of the shot, and leaping of the edge of a nearby ledge. I am glad there was some flesh there; otherwise it would have been game over for me. I crouched, hoping it wouldn’t find me. I looked up, and he was not there, relived, I turned my head down, and there he was, about a meter from my face. Most people would have cowered and died right then, but I leaped from the edge onto the ghast’s face. It spun around and around trying to get me off, but I had an iron grip. I kept on punching him in the head, although he took no damage. He still hasn’t got me off, until I punched him in the eye. He screamed and spiraled down to the surface. He crashed into the flesh, flinging me off wards. I got up, grabbed Mailstrum conveniently resting right where I landed, and held it above the fallen ghast’s head. But I couldn’t kill him, and that was my undoing, for he grabbed me, and flung me at a wall full force. I then got up and grabbed the ghast’s face for yet another wild ride. This time I had Mailstrum on me. So I stabbed him in the face, and got off. The Ghast spiraled into the lava, carrying Mailstrum in his face. I looked down into the lava, and I saw that I have won. It was a victory, for he was the hardest ghast I fought so far, he must have been a warrior or something. And so I Fist pump the air, shouting ‘Victory!!’ at the top of my lungs. And so, I got my stuff organized and headed off, when suddenly, there was a boom. I was launched forward and I was cut from the impact into the flesh. I then lay on the ground, unable to get up and go. I turned my head, to see the ghast pull Mailstrum out of his face. He was bleeding bright red blood, and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

    I awoke on top of a white surface. It was rough and squishy, I wondered what it was. Then I looked up to see the ceiling move past me, then I realized whatever I was on was moving. So I bolted up and examined the white ground closer. I then hear moans coming from the ground, and I realize that I was riding a ghast. I looked around and saw Mailstrum lying on the ghast’s head right next to me, I pick it up ready to stab the ghast, but then I pause. I wondered why the ghast didn’t kill me yet, and then I came to something. Maybe, I proved that I was worthy to be a friend of the Ghast by hurting him in combat. Then the ghast started to ‘speak’ in a way. In no way was it even close to English, but I could understand him. I listened to his sounds and I realized I was right, I did prove my worth, and for that he spared my life. And so what else could I do but tell him my adventures so far. He really liked the story and after a bit, we got into a nice conversation. Then after a bit we decided that the Ghast needed a name. I suggested inferno, but just like Evan, he denied the name request.”

    “Wait, who is Evan?” Asked Evan

    “That part you missed, but you’ll be filled in later. So anyways I then suggested ‘Sparky’ but then I realized it was more of a pets name that a friends name. But the Ghast was really into the name sparky, and so, his name was now Sparky. And so, we became the best of friends. And we had a nice time chatting, until later, when he dropped me off. I was wondering why he told me to get off, until I saw that the Nether portal was sitting right there. I was happy and sad to see it. I was happy because I got to leave, but sad because Sparky wouldn’t even be close to be able to fit in the small nether portal. It was built for humans and not ghasts. So I gave Sparky a goodbye hug, and headed back to the over world.

    It was raining when I stepped outside, and I was glad for that. The rain washed away all the ash and cinders of my clothes and cape, and cleansed my face and hair. I was never so happy to see rain in my life before. And so, I headed back to Lionel’s kingdom to report my success. Although, when I arrived, it wasn’t Lionel’s kingdom anymore. The gate had no guards, and the wall had been crumbled. I ran towards the castle of the once great kingdom, to only find the town in shambles. Buildings that were once pretty were now crumbled into piles of wood and ash. The road was cracked and the town felt as if it were a husk of the kingdom that had once lived here. I then stopped at a fountain that looked in good shape, and started to drink its water. I was glad not everything had been lost, as the water tasted pure and fresh. That is when I started to spot movement in the distance. I immediately drew Mailstrum and turned up to face the pursuer. This man was about 19 to 20 years old, and his hair was dark brown. His eyes were Amber, but you could feel an evil aura coming from his eyes. And he wore one of Lionel’s kingly suits; it was pure black with gold outlines. Also he had a purple cape with a silver outline, and a golden cane dotted with rubies that glowed red. Surrounding him were two knights dressed in midnight black armor. They each held a sword that was stained red, even in the rain. About a minute of silence passed, then the one with the cane spoke.

