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    Art by Giffca.

    Nearly 200 years have passed since the great fall of Minecraft, sending the world into a twisting chaotic plot of Government Corruption. After the inital thought of Herobrine's death has been acused as false, the world has been deemed as unsafe once again. This time however, it is worse then anyone could ever imagine. Herobrine is not lying back to let himself nearly fail once more, Nether Gates are spawning more then they have ever thought to be possible. With the remains of many Government Figures still alive, could the world of Minecraft rise again?

    You are a settler that has immigrated from a far-away land. You arrive at the small town of Portside in the vast land of Ciiya. You step off a ship after weeks at sea, and set foot for your first time on the land. Which path will you choose? The Corrupt Cult of Herobrine, The Magical Order, The Church of Notch or the Corrupt Ciiynese Government?

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    NOTE: You will need to apply on the RoleplayRevolution Website to gain build permissions, this is for safety measures to insure that we don't have any griefers wandering about on the server.

    World Map

    :--+: Factions :--+:

    The Church of Notch is most regcognized around the Province of Minecraftia, along side other regions aswell. It dates back to the ancient times of the worship of a man by the name of Notch, who they believed to be the "creator" and the one who gave them life. First signs of these churches were starting off in small humble towns, but now are notably large. The main Temple of Notch is located in the Capital city of Trevek, in the Minecraftia Province. The Main Temple is known as "The Pillars of Life" to the locals. Culturaly, there beliefs and morals are straight-forward, there are simplists and tend to not pay attention to those that do not believe in Notch. The Church of Notch is strictly against the Cult of Herobrine and The Magical Order. Followers of the church meet every Thursday for mass, that consists of reading from The Book of Notch. The Book of Notch has dated back to the year of 27, as the writer is unknown. Even to this day, The Church of Notch remains the most practiced religion in Minecraft, as the old-fasioned traditional views of the Church are still being accepted.

    The Cult of Herobrine is one of Minecraftia's newest cult, dating to the year of 162. First believed to be secretive, in the last comming years it has been rapidly growing. The Cult of Herobrine consists of not churches, but worshiping points that consist of underground locations. They are a dark and extremist cult, with many differnt rules. Followers of the cult do not speak of anything outside of the Sanctums, and keep their heads down. They believe that Herobrine is the Leader of the Nether, and mostly call him as "Herobrine the Endbringer." Most Sanctums and Worship Points consist of a leader, who is dressed in dark, with a covered face. The Leader hosts the worshiping, and gives advice to those who seek Hell. The Cult of Herobrine has been outright banned from almost every Province in the World of Minecraft, but still continues to thrive due to secret underground facilities that date back to before time. The Cult of Herobrine practices dark magic, and abuses powers of the Nether. They are mostly responsible for the rapid increase of Nether-Gates. Recently, most cultists have discovered deep secrets that have been kept from the world about the Nether. They are releasing sensible documents and information from the Magical Order. The Cult of Herobrine is a dark, suspicous and evil cult. Not much other is known about them, but it is advised to people who dont seek a life-time commitment to stay away.

    The Magical Order is not a religion, nor a cult, but a practice that has swept The World of Minecraftia for ages. The Magical Order is the base of all of Minecraft's magic and sourcery. The main building, known as the Kingdom of Chance, is located in the center of Trevek. The symbol of The Magical Order is known of a star, with eight rounded points. Each point represents a differnt brach of the Order, such as The Mages Guild, or the Guild of Frost. Universities, Guild's and Wizard Towers dot the maps of Minecraft, as they are located in each province. They strictly do not believe in Notch or any relevant religion. They believe that life and Minecraftia was started by a ancient tale of magical powers being abused, but sparking life. The Magical Order is practiced by a large sum of people, mostly elves and dwarfs. Differnt powers are practiced in The Order, such as The Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Electricity and Air. Gravity, Weather, and Dark Materials are also studied. Not only is magic practiced, but a mixture of Magic and Swordwork. Spellswords are mostly popular with Orcs, Humans and Reptilians. Most towns will atleast consist of One Mages Guild, which are perfect for people who are looking for a commited life in the Order, or quests that can be obtained. The Guilds are always accepting applications, and people are reccomended to join.

    :bookshelf: Server Information :bookshelf:
    Slots: 40
    IP: roleplayrevolution.stuzzhosting.com
    Whitelist: Inactive
    Mobs: Active
    Animals: Active
    PVP: Active

    Jabacobob - Server Tech
    Dronre - Player/Website Interactions
    Xanbear - Player Interactions
    SynicalShadow - Map
    Bobert_Nonsense - Disciplinary
    30red - Admin
    Bmanxxflxx - Admin

    There are currently no Moderators.




    Teamspeak Information
    Address: nbsclan.org

    RoleplayRevolution Signature
    Want to support RoleplayRevolution? Put this on your signature to earn in-game rewards! Diamond and Fire/TNT not included.




    Want the server to be improved? Want a Ventrilo or Website for our community? Donate today! Donating $5 or more will give you "Donator" status in Permissions, giving you the following permissions:
    • A reserve slot, that will kick a non-donator user from the server if the server is full.
    • The Ability to use Falsebook, except certain IC's removed for server stability, and safety.
    • The ability to convert the item GoldBar (Data Value: 66) (Vanilla mincraft name Gold Ingot) into server currency.
    • The Ability to define WorldGuard regions.
    • The Ability to use the WorldGuard locate command.
    Donator Terms and Conditions
    Donators to our server agree to abide to these terms when they donate.

