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    Quote from BoydR81

    i have been looking for a server for a while and it looks like you are the most reliable and satisfactory server hoster so far,
    im just looking for a small server that me and my friends can play on ( max of ten), so out of your opinion which option would be best for this?
    also, do you do server hosting for Australia?
    Thanx ill be telling my friends about this company wether u can provide or not

    Hello BoyD, Thanks for contacting us, however I can't help you on here, if you could go onto our website and send in a ticket or if the Live Support is online then I can initiate a chat with you.

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    I was on a long search for plain vanilla hosting in the Uk, and creepercraft provided exactly that.

    Cheers lads.
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    What's that?! We have our own equipment!? NO WAY?!
    That's correct, we now have our own equipment, we are just doing some tests and setups then we will be shipping them straight to a data centre in the uk.
    This means we will customise our services even further!

    (We also have a default map for new customers, it will surely provide some giggles)

    And In Addition! *Drum Roll*
    WE HAVE CLANPAY OPTIONS! That is correct, if you are looking to share a server between you and your friends/clan/group then we have that option for you.
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    I've been using for a while now and it's been fantastic.
    I was told by the staff that I was "literally the first customer" and I can say that they have improved exponentially since I started using them.

    The Control Panel is a Godsend unless you're familiar with PuTTY. On of the staff members shared a desktop app that emulated the Control Panel so I could manage the server quickly. I'm not sure if it has been officially released yet, since the version I have does have some lag when using server commands, but it's really useful if you're working on something else and need to check/spy on your server.

    The staff is also very helpful. My server originally crashed periodically and the techs replied to all my tickets within the hour. Since then, my server has been working fine and Creeperguard will automatically restart the server if it crashes again.

    tl;dr version: Friendly and good service. Give it a try if you're interested.
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    Our servers have just been shipped off to be installed into a data centre in the UK, which means our own servers! No more resellers for our UK servers, we will be hosting in the third fastest data center in the world.

    Keep updated! Offers may be available soon.

    Edit: Servers were abolished by the delivering company, going to have to sort out that issue, do not be alarmed, we are still selling!
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    We just started using creeprhost a couple of days ago, and I've got to say, it's amazingly rock-solid; ZERO downtime and FANTASTIC pings. Setup was fast and easy, and we even got our mods running within a matter of minutes.

    The staff have been extremely helpful in helping select a hosting package, and configuring the server itself. They even drop in to say hi.

    I've tried other hosts and have found NONE that compare with the level of quality and personal attention provided by
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    What is the difference between openVZ and XEN server?
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    Quote from fengpwns

    What is the difference between openVZ and XEN server?

    One has dedicated Ram, The other doesn't. Also it is a different type of virtualisation, Xen being better for minecraft. It is advised that you use our Support System for these questions instead of the thread. Thank you.

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    Hello everyone,

    An update on our owned hardware, we've decided to recall it after the courier damaged it, as we are unwilling to sell from them until we're convinced there is no long term damage and they would be stable for our customers.

    I am sorry for any of those who where interested in beta testing or renting from our premium owned hardware, but it will be delayed for a unknown period of time.
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    I must say, this is by far the best server hoster I've seen in a long long time. When it comes down to the facts this is what they have over everyone else.
    - the cheapest prices for the best quality.
    - no scams
    - 99.99999% up time
    - creeper guard (which no other hoster has)
    - and the best customer support you'll ever find.

    These people spend their time giving people what they want. Unlike more popular hosters who simply do what they can to make more money. Which entitles them scamming the customer. But unlike them, creeper host actually works to benefit the customer and give them what they ask for. Which is by far a very rare trait. So if you need a server that can run mods, plugins, or anything your mind can think of, then buy a server from creeper host. You wont regret it.
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    I inform you with bad news - We applied the servers to the Data Centre, however it was not up to scratch also the boxes had been damaged by a terrible courier company.
    We have gone back to reselling, however our servers are still top quality with 99.99% uptime! We have nearly 50 recurring customers after a short time. Thanks.

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    Ok I really could care less how much ram I can get up to, cut the bs and state how much ram you get at all times.
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    Quote from Nick392

    Ok I really could care less how much ram I can get up to, cut the bs and state how much ram you get at all times.

    Thank you for contacting us, however we do advise that you use our Live Help system or our Ticket system.
    Also if you could refrain from the vulgar language.
    If you would like to look at our FAQs, which are clearly labelled in the post and on our website, it will tell you that you will ALWAYS have 50%. However from our current customers who have bought the OpenVZ servers they barely peak the 50%, apart from a couple of Buildcraft/Industrialcraft users, when they do need to go into their burstable ram it is up nearly 99% of the time.

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    Just an offer to our prospective customers, free trials available at

    These are US only at this time, however we should have our owned hardware up in the UK soon, just awaiting the insurance claim from the courier which damaged it.

    These are fully featured, they are set up the same way as all our major packages, by an actual staff member who then tests the server is running properly before sending the details, so be prepared to wait a few minutes!
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    I was just looking at your stuff when I noticed that your CP isn't loading. Not good! I'm interested, but until that's fixed, I cannot justify the cost. :tongue.gif:
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    Hello Taryq,

    Could you possibly open a ticket on our site with a little more information about our CP not loading?

    We're currently showing no issues and the CP loads fine for me personally, so I would like to investigate this further.
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    Greetings Earthlings.
    We have just announced our brand new live support system - Faster than ever - Better than ever.
    Also we are supporting minecraft 1.00, however there are minor glitches with Mojang's systems at this moment in time and your server will ask for a valid key, there is nothing we can do about this. So stick with 1.8.1 for now. Or 1.9 Pre 5.
    Also like to say the low number of customer posts in our thread, THANK YOU, this is perfect. Exactly what we like to see, we can just make announcements and people can see them easier also it means our post is informative enough along with our FAQs so no questions have to be asked. However our live support is always there for you.

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    Update: We DO support 1.00 now. However Mojang have made a has of it a bit, it will sometimes say "Invalid Key" this means you have to wait for their servers to work properly again.

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    Control Panel is currently down - undergoing some minor changes
    Will bring updates soon to when it is up, however servers can be started and modified using FTP or our live support system, response times are extremely fast.

    Edit: Control Panel is now active. again.
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    This is the best server hosting i have ever had! Hurray for creeperhost!!! Woo!

    ^You can Click this to take you to the map!^
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