    'Who are you? He asked’

    ‘Same thing here, but I am Markus, skilled explorer and adventurer.

    ‘Ohhhh, you’re that guy that the old bum sent to the Nether to die.’

    ‘And you were that servant guy named Drex.’

    ‘I am not a servant any more, but now, I am the king!’

    ‘You are not the king, and will never be the king, no matter how hard you try.’

    ‘But I am the king, no one can deny that.’

    ‘Then what makes you royal, like the good king?’

    ‘I overthrew him, using his army.’

    ‘What about his subjects?’

    ‘I killed them all.’

    ‘Then you’ll never be the king of this kingdom.’

    ‘What do you mean by I’ll never be king? I am king right now, I rule this kingdom! Can’t you see this you fool?!?’

    ‘To be a king, you need subjects.’

    ‘You don’t need subjects! That is when you are rich enough to get the decoration.’

    ‘Subjects make the kingdom, and no matter how hard you try, no one will follow you the way they followed Lionel.’

    ‘That is it! Guards, execute this fool!’

    ‘What makes you think I am scared?’

    ‘These guards have been trained for every situation possible; they have years of training under their belt! They are way better than this lame excuse of an explorer.’

    ‘Just remember, A man is not determined by what he knows, but by what he does.’ And with that the Guards run towards me full force. The first one swings this sword, and I dodge it with ease and kick him with my might. He falls to the ground as the second one holds his sword above my head. I thrust Mailstrum into his chest, piercing his armor, and cutting through his flesh. I turn my sword and pull it out of his body, as he drops to the floor like a ragdoll. Then as the other one starts to get up, I run towards him, take a giant leap, and pierce my sword through his head. Then I pull Mailstrum up out of his body, and hold it towards Drex, who is just watching with no emotion whatsoever.

    ‘Now I see why you have survived the Nether. You see, most other explorers, way better than you, died in that place. No one ever came back alive before. It is such a shame Lionel isn’t here to see this.’

    ‘Where is Lionel?’


    ‘You jerk.’

    ‘But, now that I’ve seen your skill, come with me.’ He then beacons me to come with him. I walked away, never returning to Drex’s humiliating excuse for a kingdom. He calls for horsemen to chase after me. I then take Mailstrum and spin around, knocking them off their horses. The horses flee and the men lay there gasping in pain. I left that place knowing that no matter how hard he tried, Drex could never ever recreate Lionel’s once great kingdom.”

    “You know, the place you described sounds familiar…” Said Lionel.

    “Sadly the Lionel who ruled is long gone, for he has been killed by Drex.”

    “So what next?” asked Agros.

    “Well, I followed the gravel path to another town, which didn’t pin me down like Lionel’s kingdom did. And so, I used all my money and bought a boat. And I sailed away with everything I found over my life. Then after about a year or so surviving on the sea bound towns and the aquatic life, I finally reached this town, which I think I want to settle here. And that my friends, is my backstory.” As I finished my story, everyone clapped. For lots more people were gathered around my booth. I welcomed them and then a man came up. He was short and bald, and looked like a manager of some sort.

    “Hey, thanks for entertaining my customers!” He said cheerfully.

    “No problem, in fact I didn’t know that I was.” And so we had a good laugh and he offered 3 free nights at the inn for my favor. I gladly accepted and then I went to talk to Lionel once more.

    “So, did you like my backstory?”

    “Yeah I thought it was great, I do not know how you will not be accepted with a backstory like that.”

    “Yeah, well I’ll see you in Oros my friend.”

    “Alrighty then, and also, before you go, promise me one thing.”

    “Alright, what is it.”

    “Promise me that when you join Oros, you will join the Kindred faction, and not the South Sea Empire.”

    “I promise.”

    “Alright, see you man.” And with that, he left. And so I head to the main counter, get my room key and head up to my room. And then I hang my cape on a hook, take off my boots, place Mailstrum on the desk, and jump into bed. It was nice and comfy, and pretty soon I fell asleep.

