New Pixelmon 2.5.2 Server Looking For Staff PokeMaster's Pixelmon!

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    Name: Peter
    IGN: Black_Whatch
    Role applying for: Builder/Helper/Admin (preferably Helper)
    Experience: I have been playing minecraft since beta 1.5, i privately ran a server with friends for a year, i was an admin for 4 months on The Box of Fane server, i am also a current admin on my friends current server that has around 20 people on at a time.
    Skype: black_whatch

    thanks :)
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    Role Applying For:Any job possible
    Experience:2 years (minecraft) Nearly 2 months (Pixelmon)
    Building level: 8 1/2
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    Name: Classified
    IGN: starH2O
    Age: still classified
    what i'm applying for: helper, builder, and possible admin
    Experience: I have been playing Mine craft for 3 years now and know all commands for MC and Pixel Mon by heart (pretty much).
    Skype: I am a very concealed person so also classified.
    (P.S whats the IP tell me when you can I know the server is'nt up yet but just tell me when you can l(l3l)l )
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    Name: Nathan Morales

    IGN: boyganator

    Age: 16

    Role Applying For: builder (7-8)

    Experience: since 1.1.0

    Skype: nathan_narwhal

    I'm not a paid builder but I'm pretty good and I've received the rank of builder on multiple servers for how good my builds are. I already have ideas on some of the cities and i have a really good idea for a bigger and better tourney gym.
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    Name: David Gomez
    IGN: xXDHG95Xx
    Age: 15
    Role Applying For: Gym Leader (I could also Enforce rules, but i prefer Gym Leader or Elite Four member)
    Experience: Pokemon since Sapphire Came out, Minecraft since 1.0 Game Release
    -Op on 2 Servers
    -Moderator/Admin on 1
    -Co-Owner of a former Server
    Skype: xXDHG95Xx

    -I am great at Pokemon and am Trustworthy, P.S- Most of the servers from Experience List i earned those positions, except the Co-Owner, my friend owned that server so I have alot of experience with plugins and enforcing, and i rate myself a 7.5/10 at building.
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    Posted 03 November 2013 - 10:10 PM
    Name: TitanGoldX
    IGN: TitanGoldX
    Role Applying For: Gym Leader
    Skype :no
    Experience with Minecraft or Pixelmon: I am currently an admin in charge of server economics and player relations on Mcminegold 1.6.4 server. I know how to use 50 bukkit based plugins and 10 forge mods. I have Pixelmon and have been playing it on lan for sometime. I use Psychic-Type and Ghost Type Pokémon.I am also a builder, so I can build my own Gym.

    List Of Plugins I can Use

    - PermissionsEx

    - WorldBorder v1.7.5
    - IPSecurity v1.1
    - PTweaks v6.0.8
    - WorldEdit v5.5.7
    - NoCheatPlus v3.10.1-beta-sMD5NET-b601
    - mcjobs v3.1.8
    - Vault v1.2.25-b320
    - PlotMe v0.13b
    - PlayerHeads v3.3-jenkins-PlayerHeads-1-23-g85a3601
    - PermissionsEx v1.19.6
    - Multiverse-Core v2.5-b641
    - WorldEntities v1.0
    - WorldGuard v5.8
    - TreeAssist v5.4.2
    - RedstoneSensor v2.0.0
    - Broadcaster v2.5.1
    - StopTalkingAutoBan v0.0.1
    - MagicSpells v3.0-b4
    - SurvivalGames v0.5.8.54
    - CoreProtect v2.0.8
    - MasterPromote v1.6
    - CrackShot v0.96.3
    - Lockette v1.7.12
    - ClearLag v2.6.0
    - NoAir v1.1
    - Freeze v1.4.3
    - ChestReward v1.0
    - PwnFilter v3.1.1
    - QuickSignReloaded v0.0.3
    - Essentials vPre2.12.1.2
    - Lift v41
    - AncientGates v1.7.2
    - SignURLs v1.0.4
    - EssentialsProtect vPre2.12.1.2
    - EssentialsSpawn vPre2.12.1.2
    - SignShop v2.7.1
    - Dreamworld v1.2
    - EssentialsAntiBuild vPre2.12.1.2
    - MagicSpellsShop v1.5
    - ChestShop v3.6
    - EssentialsChat vPre2.12.1.2
    - AuthMe v2.9
    - Factions v1.8.2
    - CreativeControl v6.4
    - BattleArena v3.
    - ArenaSpleef v1.4.6
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    Quote from TheOpGamer

    Welcome to PokeMaster's Pixelmon Server, We are currently in the works of building a new Pixelmon server and are in need of staff,


    BUILDER: Paid experience builders to create the world/map itself!



