♠♣♥♦LARKSPUR GAMING 1.7.9 ♦♥♣♠ { MythicMobs, Factions, PvP, AND more }

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    Updated to 1.7.9!

    Join us:
    Server IP: mc.larkspurgaming.com:25569
    Teamspeak IP: mc.larkspurgaming.com

    Server background:
    Larkspur Gaming is a survival server that was founded in early January 2012.
    Since then we have grown into a community of friends but we need your help to
    expand the server and turn it into something even greater. Larkspur is focused
    on the RPG aspect of Minecraft, containing hundreds of spells, bosses to fight, custom
    items and skills. We are a fast-paced server that aims to have a constantly changing
    game-world with new things appearing every day such as our custom mobs that
    are constantly interchanged.

    Core plugins:

    Staff list:
    Taeila - Server Owner
    Charlie_boi - Head Admin
    Windforc3 - Head Admin
    Alexanderyou - Moderator
    HSClix - Moderator

    Video made by: Bc_Swat1 ( www.youtube.com/evilcraftproductions )

    Service-wide rules:
    These rules are to be followed by everyone staff and players alike on any
    Larkspur Gaming owned area. This includes all Larkspur Gaming servers, our Website
    and our Teamspeak. Failure to follow these rules may result in rank, item or monetary loss
    in-game and banishment from the Website and Teamspeak.
    Addition rules that only
    apply in-game can be viewed by using /rules
    [1]: Chat, Website and Teamspeak are rated 18+
    [2]: While chats are 18+ this does not mean racist, sexist or overly offensive language is allowed![3]: Staff members are not your personal helpers! Do not bother them unless its important!
    [4]: Do not abuse bugs or use hacks on any of our services! This includes the server, teamspeak and the website!

    Upcoming updates:
    Larkspur will be going through a map wipe when working full-release versions
    of MC1.7 are released. 1.7 is a huge update that will be changing a lot of things
    in Minecraft as such this update will probably not happen for 6+ weeks. The website
    will be continuously updated to keep players informed. Some teasers for the serve side of the update include - The return of bosses and pets, TONS of new spells, new skills(cooking, etc)
    The map wipe will only affect the main world, dragon world, end world and nether world.The town worlds and shop world will be excluded from this wipe. Player vaults will also be saved.
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    Ingame name: jawa939
    Why should we whitelist you?: Because I have been looking for a nice new server with not much griefing
    Have you been banned from any other server?: None yet
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    Ingame name:Badass
    Why should we whitelist you?Because I am a badass, Hence the name.
    Have you been banned from any other server?Only all of them.
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    Ingame name: thenewclassic
    Age: 21
    Why should we whitelist you? I love to build and enjoy doing rpg stuff. I'm very friendly, and helpful.
    Have you been banned from any other server? No.
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    The server is now open! Please read all the rules before applying or you will be denied.
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    May the Holy Cookie guide you all to Larkspur :biggrin.gif:

    IGN: HSClix
    Why should we whitelist you: Im a Cookie Priest for crying out loud
    have you banned from any other server: Nope i've always quit
    I love Pie and Larkspur gaming and Time_monkey even though he blows me up :biggrin.gif:
    Last edited by HSClix: 1/13/2012 10:06:41 PM
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    IGN: cody0133
    Age: 15
    Why should we whitelist you: Because this is an awesome server with awesome people, and I would like to help build with them.
    Have you been banned from any other server: No I have not.

    I LOVE pie!(And my cookie tree!)
    Last edited by cody0133: 1/13/2012 10:08:47 PM
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    Ingame name: ThatGuyMartin

    Age: 18

    Why should we whitelist you?
    Well, I'm an excellent Builder (Van can vouch for me) I'm loyal, and I'm a good lore writer!

    Have you been banned from any other server?
    Almost banned myself from Eldercrest :{P

    Oh and also, I love pie, but I will not say no to cake.

    ...Time_Monkey forced me to say that....
    Last edited by ThatGuyMartin: 1/13/2012 10:06:38 PM
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    added :wink.gif:
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    I wonder if I got Whitelisted.
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    Furry of course you are added :wink.gif:
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    Yay! Minecraft gets me happy!
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    Woot No WhiteList!
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    Rockin da slots in the casino! :3
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    Ingame name: Tallrussian
    Age: 15
    Why should we whitelist you? Because I have no intentions to grief or be a jerk in general.
    Have you been banned from any other server? No
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    Tall, The server is not whitelist for the rest of the night!
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    Come play while it's hot!
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    Someone come pvp and try to beat me!
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    Still undefeated!
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    Men are created on this server, And women make our sandwhiches!Don't forget, our whitelist is OFF!
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