    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif">Old failed backstory[/font]']Long Ago, In a parallel universe, Humans invented the tools to colonize space. They Built spaceships and spacesuits and everything else needed to explore the great unknown. But this Sprouted a new desire, the desire to explore the stars. this, unfortunately lead to A LOT of ships getting lost due to the vast emptiness of space. But humans Strived still and set up civilizations in the stars.

    After a few years, the Technologies of the Humans Skyrocketed, and this lead to many new inventions. Robot drones, star cruisers, all of that goodness. This also lead to Project Warp-Zone, the ability to transport between dimensions. After a year or 2, It was finally finished, but one problem, no one was Brave enough to test it. They searched high and low for a volunteer but no one would risk it. And Just as hope was becoming more and more faded, They got a reply to the request they sent via holobook, (another cool invention). It was from a user called 'Spaceman'. The Reply stated he had nothing else to do with his life and would gladly take the offer.

    So, in a week he appears, in a rusty old spaceship, one from the early era of space exploration. The scientists and engineers were a bit worried about who would come out. They hoped it wasn't a smelly old guy. Then the door opened, to reveal, Spaceman. He Came out in a Dark Blue spacesuit made out of a metal none of the scientists or engineers had seen before. Although the spacesuit had a regular energy core that glowed bright blue, turquoise to be exact, He also had a faceshield instead of the regular helmet. it also glowed turquoise. He also had a mark one jetpack, a older model, but it worked just fine. He came out also with a Lazer Bow. A stronger version of the bow, and more powerful than any lazer gun. But it fired like a regular bow would. He walked out, and straight up to the head engineer. They talked and was soon taken into a room with a 2 chairs. there he was asked some questions.

    "So, What is your Name?" The lead engineer asked

    "I go by spaceman."

    "Just Spaceman?"


    "Ok. So, where do you come from?"

    "I, come from the stars."


    "where to begin, how about when I first learned we could go into space. Once I learned that, I was so excited, I got my lazer bow, (I had it since I was 7) and took the first ship to space. So I Head up in a big cruiser, super advanced then, but a dinosaur now, with 8 other people. Their Backstorys will bore you, as it did me, so I'll skip those. So we hit the hyperdrive and go into the great unknown. So after 2-3 years of actual time, we appear in a system none of us know. So we go to the only planet of interest. A silver planet with possible signs of life. So we head down in a dispatchment pod to discover huge amounts of a unknown metal on the surface. it was silver, and looked valuable, so, we mined a bunch of it. And then, suddenly, we get attacked by giant worms.


    "Yep, they killed everyone else, But I survived, I was lucky I was a good runner. But anyways, We then I get into the spaceship, and flew away as fast as I could fly it. I made it out, both alive and out of fuel. So I waited and waited untill a small scout ship arrived. it was white, with blue lines. Then 2 men boraded the ship, and asked if I needed a ride. I said yes, grabbed the valuables and boarded their ship. And when we got to a civilization, I thanked them and gave them a bit of the metal. So I got of at the city, lost, with out a thing to do. except say no to every merchant who tried to con me out of the metal I had with me. So I head to a cafe, and order a drink with some of the metal. And then A guy walks up to me, spiked reddish-blondish hair, goggles, and a lab coat. I assumed he was a scientist. So we walks up and sits down at the table across from me. Then He offers me a deal, I give him the metal I have, and preform a few tests, and he'll make a custom spacesuit just for me. Having nothing else to do with anything, I agreed. And so he lead me to a old looking observatory. I go inside, and it is just a large empty space with a operating table in the middle. He tells me to lie down and I do. Then he flips a lever and out comes a large set or metal cabinets filled with who knows what. So he comes out holding a pistol with a large bottle of purple stuff attached to the end. And he puts it to my neck and pulls the trigger, it stings, but then everything goes black.