    To apply simply add me on skype or reply with:

    Role Applying For:

    For builders add a building level from 1-10.

    I will reply as soon as possible!

    Name: ​David
    IGN: BunnyHunterDavid
    Age: 13; 14 in a few months
    Role Applying For: Helper/Moderator; don't give me straight up Admin, I want to build my way and earn it, get you to trust & know about me more. If you demote me I won't turn my back on the server, screw it's economy, and over power anything. I wouldn't change anythin without your perms.
    Experience: I've owned a server, been administrator on a few, I've moderated a server, and I don't know if you'd care or not but I've been playin minecraft for at least more than a year and covered basic redstone logic. I'm mature and no need for any homophobia or any of the sorts to happen; just gets in the way & often leads to being biased.
    Skype: BunnyHunterDavid
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    Hey guys make sure to keep checking the forums for updates and for the IP that will be released in a week!
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    Name: Garrett
    IGN: HaloMondokiller
    Age: 14
    Role applying for: helper/builder/moderator
    experience: Pokémon since leaf green, minecraft since 1.3
    Skype: garrett.bleeker1
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    Hey Guys just wanted to let you know that we have a launch date planned which is saturday! Hopefully I will be able to let you all finally come on!
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    Hey guys just letting you know the server is almost done!

    My Skype:
    Gus's Skype: sfgiantfan1212
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    Cool man can't wait for it one question will it be an Hoenn server?
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    Name: ill give it to you if you accept me
    IGN: vonhey
    age: 13
    Role Applying For: anything there is you need me to be
    Experience: played minecraft for a bout 2 years and played pixelmong for a bout 1 year
    skype: ill give it to you if accept me

    sorry i couldnt give some deatails now just i am a youtuber and i wanna keep this as private as posible
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    Quote from NetherYoshi

    Cool man can't wait for it one question will it be an Hoenn server?

    Kanto for this server and it will progress through the regions each server :)SERVER WILL BE OPEN TOMMOROW 4PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME! GET READYY!!
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    The Server is up! Launch Party in 1 hour! Hope to see you all there!
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    Name: Luke Giordano
    IGN: Killerkoala255
    Age: 14
    Role Applying For: I would like to apply for a role such as a mod, possibly chat mod. I can build but would much rather prefer to do things such as: 1.Moderate chat 2. Kick/tempban players for things such as hacking or exploits 3. Ban players if given permission by an admin, and any other commands that the owner sees fit. I am not much of a behind the scenes but more upfront support.
    Experience: I have been the owner of 3 servers, all getting up to about 40 people before either getting hacked or we run out of money to support its needs. I have also been admin on a few servers but my most popular position is moderator on the server anthrocraft. In the view of pixelmon, I have been playing for about a year and know almost everything there is to know. I believe this skill would greatly help me moderate the server exploit wise, and finally I have myself used things like Xray to try them out and have experience with weeding out those that use it. I would be glad to do so on this server. Overall, my expereince with the game will be a positive influence on the server.
    Skype: Lukegiordano89
    Thanks for reading! I hope you will consider me as a part of the community! Kind regards-Luke Giordano
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    Role applying for:Psychic,Fire or Fighting Gym leader (depending which is free)
    Experience:3 years
    Skype:Don't have mic on my headset
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    Expirience:2 years mineraft, 3 months pixelmon



    Position applying for: Gym leader(flying, fire, fighting, steel)

    You can email me at [email protected], thanks for your time
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    Name: Mark (At least its English equivalent)
    IGN: Taaral
    Age: 14
    Role Applying For: Electric or Rock Gym Leader, the two spots left.
    Experience: I have played Minecraft for long, I know most of the stuff regarding Pixelmon. I know this server well enough already, so I don't need much information about it. I think I can do most of the stuff you could ever ask me, and.. That's it.
    Skype: le.dude.du.big.mac (Half French and English, don't try reading it.)
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