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    ~Welcome To KrypticX~

    Welcome everyone to the Forum for joining KrypticX! We are a great faction and community that care for our members and respect them all. We treat them as our own brothers or sisters. We are really looking to recruit people that are in the range of 13 or 14 years old minimum. If you are younger, we have to see your maturity level. All in all, We are ready to be one of the top factions on this big server!

    We require somethings:
    1. Must have some type of pvp faction experience
    2. Must be good at pvping.
    3. Must be skilled at using tatics and listening to commanding leaders.
    4. Skype would be really nice. We focus on that as our communication!
    -Add polarcola1 on skype if you are interested in joining, or learning more about KrypticX
    5. Must be active

    Rules: *Add polarcola1 on skype and tell hime answers that way, if you do not have skype answer below*
    1. Must be respectful
    2. Use common sense
    3. No tpa in faction base unless faction member
    4. Skype name:
    5. Job you would like:
    6. What can you do for the faction:
    7. Good pvper:
    8: Would you ever betray us:
    9: Do not ask for moderator in faction!
    10: Be the best you can be and most importantly have fun!!!!

    Server ip:
    Skype username: polarcola1 and tc18
    *If you get a Welcome to KrypticX, you are accepted!

    Thanks for your time! Hope to see you guys in KrypticX soon! Good Luck!
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