    Then I wake up to find that I am wearing a spacesuit. A pretty cool looking on as well. It has a Turquoise energy core in the middle, and some blue tubes running down the sides filled with a blue liquid. And there is even a built in faceshield. Pretty sweet. Although when I try taking it off to examine it, I can't, as he wielded it onto my body. So then he comes out of another room and greets me. I Thank him for the suit and ask him why it's wielded onto me. he says 'it is to implant the tubes'. Then I ask him 'what the tubes are for'. And he said you'll see. So then he leads me into a room without windows, only a door. So he says for the test to begin I need to open my faceshield, which I can do automatically but just thinking about it. with a micro-chip implanted into my brain. pretty cool. So it lowers and he says 'excellent, now the next test can begin.' Then he pulls something from his lab coat, it is a rifle, and he shoots me in the head with it."

    "But, wait, how are you here then?"

    "I am getting to it. So then I wake up, and he Shouts with delight and joy saying 'It worked!' over and over. I ask him 'what worked?' and he says, 'you know the tubes?'. 'yeah..' I replied. 'Well, those carry a certain cell that can repair vital organs after a person has technically died. as long as the suit is intact.' 'Wait, so i'm,.. Immortal?' I reply. 'Unless the suit is destroyed, you are.' I thank him and he tells me he also installed a Jetpack and he wants to know if it will work. It does, and so I thank him, he thanks me for participating, and I leave with my new suit and my Lazer bow. So after that I become part of the Intergalactic Exploration league, and I am given the hardest job of all, exploring the surface of Paragon.

    "You mean.. THE Paragon?!?!"

    "Yep, so I just go down to the surface, thinking it is going to be fun, and I die instantly. But the suit revives me and I get the heck away from the surface. Then I had a better Idea."

    "Which is..."

    "Hire a driver and fly around the planet, marking the surface from a birds eye view."

    "What about the flying monsters."

    "I just snipped them."

    "Your a sniper"

    "Oh yeah, later I even got the title."


    "No, It was 'Astronaut Sniper'."

    "Pretty cool title."

    "Thanks. so anyways.."

    "So you are good with the lazer bow, Yes?"

    "Yes sir e, this thing has gotten me out of disasters more times than Herobrine has been made fun of."

    "So it isn't your best friend."

    "Yes it isn't. It is Better than my best friend."

    "bu... hmm ok then, continue."

    "So anyways, about 5 deaths, 4 drivers, and over 1000 snipes, I finally get the surface maped." I get rewarded for my efforts and join a warrior ship."

    "really? that is cool."

    "Yep, I join as a sniper, and I was easily promoted to the main sniper of the three. We fought sooo many battles. Thats where I learned to prefect my lazer bow, and also get the title 'Astronaut Sniper'."

    "Cool, tell more."

    "If I do, we'll be here for the next decade so, I am just going to sum it up as a awesome experience. And tons of fun, although it ended with us all getting killed, me getting revived thanks to my suit, and rescued by the patrols. Then I searched the holo-net to look for somthing to do, and I found this assignment."

    "Ok, no need to tell anything else, we shall hope you get ready to go in a day."

    "I can be ready in a hour"


    So The Spaceman was suited up to this weird backpack contraption. probably a Warp regulator of some sort. So after that he is escorted into a huge hangar, with tons of seats, Banners, Flower boxes, and rows and rows of people watching eagerly. And at the end of the Hangar, there is a warp gate. So then a hovercraft comes by with the main engineer. He gives a speech and the crowd cheers. Then the mic is handed over to The Spaceman, just a few steps away from the warp gate. He says his speech and farewells, and enters the warp gate. And He is never seen again... Untill now!

    So the Spaceman wakes up in oros, A land that is not in his own dimension. His hands are full of ashes, (which is the backpack contraption) And his memory gone, except for his name and the fact he wears a spacesuit. and a few other things but his memory is gone. And so, dazzled and confused, he sets of to explore this strange new land. The land, of Oros!
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    What is your minecraft.net username (so we can whitelist you)? Tokenloken

    What is your character's name? Haran Nakada

    What is one (or more) interesting piece of information about your character?Well, Haran is a bakers son whose is trying, like many others, to once become a Soldier and Fighter

    What faction would you like to join and which of the playable races are you? South Sea Empire, Human

    What is your second favourite server after Oros? I like playing on Survival Games servers much.
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