    When the server receives the Donator's money they will recieve the following Abilities, and will retain them for the Specified Time Unless the Donator breaks these terms of service, at which time certain Abilities, or the rank of the Donator may be revoked at the digression of the server administration.
    The abilities received by the Donator are as follows:
    • A reserve slot, that will kick a non-donator user from the server if the server is full.
    • The Ability to use Falsebook, except certain IC's removed for server stability, and safety.
    • The ability to convert the item GoldBar (Data Value: 66) (Vanilla mincraft name Gold Ingot) into server currency.
    • The Ability to define WorldGuard regions.
    • The Ability to use the WorldGuard locate command.
    In accordance with these terms of service you may only use the Ability to define WorldGuard regions to define land you already use, or will use. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the removal of this Ability.

    In accordance with these terms of service you may not use Falsebook in any way that will break server rules, or effect server stability or the roleplay of others in an adverse way.

    No refund will be given for any reason, and asking for a refund may result in the loss of all Abilities gained before the end of the Specified Time.

    Failure to follow any of the server rules to the satisfaction of the server administration may result in loss of all gained Abilities before the end of the Specified Time.

    Donator: In this document, donator refers to any person that donates (Gives) Five dollars or more to our server for any reason.

    Specified Time: In this document, Specified Time refers to the amount of time agreed upon at the time of donation. This will be no less than one week, and no more than two months.

    Abilities/Ability: In this document, Abilities and Ability refer to lines eight through fourteen.

    Note: These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without warning. All Donators are expected to check back often for any changes, and are bound by any modifications the same as they are to the format of the terms and conditions they agreed to at the time of donating.


    Refusal to cooperate with said rules can result in kicking and/or banning.

    NO griefing!

    NO stealing!

    NO whining!

    NO spam! We don't want to see your letter smashing.

    NO duping! We don't want to find a chest full of stacks of diamonds or unrecognized items that can crash the server or some-one.

    NO hacking/modding. We have a plugin to detect if you attempt to speed-hack or fly-hack.

    Keep buildings reasonable/realistic, we don't want to see hovering structure or 1x1 towers ANYWHERE. Hovering towers can be an exception IF you are part of or are affiliated with The Magical Order.

    Replant trees once cut, we don't want to have strange patches of open field for no reason, or half of a tree cut and it hovering.

    Roleplay is ENFORCED! This means you have to roleplay at all times unless said otherwise by an Operator.

    Have a REALISTIC SKIN! (Or one that fits the lore.).

  • Do NOT have an overpowering character, meaning you cannot kill somebody in one sweep, or you cannot have crazy powers to make yourself invincible!
  • Your house can be sold away from you if you are not on for a specified amount of time. To avoid this, put a sign on your house explaining why you might be gone.

    Wilderness is open-PVP, do not whine and complain when you die in the wilderness, you will not be given your items back. cities are currently NON-PVP.

    To start a Village/City, You must ask Administration before doing so. You cannot start a Village/City without Administrator consent. You cannot claim a Village/City that already exists, or has already been claimed. If the city is not claimed, and you wish to claim it, contact Administration.

    Diamond Armor is restricted to certain players in PVP. PVE use of Diamond Armor is permitted.

    Wearing Armor in a non-threatening situation is not permitted.

    Special Code: [/*$]

    Have fun!
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    Mobs and Animals removed temporarily to reduce lag (Possibly just me.)
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    Add a whitelist and turn all mobs back on and you'll get tons and tons of new players...

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    Animals re-added, Admin Tools Working!
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    Okay i'll be on tomorrow, I just checked to log in as it is still in full survival mode, Good night gentlemen, Ill probably donate to the server but we'll see :smile.gif:
    There is no good or evil, simply perspective.
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    More server info.
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    Pretty cool so far - not laggy. which is a plus.
    This ain't 'nothin but a gangsta party. Grabbyninja PvP

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    Shutting down server for the night due to griefing. Will post when it is re-active. Good night!
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    hey, server is taking a long time to log in and if you ever make a whitelist here is my ign
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    Server back up, good morning ladies! This shouldn't happen too often.
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    Mobs added!
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    Here's a pic of the town, enjoy!
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    Minecraft seems to be down... Tried to go to their site and it's down.... So that means the online service is down, everything. We just got to wait.
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    So its not just me.. Ahh i see.. :smile.gif:

    I'll join up and donate hopefully if i feel its good enough!
    IGN : eastonch
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    Server is back to stable conditions... Clearing out areas with TNT, expect either floating blocks or huge holes.
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    Server shut down due to griefing in town, two buildings have been burnt, the nether-portal has been broken... But oddly enough nothing else is harmed.
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    Tried to bring it back up, but Minecraft is still acting up, they must be getting DDOS'd or something. Also, there is adminium placed by the griefer in town, if anyone knows a method to remove such thing, please post it!
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    Server up. Adminium problem still there...
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    Add me once you get a whitelist!

    IGN: TurtleJudge47
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    I liked the server at first, but I knew without a whitelist there would be griefing :sad.gif:. I was so proud of my mine/cavern too!
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